Posted on February 27, 2010

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New Documentary "War on Kids" Reveals Great Insights into the Many Failings of American Public Education 15:56:01
We Texans - 3 Days Till Victory 13:38:53
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Inspiring 9/11 Truth Video 23:48:17
Newsweek: "The Ron Paul Problem" 23:47:46
Newsweek: "The Ron Paul Problem" 23:47:07
Hey...where'd it go? 23:36:12
Putting FAITH in it's place... 23:28:43
RT-Did the US Federal Reserve finance Saddam Hussein’s weapon purchases? 23:02:12
Rollover 1981... world economic collapse 23:01:01
Why isn't there a Collins Bailey banner on Daily Paul? 22:58:11
Birch Society for Ron Paul in CPAC vote? 22:56:57
What Happened To The Adam Kokesh Banner On DP? 22:29:00
Why isn't there a Peter Schiff banner on the Daily Paul? 22:00:49
Bernanke's 'Naivete,' Wall Street's Publicly-Backed Bets-Gretchen Morgenson: NYT 21:58:54
Ron Paul burned by Tea Party blowback -Lead Story on POLITICO 21:44:25
3x more Medina donors than her opponents' donors COMBINED! 21:36:39
Reliable sources for news and info? 21:33:02
Why Ron Paul is wrong on every damn thing! 21:16:52
Debra Medina Article in the Guardian 21:07:17
Is it Possible that the collapse of Building 1, 2, and 7 were not part of the plan? 20:57:43
Joining the Navy? 20:57:25
Looking for a chart... 20:53:43
Audio of Ron Paul's Jekyll Island Speech earlier today "My Battle Against the Fed" 20:43:12
El HAARPO -- Chile? Haiti? Lomaprieta? 1906 S.F "Big One" -- All HAARP 20:21:45
"Head of IMF Proposes New Reserve Currency" 20:20:17
Peter Schiff slams Dave Ramsey's 20:18:18
Veterans For Peace demands new 911 Investigation 20:15:43
ClimateGate: It’s NOT The CO2 Stupid! 19:47:00
Researchers mix flu viruses create three extremely virulent new strains 19:46:08
Weekend Watching: The Dollar Bubble 19:20:48
Gold Breaks the Rules & Rises with Dollar 19:16:29
AND FOR WHAT! Dennis Kucinich 19:12:50
Founder of the Weather Channel and 30,000 scientists want to sue Al Gore for Global Warming fraud. (from 2009) 19:07:43
Forum Sigs 19:04:32
Medina's parents proud of her campaign 18:23:50
Live Video Coverage for Hawaii Tsunami - Watch Tsunami Video Coverage 17:38:25
AJ + GB = Controlled "Revolution" 17:26:02
Is it REALLY this bad? 17:11:13
LIVE: The first waves in Hawaii were expected to hit shortly after 11 a.m. 17:05:51
Ron Paul vs. the Naysayers 17:04:35
Sheriff Mack : I'm moving to Texas if Debra Medina wins! 16:56:09
Pawlenty on CPAC straw poll: "It's progress" 16:53:40
Please Help MEE & iBailout!! Reach 1,000 Fans on Facebook 16:40:00
Charlie Crist To Quit GOP, Run For Senate As Independent, 16:37:53
Sherrif Mack on radio still on now 12:50pst 16:15:22
I have a question, smartie pants 15:30:10
Ron Paul Criticizes U.S. Gov-Endorsed Assassinations of Americans 15:22:37
Bank Failure Friday 2-26-10 (2) 15:21:29
Did Fed finance Saddam Hussein’s weapon purchases? 15:08:04
National Taxpayers Union Honors Ron Paul 14:58:08 saying horrible things against RP. 14:56:28
David Harsanyi is an idiot. 14:52:59
CPAC sells out propaganda piece 14:48:58
25 states have introduced or passed health care nullification 14:33:09
Who would have thought? 14:32:25
If I Could Only Leave One Word Of Advice 14:20:08
AJ/Medina/9.11? Carpe Diem! 14:11:46
We're All Libertarians Now 14:04:22
George Gordon series on Swine Flu 13:56:45
Treat Me Like a Dog: What Human Health Care Can Learn from Pet Care 13:52:09
Debra Medina= school teacher with a cause 13:51:51
Fannie Mae seeks $15.3 billion more in aid 13:47:26
Pleading for Peace & Unity 13:16:27
Civics Quiz 13:16:21
Republican Paul Ryan Slams Dem Health Care BIll 12:42:48
The Truth Behind the Financial Meltdown 12:16:21
Ron Paul converts TSA workers 11:52:35
How did you meet Ron Paul? 11:48:33
Letter of Support: Sandra Beene TX Minutemen co-founder 11:24:31
California Assembly institutes no cussing week 11:19:22
Senator John McCain proposes unbridled FDA control over dietary supplements 11:17:54
Just emailed this to Mitt Romney 10:45:12
A Tax Revolt Brewing? - It wouldn't be the first time! 10:32:22
Good article on Moore's Capitalism er Socialism Movie 10:12:21
Trans-Texas Corridor under wraps till after election? 10:11:23
IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM PETER SCHIFF!!! 09:53:31 defeats Censors 09:10:03
Head of IMF Proposes New Reserve Currency 08:49:45
Ron Paul : Life Changing Speech 7! 07:26:37
Understanding the Internet and Governments 06:28:35
Harvest time, folks 05:34:01
Canada, U.S. may extend security measures past Games 05:05:30
8.8-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Chile, Tsunami Warnings for Pacific Rim 04:40:17
Pentagon: Whoops. 03:33:26
Alex Jones talks with John Young, webmaster of 02:47:19
51st State is Just Around the Corner: Puerto Rico 02:40:08
Justin Raimondo: Ron Paul vs the Naysayers 02:29:21
US Government Rescinds 'Leave Internet Alone' Policy (Internet Governance Forum - UN) 02:10:11
Debra Medina Ignored by Washington Post Article on Texas Governor Race 01:39:03
Rick Perry's attack on Rep. Todd Smith - Sex or Politics? -Independent Texans 01:26:12
Rep. Polis Calls On A.G. Holder To Rein In 'Rogue' DEA Agents 01:21:39
Head of IMF calls for Global Currency | ABC NEWS 01:20:36
Manipulation of the gold price by the IMF 01:05:07
British Tea Party? 00:35:36
Stand up to tyranny 00:30:28