Posted on February 23, 2010

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Debra Medina - San Antonio 2/22/2010 (second speech in two days) 19:05:51
Jake Towne: Money Bomb Week Raises Over $7,000!!! 15:24:11
Liberty Candidates Mourn the Deaths of 1,000 Soldiers in Afghanistan 12:09:31
Debra Medina in San Antonio TX Feb 21 2010 10:30:42
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The Foreign Policy Speech That Made President Paul 23:29:23
Mike Church cures DeceptiCon disease: Beckaholism 23:26:39
Is Kay B Hutchison about to drop out? 23:25:01
Americans Who Are Dissatisfied With Certain Politicians, Want Incumbents Tossed Out 23:17:34
"State's Rights Extremists" The Perils of Underdome in OKC 23:11:49
The Ron Paul Media Tango 23:09:49
Daddy WarBucks: Pace Yourselves..... 23:00:31
2/23 Poll: Rand Paul 44% - Grayson 23% 22:52:04
Ron Paul! 22:51:10
Dr. Steve Parent discuss the AJ Medina debacle on Truth Be Told Radio 22:34:13
Phone App Identifies Strangers Through Facial Recognition, Facebook 22:26:09
"Virtual debate" -- videos by Common Sense Texans 22:15:47
Adam Kokesh under fire on Glenn Beck's 9/12 site (updated) 22:05:53
Please Vote! Another Ron Paul Poll 22:04:47
Not only US law, but God's Law. 22:00:10
Greeks Scramble To Pull Out €8 Billion From Local Banks As Greece Responds With Money Control Measures 21:58:03
The Medina Property Tax & Stateline Commerce 21:39:59
Citibank's 7 day check smacks of Argentina circa 2000 21:37:00
U.S. government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition? 21:32:06
Why was my comment deleted and access denied when I tried to explain the 'publishing past'? 21:13:22
Alex Jones you have jumped the shark 21:07:29
Conservatives jeer Bob Barr for his principles regarding terrorist suspects 21:05:39
The Fluoride Deception - Dentist Reveals Shocking Truth 20:52:05
SC to repeal Subversive Activities Registration Act 20:50:59
CPAC victory scaring them ALL! 20:40:45
The Yin and Yang of Gun Rights 20:39:39
Beware, the neocons are throwing Mike Pence at us 20:39:02
Everyone stop and take a breather, please! Watch this Youtube ... 20:30:31
Alex Jones and his Hysteria 20:22:51
Neo-Cons aid/abet Democrats 20:17:37
Huffington Post-Rhode Island Lieutenant Governor Candidate Would Eliminate His Own Office 20:09:13
Cancelled Subscription To Alex Jones' PrisonPlanet TV 20:04:38
U.S. Not Out of the Deflation Woods Just Yet 19:54:54
Greeks Scramble To Pull Out €8 Billion From Local Banks 19:54:37
Traficant will launch independent congressional bid 19:47:57
Buffett's Partner: 'It's Over' for U.S. Economy 19:39:51
VIDEO: Ron Paul and Rand Paul on CNN with Wolf Blitzer 2/23 19:10:38
Screw this...let's just give up! 19:04:51
Report: Wall Streeters got $20B in bonuses in 2009 18:51:00
Does anybody think this doctor is getting railroaded so someone can win an election? 18:49:27
Video: Threats against IRS agents rising 18:46:51
2/23/10 Dow close 10,282.41down 100.97 -0.97% 18:43:58
How outraged was I about Beck/Medina (neg), Fox News/Ron Paul (neg), & Beck/Paul (neg)??? 18:38:02
Debt Dynamite Dominoes: The Coming Financial Catastrophe 18:28:17
Obama Admin: Torture Not Illegal, Just A "Disagreement" 18:18:05
Calling talk shows to talk about Ron Paul 18:15:26
Ridley Report: Ron Paul converts TSA workers 18:15:19
Houston Governor Poll: You know what to do! 18:13:30
RTR legislative Call: S. Carolina going for GOLD! 18:06:26
Alex Debra DP Family Friction - & The Dragon is Smiling! 17:57:02
Does anyone else think the SRLC is important? 17:55:01
Ron Paul on Dylan Ratigan 17:46:12
Newsweek: "The Ron Paul Problem" 17:36:08
Good Riddance to the Big Lie: Kevin Ryan’s ‘Demolition Access …’ Lights the Shadows 17:33:21
AUDIO : Alex Jones attacks Debra Medina says we can't believe anything she says if she gets into office : Feb 23 2010 17:19:26
I like AJ, but his passion is misguided here 17:14:06
New Ron Paul Poll at OC Register, Vote! 16:28:27
Obama's Healthcare reform 16:03:59
NPR Hatchet Job on Ron Paul Today, Respond 15:54:07
U.S. ‘problem bank’ list grows by 27 percent 15:49:33
TX Provides Baby DNA to Feds w/o Consent 15:39:23
Daily Kos and Daily Paul 15:35:53
Franklin Pierce vetoes bill to 'grow the government' 15:32:53
Judicial Watch Sues for Records on "Climate Czar" Carol Browner's Role in Crafting Policy 15:31:45
