Posted on February 4, 2010

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Open Thread: National Tea Party Convention Kicks Off Today in Nashville 11:39:51
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano 2/3/2010 11:16:45
Jake Towne and Judge Napolitano on FOX Freedom Watch 2/3/2010 11:26:05
Washington Post: Rand Paul lights a fire under Kentucky GOP 00:13:06
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My Apologies To samadamscw And DPers 23:59:42
Did Nibiru just cause Pluto to go wacko? 23:57:06
Early Draft of Constitution Found 23:44:35
Pick Your Target... and Aggregate!!! 23:43:43
Not a puppet - Debra Medina [Political Cartoon] 23:40:24
Contact Senate Conservatives Fund: Rand endorses DeMint's Balanced Budget Amendment-URGENT! 23:35:49
Fears of 'Lehman-style' tsunami in Spain, Portugal, and Greece 23:31:40
NBC WOOD TV 8 w/VIDEO: TX Republican primary heating up 23:29:12
Super Bowl CANCELED! 23:26:11
Bill requiring drug tests of lawmakers advances in Missouri House 23:25:11
V for Vendetta - An AMAZING Liberty Movie. 23:22:12
Google Teams Up with NSA 23:02:54
Video emerges of CIA missionary plane shootdown - VERY SAD 22:59:22
CA state says 600 govt jobs added in Santa Cruz County but they aren't county jobs 22:54:40
ORDER IN THE COURT!!!! 22:45:24
Disinformation Tactics: The Methods Used To Keep You In The Dark 22:33:33
Fed Closes Emergency Programs for Money Markets, Bond Dealers 22:32:03
Someone Please Expain This To Me 22:19:49
How Does it Feeeeel? 22:15:13
Rhino. Please consider vlogging. 22:03:04
Support Free Competition in Currency Act, H.R. 4248 22:02:05
Rhino: I love progressives 21:45:00
Joe Rogan-Marijuana is Illegal because the Pharma Cartel doesn't want you to grow your own Medicine 21:34:07
Think of how dumb the average neocon is. 21:25:54
Alan Grayson supports the peace blimp! 21:20:33
Tom Woods to speak at IU! TONIGHT, TUES 9/21/10 21:00:11
DP Content DB vs Server Memeory Cache 20:45:43
GA Senate Passes Bill Opposing Involuntary Microchips 20:10:37
Gingrich Reveals a 'NEOCONtract with America' 20:06:00
Weekend Watching: SUPERPOWER 19:53:58
Reality Report 30 19:48:33
Prius brakes. Toyota knew, didn't tell you. 19:39:15
Quick Question about Judge Napolitano 19:33:01
In Yemen the US is Fighting against Democracy, not against Al Qaeda 19:29:29
Chinese government builds a city and nobody moves in 19:25:44
47% Paul, 39% Conway; 48% Paul, 37% Mongiardo 18:55:09
MEDINA POLL ***Help*** 18:53:22
2/4/10 DOW close 10,002.18 down -268.37 -2.61% 18:26:29
Unhappy About CFL ? Let Me See Your Activism: "Adopt" Liberty Candidate! 18:22:14
Pentagon to Increase Stock of High-Altitude Drones 18:20:53
Check out this Blog !! 17:48:37
Just What We Need Right Now 17:44:55
Google Teams Up with the NSA 17:44:43
Pay Czar Kenneth Feinberg is a nut! 17:39:55
Allison Bricker - Is Sarah Palin's Endorsement Good for the Liberty Movement? 17:28:55
Don't worry, be happy, the IMF will save the day! A look at our future. 17:27:23
Right now(1509pm cst): Rand on Cavuto 17:09:36
How to fix the healthcare problem in 7 minutes 16:48:31
White House Prepares for Possibility of 2 Supreme Court Vacancies 16:46:40
the deficits 16:29:43
Peter Schiff - Derby 16:16:17
Lessig calling for Constitutional Convention, Fair Elections Amendment 16:05:30
Tired of your old skin? Try this on for size... 15:58:08
Veri-chip is *not* dead! They have a new name , and an old agenda: to *Manditorily* chip everyone! 15:49:21
Gold price predictor 15:45:24
Religion Could Survive Discovery of ET, Survey Suggests 15:24:54
The Tea Party Movement 15:11:15
Possibility of a Perry/Medina run-off election 14:52:07
Obama Surrendering Internet to Foreign Powers 14:46:47
Ron Paul warns of social unrest and Martial law 14:42:43
Great Article on Debra Medina 14:21:26
Ron Paul Is Wrong 14:08:08
1984 DEBRA MEDINA Hammers New World Order 13:52:01
Nuclear Waste Pools in North Carolina (near Raleigh) 13:19:22
Bill Clinton Now In Charge of Haiti Relief Effort!!! 13:08:36
MEDINA / PERRY 6 minute Video 13:02:16
Voting Fraud-What can we do?? 12:52:39
Gold Below $500 An Ounce? 12:46:35
Who is messin' with gold? 12:41:02
No civilian trials for enemy combatants, says … Ron Paul’s son? 12:40:13
Pakistan deaths underscore sensitive U.S. mission 12:37:44
House faces tough vote on $1.9 trillion more debt 12:35:55 hates the PeaceBlimp! 12:02:45
Running for Senate, Rand Paul lights a fire under Kentucky GOP 11:55:40
FU Frank 11:50:29
Why the Nashville Tea Party matters, or does it? 11:41:36
Perry staffers jumped to Medina's campaign? 11:21:22
Foreign Handouts: More Harm Than Good 10:18:52
The Pentagon Runs Amok, War Profiteers are 'Recession-proof' 10:17:51
Why We Seek War: Why is America in so Many Wars? 10:07:11
FreedomWatch w/ Ron Paul - Chaos in Dept of Treasury 09:53:34
Onward Christian Soldiers, Again by Philip Giraldi 09:31:15
Intel Chief: US May Target Americans Overseas 09:30:40
Castro wants UN to investigate US sending thousands of troops to Haiti 09:14:45
Call / Email to get Debra Medina on the John Stewart and Steve Colbert Shows 09:00:14
Palin Coming to Boston-How Will 'Liberty' People Respond? 08:53:55
Internet privacy? Google to enlist NSA to help it ward off cyberattacks 08:52:34
Fed's Warsh says more Regulation might Hurt US economy 08:45:45
The Incredible Bread Machine! 08:12:10
GOP cash provides 2012 clues 08:09:12
Tea leaves: GOP establishment still rules 08:07:44
Vintage Ron Paul *** "Paper Is NOT Money!" (1983) 06:51:17
"Can't advertise for 'reliable' workers because it discriminates against the 'unreliable'." 06:13:06
824,000 Jobs will Disappear On February 5!!! 06:05:48
Beware Counterfeiters!!!!! 06:01:31
Using winter weather for the patriot cause 05:33:29
2010 Templeton essay Contest 05:11:43
Inflation in INDIA causing Food riots and violence. No MSM? 04:41:50
Two very favorable news segments on Debra's recent poll numbers! 04:16:49
"The Fall of America and the Western World" Documentary Is a Survival Guide 01:33:40
Rand's New Ad 01:04:32
Help me out guys, I need some info 01:03:29
Ted Nugent to perform at Perry Rally..... Palin speaks too 00:57:51
URGENT>WARNING from the DOCTOR! Ron Paul talking on Social unrest and coming CHAOS (Video) 00:41:35
Debra Medina within $724 of reaching the $500k mark! Let's bump her over! 00:08:29
DR. PAUL, could I have a minute of your time? 00:01:01