Posted on February 26, 2010

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National Journal Ranks Ron Paul 140th Most Conservative Member of House 15:54:45
Debra Medina in Denton TX 2/25/2010 10:25:17
CNN Poll: Majority says government a threat to citizens' rights 10:03:53
The Southern Avenger - Ron Paul's Conservative Foreign Policy 09:08:10
Is America Becoming a Police State? 00:27:58
Bizarre? Now this is bizarre! 10:25:16
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Utah made firearms act signed into law 23:56:43
Report shows government's financial position hit $11.46 trillion deficit in 2009 23:30:25
Write your congressmen to put gold questions to the Fed 23:08:17
Equal Employment Opportunity - the real agenda 23:05:27
Voters Madder Than Ever; 63% Say Better If Congress Not Reelected! 23:01:48
Thailand to Seize $1.4 Billion From Ex-Premier Thaksin for Abuse of Power 22:51:48
Socialism is a Kind of Capitalism 22:48:01
Ridley Report: Judge: Constitution "not relevant" update w/ part 3 22:41:16
Ron Paul and freinds on Goldseek radio 22:19:54
Ron Paul on CNN 21:59:49
Jack Blood exposes Alex Jones and his fraud and deliberate sabotage of the Debra Medina Campaign. 21:35:38
Canada On Verge Of Approving Enviropigs - Soon Eating Mouse/Pig Hybrids 21:21:47
Sen bunning tells dems "tought sh!&" on spending bill 21:12:56
2010 Census 20:55:03
Bernanke repudiates helicopter policy 20:50:36
A decade of bank failures 20:20:07
Peter Schiff Republican Senate Debate Scheduled 19:51:11
The 19:51:04
What's In Your Banks Wallet? 19:49:35
British Tea Party Movement to launch on Saturday 19:39:36
Texas voter fraud (delete if repost) 19:27:13
Jim Rogers: British Pound Could Collapse Within Weeks 19:26:56
RT: CIA supporting & outfitting terrorist in the middle east 19:07:40
2500 FEMA trailers to be moved to Texas? 19:06:53
Video: Defeat Nancy Pelosi! - John Dennis for Congress 19:02:08
6.9 Earthquake hits off Japan coast 18:37:27
My favorite ALEX JONES video. 18:35:44
Camp FEMA Producer In Denver for Film’s PBS Premier 18:35:44
Is the DP censoring posts now? 18:34:03
Senate is questioning Bernanke on C-SPAN2 right now 5:10 PM EST. 18:11:09
Ron Paul on Rick Sanzchez (CNN) Now - 2-26-2010 - 4:25pm 17:23:56
You might just be a conspiracy theorist if..... 17:12:18
QUESTION: what has been the typical age demographic showing up at CPAC 16:51:50
Independent Voter Network condemns Patriot Act extension 16:48:43
Teo-O-Con Used In Journalist Commentary on the Medina Race 16:26:54
NYTimes Blogging Heads: Ron Paul 2012? 16:17:45
UK Secret Service (MI5) Lied to Parliament and the Courts 16:12:16
Medina Pop-Up Video 16:09:18
Give me Liberty! Rand Paul Moneybomb 16:03:09
Record number of new Voters in Republican Primary in Texas in early voting! :) 16:02:02
Put On Your Bikinis: Global Warming Rocks The North East! 15:47:56
With Medina in runoff, who would Hutchison support? 15:29:55
Quiltingsando 15:26:06
Geithner involved in shipping pallets of cash to Iraq! 15:19:06
A Strong Case For Using Gold As Money, When The Fed Implodes. 15:16:37
Online news poll showed Medina in first 15:16:19
Never Too Early to Learn About Gov't Processes 15:10:20
An attempt at Liberty Poetry 14:58:37
Dems push ahead on healthcare 14:42:06
Independent Voter Network calls out Hillary Clinton on national debt threat 14:18:05
Nigel Farage Confronts EU President Herman van Rompuy 14:03:24
80% cure rate for cancer using Aloe Vera Treatment SHUT DOWN BY FDA! 13:57:45
Wallbuilders ANNOUNCES "I will be joining Glenn Beck" 13:53:08
RT & 4409: Terrorist leader claims CIA support 13:51:42
Texas Primary a defining moment for Tea Party movement 13:36:48
New Poll: Lujan 40%, Kokesh 32%, Undecided 28% 13:33:13
Officials puzzle over millions of dollars leaving Afghanistan by plane for Dubai 13:32:27
Democracy or Slavery: the Truth Behind Western Civilizations. 13:19:28
IRS challenge 13:15:16
Fed Chairman Bernanke Should Apologize to Ron Paul 13:02:19
Ron Paul Should Announce 2012 Candidacy NOW 12:56:08
Ever wish you could talk to the Government ! 12:53:35
Dallas Tea Party Tomorrow 2/27/10 - Who's Going? Medina Opportunity? 12:16:39
Independent Blog uses Daily Paul video 12:15:33
More HAARP/Weather modification fun?? 11:46:50
Columbia MO Police to deploy downtown safety cameras. 11:43:22
Unbelievable....He is not even on the list! 11:40:38
It's still "We the People!" Right? 11:15:02
AIG posts US$8.9 billion loss, warns of more aid. 10:57:15
I want Peter Schiff more than any other 10:52:54
Texas Independent 9/11 Investigation 10:45:12
Looks like the Progressives are starting a Coffee Party 10:39:00
Libertarian Joe Kennedy (MA) on the Tea Parties 10:38:03
Washington Times: Ron Paul is Dangerously wrong 10:24:18
Upcoming resolution by Kuchinich "End the War, Bring the Troops Home" 10:09:03
New Kopbusters Sting! Texas Kop busted stealing drug money! 09:53:47
Ron Paul - John F. Kennedy - Martin Luther King Versus Tyranny 09:02:03
Unemployment Benefits For 3 Years in Europe? 08:57:12
Worried about GMO seeds? 08:33:54
Debra Medina Profited From Federal Government Subsidies, Sweetheart Municipal Contracts 07:25:14
Healthcare reform 06:56:54
More Terrorist Blowback from U.S. Foreign Policy 06:11:17
Ron Paul vs. the Naysayers 06:04:14
Rand Paul Makes Front Page News - What a Day! 04:12:44
Goldman role in Greek crisis probed 03:06:45
Another Attack on Health Freedom - Bill Gives Power to FDA to Regulate Supplements! 03:00:05
Carpe Diem, Dr. Paul! 02:59:28
Ron Paul on iPad 01:19:16
Roll Call Vote: U.S. Patriot Act Extended By House Of Reps. For Another Year 01:17:25
Derivatives, what a great mess we have.... 00:58:42
The Four Stages of Revolution 00:54:36
What ever happened to "Tex MacRae"? 00:34:12
Just my opinion, but I don't care how we get there, I just want to win!!!!!!!!!! 00:15:43
Very interesting interview with Jacque Fresco, creator of the Venus Project 00:06:30