Michael Moore's new movie CAPITALISM A LOVE STORY 15:24:08
Dr. DOOM: Buy Farmland and Gold 15:20:18
The Spirit of the Founding Fathers! 15:13:22
Ron Paul : I Can´t Get Anyone Else To Read The Constitution On The House Floor! 14:56:09
HELP! CPAC "best speaker" poll at 14:47:44
Medina Poll 14:45:11
Add Your Face to this Place! 14:44:52
HELP DEBRA MEDINA: Set your HOME Page to Deb's Website!!! 14:32:00
Alex Jones is going crazy on Medina:( 14:26:04
WOW....NICE article by Pat Buchanan on Ron Paul's win 14:11:23
_Where Eugene Debs Had It Wrong 14:10:09
Wither goeth green stimulus FRNs? 14:05:42
Romney Cements His Establishment Status: Joins Palin to Endorse McCain 14:04:10
Medina winning Joe Pags' Texas Governors Poll 13:57:37
Scott Brown is a liar, cheat, & fraud....I told my friends to vote Joe Kennedy &.... 13:40:22
VIDEO : Ron Paul - MSNBC Hardball : Most logical discussion I have seen yet concerning Ron's CPAC straw poll win. 13:35:00
Anyone here from Schiff's campaign?? I have an idea. 13:34:19
Climategate Meets the Law: Senator Inhofe To Ask for DOJ Investigation 13:32:12
Yes, the Economy Is Recovering, But the Real Problem Is Still Jobs 13:08:31
Ron Paul’s Agenda Better for Progressives than Obama’s? 13:05:22
Justin Raimondo loves Ron :) 12:58:21
rhino: The prophet post 12:52:10
Enjoy Today's Cheap Gas Because It's Soon Headed Over $3 a Gallon 12:31:51
Video: Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll - Why? 12:26:38
Notice to the youth of DP and America 12:15:14
Why I Love the Internet 12:09:12
The Sun Never Sets on the American Empire... 12:08:21
New PPP poll: Perry 40%, KBH 31%, MEDINA 20% (2/23/10) 12:05:54
Almost Four Thousand (3857) Ron Paul VIDEOS On Fox! 12:02:21
The Southern Avenger on Mike Church Show 2/23/10 11:47:25
Video: Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll - Why? 11:20:04
DP site - crashing 11:19:35
DP site - crashing 11:18:35
YouTube: Ron Paul on MSNBC´s Morning Joe : Feb 23rd, 2010. 11:18:34
YouTube: Ron Paul on MSNBC´s Morning Joe : Feb 23rd, 2010. 11:16:50
Video: Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll - Why? 11:11:09
Rick Perrys Thoughts “Medina will be elected the day HELL FREEZES OVER”! 10:49:10
FDA Declares Form of Vitamin B6 a Drug 10:46:50
What exactly is a Neo-con? 10:46:04
Awesome Rand Paul Ad on Coal 08:25:29
Video: Ron Paul on Fox & Friends Feb. 23rd, 2010. 07:55:45
How Fox News spin Ron Paul's Win 07:30:00
Ron Paul Vs Fox News at CPAC 2010 Presidential Straw Poll for 2012 06:44:18
Need Help Building Websites... Any Advice Can Help 06:34:59
How are we going to make sure that the Debra Medina election results are fair and un-manipulated 06:25:07
~Debra Medina and Ron Paul: Texas Gubernatorial Primary (March 2), Most Critical Precursor for Ron Paul 2012~ 05:51:03
To Super Charge Your Batteries...Click Here. - RP Secret Crowds 03:31:26
Sheeple don't care how they got SCREWED! Do you? Read this! 03:26:48
The cost of signs? 03:23:52
Ron Paul 2012 03:23:36
Common Sense for Texans Hosts Texas Gubernatorial Virtual Debates – 10 Videos 03:21:13
Deathbed of Keynesian Economics Will Be in U.K 03:19:32
DEBRA MEDINA...WE TEXANS - 10 Days Till Victory 03:12:31
Needed: Ron Paul Informative Brochure 03:08:28
Need a link to listen Coast to Coast tonight-help! 02:56:33
Critical Mass... Has Anyone Else Noticed Increasingly How Many Big News Items Are Posted To The DP? 02:44:06
Fantastic compilation video of Fox News discrediting CPAC straw poll results 02:26:36
Pat Buchanan - Liquidating the Empire 02:25:43
I Will Post this Every time Mr. Cheney gets Sick 02:25:11
New Audio Commentary on Ron Paul, Dick Cheney and CPAC 02:07:40
Questions Regarding the SRLC... 02:01:53
Memory Lane: Ron Paul Stop Dreaming Redone in HD 02:00:22
Guns, Gold, and Garden Tools 01:58:42
Georgia Senate makes Mark of the Beast illegal 01:46:46
Glenn Beck is today's William F. Buckley 01:46:11
In case the US government really wants to attack Iran 01:43:02
453 guests online, couldnt find the original welcome thread, so wanted to say to newcomers, you are most welcome 01:14:33
Poll: You know what to do!!-let's not let this poll get buried before it closes 01:10:49
Ron Paul Wins - another Doug Wead column 00:51:34
PROMOTE DR. PAUL: How to infiltrate neocon talk radio 00:51:08
Tonight: Economic Warfare on CoasttoCoast 00:49:25