Posted on February 28, 2010

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National Strike - April 15 -18 23:58:45
Mar 8 Harrisburg: Rep. Jim Traficant Kicks-off Run For President! 23:53:05
"Medina hopes to shake up primary" - AWESOME article from the University of Houston student newspaper 23:39:33
Freedom videoes 23:29:33
University of Houston's The Daily Cougar endorses Medina!! 23:26:00
Sibel Edmonds Implicates Both Parties in High Treason 23:19:09
401K Takeover Executive Order (radio reference) 23:18:53
Dolley Madison; The Movie, on PBS March 1, 8 PM Central 23:16:13
With any luck, the economy will never recover. 22:38:31
TEX GOP precinct conventions will see power struggles 22:27:11
Any Medina election night party in Austin? 21:42:41
The Day After Israel 21:38:57
Has everyone SEEN THIS?? 21:26:45
Medina Under Guard 21:21:12
HR 1207 Audit The Fed-Have we Given up ? 21:17:53
White House Set to Cram Socialist Health Care Down Your Throat 21:06:23
Are any of you patriots using Webcams? 20:41:32
Medina in Wichita Falls 20:34:26
Kokesh vs Mullins on The Constitution 20:30:01
Banks Buying Govt Debt Will Lead To Inflation Eventually 20:14:49
Greenspan vs. Rothbard: INCREDIBLY inspiring speech by Lew Rockwell. 20:14:02
Firearm Ownership is Mandatory for All Households in Kennesaw, Georgia 20:12:03
Unbelievable! Look how Vandenberg Air Force Base treats these chemtrail activists! 20:02:33
CPAC previous articles by various MSM outlets, I did this so everyone can compare previous wins & articles written about winner 19:39:40
Austrian Economics vs George Soros 18:46:59
Break Up The Banks Green Screen challenge 18:45:03
These weatherman think airplanes are spraying the sky 18:28:46
Quote of the Week (California Wins!) 18:11:01
Pelosi claims to share views with TeaParty 17:51:44
Move Your Money Video Contest 17:33:27
Forced Devaluations Coming? How 2 Protect Oneself? 16:16:31
Yesterday, I did my taxes 15:58:09
Hutchison and Perry together tonight, this time with George W. Bush 15:57:53
But, does he support America? 15:55:39
Crabby Old Man (Beautiful) 15:51:59
Medina /Davis Transcript matches Davis' past attack pattern 15:42:30
Can I get 4 ounces of gold out of the US ? 15:30:24
Texas GOP Vote: Debra Medina: Star of the Tea Party 15:12:35
Medina article/pic on Front page of DRUDGE 15:01:40
The Chemists War 14:51:13
Coffee Party Movement-Hilarious! 13:46:14
The Truth About Centralized Government Power Trips; 13:23:24
Debra Medina vs Tina Benkiser 13:20:51
Bye, Bye Sarah? Deb Medina is the new star 13:00:15
Politico: Paul burned by Tea Party blowback 12:58:56
The Left is Trying to define us...Good luck, try the COTUS. 12:39:27
The Hope & Despair of the Youth 12:36:51
Help Me Expose the WHOLE Jobs Bill SCAM.... 12:34:53
If you like the status quo don't vote for Jake Towne 12:33:53
I'm Sorry to Post this propaganda, but we need to see it. 12:23:24
A vote for Medina, is a Vote for America 12:21:30
President Obama signs Patriot Act extension 12:19:14
Digg for Ron Paul's Congressional Campaign!! More favorable on tea parties 11:52:09
My city is in ruins...but don't forget we are still beautiful 11:41:11
Why Ron Paul is wrong on every damn thing! (satire) 11:35:08
Open Letter to Glenn Beck by Mike Blevins 11:20:09
Debra Medina supplies 11:04:21
What is Pelosi saying? 10:57:56
I guess we need handlers now 10:33:23
Fox ‘News’ spins overtime to minimize Ron Paul CPAC straw poll win 10:32:53
Goldman Sachs may be next Enron 10:22:38
Can Medina Pull Off Upset In TX? Drudge Headline! Guardian UK! 10:22:32
Ron Paul on Fox News 02/27/10 09:36:35
Politico says Paul Burned by teaparty blowback 08:45:13
Hemp House - Asheville, NC 06:54:19
This clown thinks we're dangerous 06:31:44
Woman who found coin worth $3,000 in garden becomes first to be prosecuted for not reporting treasure 03:40:57
Beeville, Texas Parents Proud of Medina’s Outsider Campaign for Governor 03:00:59
Americans end 62-year drought with win in four-man bobsledding 02:57:52
lets get real patriots 02:50:02
The Empire Marches Onward 02:31:51
Debra had 5,865 donors compared to Perry's 953 and Kay's 970 - Yes, that's THREE TIMES the donors of the other two combined! 02:18:54
Chris Matthews and Buchanan discuss Ron Paul's CPAC win 02:01:56
KSFO 560-AM fires conservative talk show host Lee Rodgers for refusing to sugarcoat Islam 01:42:37
Top 10 Reasons Why Drinking Beer is Good for Your Heath! 01:34:57
Obama birth video 01:20:46
The Union of the unemployed 01:02:34
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