Posted on February 6, 2010

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Weekend Watching - Peter Schiff at Yale 15:44:46
Cannabis and the Federal Reserve System 10:00:43
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Sarah Palin speaking at the "convention". If this doesn't make you sick, nothing will. 23:47:54
Thought of the DP when I saw this quote............... 23:34:26
Supreme Court - Campaign Finance (Video) Bill Moyers PBS & Nick Gillespie of REASON 23:34:11
"The Truth About the Federal Reserve Bank" 23:26:34
Sarah Palin speaking on C-SPAN 23:24:44
"CONSIRACY THEORY" 8:30pm MTN and "Don't talk About the Weather" 21:53:39
Obama Makes it Official: I Can Kill Any American I Want, Without Trial. Sixth Amendment Dead 21:52:55
Russia Today: Alex Jones on US cyber mega-agency 21:47:42
Not Just Competing Currencies... How About Competing Governments?! 21:46:04
TO PALIN: “I can’t believe you are backing Perry,” said Christi Cameron, a Medina supporter. “Something is wrong.” 21:36:53
Jon Stewart confronts Neo-con O'Reilly about Ron Paul ridicule and censorship 21:19:37
All this tea party stuff reminds me of when the real r3VOlution started. 21:15:53
Is Dollar or gold the 'safe haven'? 21:02:52
Gary D. Fielder - Gig Is Up 20:54:14
Good free movie- "Off the grid: Life on the Mesa" 20:31:09
How to get the neocons to excuse themselves from future Tea Parties. 20:27:29
"Tesla Master of Lightning" on Infoleak 5:30pm Mtn time 20:27:06
About the Americans being held in Haiti 19:47:35
Professor banned from teaching following verbal confrontation 19:43:34
"Subverted Tea Party Movement Told To Embrace Republican Platform" 19:43:22
SC is nuts (updated) 19:25:37
North Carolina State Public Education Wants to Eliminate Founding Fathers in History Classes 19:20:39
Nobel Peace Prize Finalist: The Internet 19:13:10
I couldn't help myself. 19:13:06
Come Meet And Hear The Texas Sweetheart Debra Medina On Valentines Day 19:08:48
Astronaut Cernan Blasts Government on Scrubbed NASA Moon Mission 18:40:38
Medina says race all about principles — and she’ll win 18:33:12
Gerald Celente State of Economy 17:34:25
How long before the lights go out? 17:31:02
Daily Paul Traffic Up 76% in 3 months! 16:31:25
Weekend Watch "Food Inc." 12:50 am MTN TIME 15:54:18
The Math to Liberty 15:49:51
200,000 out of service with power in Washington DC....CLIMATE BILL POSTPONED 15:49:20
We all know who the face of the Tea Party should be. 15:40:42
12:16pm MTN time " FALL OF THE REPUBLIC " 15:09:59
Glenn Beck does not mention Ron Paul when asked who he admires today in office 14:36:54
OH BOY!.... 14:17:57 under attack by neo-cons 13:59:06
Congressman Ron Paul on Washington's Dirtiest Secrets Posted 13:53:59
Big victory: USDA scrapping national animal ID system 13:49:33
The so called "national tea party nation convention" on C-span 13:38:13
Constitutionalist running for Sheriff 13:09:00
McCain bill poses big threat to DSHEA Act and Health Freedoms! 12:55:31
Weekend Watching at Infoleak 12:32:23
Pentagon draws plans for immortal ’synthetic organisms’ 12:25:13
Major Campaign Event For Debra Medina In Texas 11:09:22
Jake Towne Says John Callahan Clueless on Job Recovery 11:05:39
"A little revolution is a good thing" by Pia Varma 10:56:07
Debra Medina on the rise 10:36:36
Time Travel achieved 10:12:49
Indonesia to move Jakarta's Barack Obama statue 10:11:23
Colts' Daniel Muir on Ben Bernanke: "He Looks Like a Crook" 10:09:02
Rasmussen Poll: Americans reject Keynesian Economics 10:01:11
Why is hemp legalization absent from Liberty candidates platforms? 09:58:26
I Want My Country Back! - Prof. Russ Roberts Testifies Before House Oversight Committee! 08:46:05
Revisionists are erasing our heritage! 08:39:53
Stossel Show - Crony Capitalism! 07:27:52
FBI wants records kept of Web sites visited 06:44:00
John Locke on Aggressors, Robbers, and Pirates 03:50:32
Ron Paul Destroys Departments On Fox News! 03:46:37
Ron Paul Fox Business 2/5/2010 We're not safer we're poorer! 03:45:24
Stossel Show - Atlas Shrugged! 03:32:15
HOT AIR covers Debra Medina, gives props! 03:27:22
Stossel Show - Global Warming! 02:32:25
Should Sarah Palin switch her endorsement from Rick Perry to Debra Medina? 01:59:12
Selective service for 18 year olds mandatory? 01:50:00
PolitiFact Rates Ron Paul Statement as "Barely True" 01:08:20
Harsh Words To Palin From 'Independent Texans': "These guys really don’t like Rick Perry! (And Palin's Get'n In Their Business)" 01:03:17
Red State 00:55:41
Help rescue Stop-Lossed Iraq Veteran from extradition to Iraq for Court Martial because he wrote a Stop-Loss Rap Protest 00:46:55
John J. Sottilare - Another Liberty Candiate - Running For State House - 86th District Fla. 00:46:27
Medina Article Needs Comments; Author Takes Debra's Statements Completely Out Of Context To Make A Story of Fiction 00:44:36
Former NM Gov. Gary Johnson's Vision For a Truly Free America 00:38:15
America and Civilizations future 00:29:30
2/5/10 Ron Paul on The Takeaway: The Tea Party Movement 00:21:54
A call to action. A nationwide "end the Fed" protest in two weeks, I will begin walking my congressional district..... 00:21:27
Ron Paul Revoution. A call to action- 00:17:36
Walking my congressional district in two weeks (upstate New York). The time is now. Call to Action 00:09:37