Posted on February 7, 2010

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Sarah Palin | FOX Sunday 2/7/2010 - On endorsing Rand/Ron Paul 15:24:36
Grassroots report from Cleburne, Texas Tea Party with Debra Medina 14:06:01
Liberty Dollar trial looms in Asheville, NC 23:53:12
Ron Paul at the Mises Circle in Houston 23:49:31
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Firesale in Bankrupt Dubai Including QE2 23:59:11
Obama Picks MIAC Gov. to Advise on 'Military Activities in U.S.' 23:48:31
Thoughts on the "eco police" Audi commercial? 22:41:25
Freedom 22:21:09
US Rattles Sabers in Panic as it Loses World Control 22:14:44
Ron Paul Excluded From National Poll 22:04:03
"FBI wants records kept of Web sites visited" 21:36:17
Primary Debate 21:26:45
The Prisoner - Patrick McGoohan 20:45:57
Weekend Watching " Check Out This Blog" 20:32:06
U.S. Olympic critic denied entry into Canada 20:04:58
Why Obama killed the return to the Moon? 20:03:53
Palin "troopergate" aide mentioned "the vocal Ron Paul folks" in leaked e-mails 19:44:58
Anything on t v to nonight? 19:44:02
Israeli warships on way to Persian Gulf 19:10:37
Who Poses the Greater Nuclear Threat? 18:52:55
Help a fellow crazy Ron Paul person win a photo contest! 18:44:49
The day things change 18:31:03
Debra Medina at Feb. 6 Tea Party Rally in Cleburne, TX 18:05:17
The Tea Party Movement Has Not Been Hijacked. It Has Been Co-Opted, Counterfeited, And Defined By Its Enemies 17:27:17
HR 1021 17:03:07
ideology: Libertarian vs NeoCon 16:59:36
" EYE OF THE PHOENIX "1:45pm MTN time at infoleak 16:47:28
Lol....take a 2 minute break for a good joke 16:46:54
Did the Fed bail out Middle Easterners? 16:46:02
* NEW * I Support Debra Medina Poster Downloads ~ Make them VIRAL! 16:38:53
Breaking: Connecticut gas explosion at power plant 'leaves up to 50 dead 16:22:27
Give me Liberty Money Bomb 16:01:16
Truth-Providing Websites Blocked By Asia Netcom To New Zealand Users 15:17:04
Debra Medina on Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano 15:13:16
Where is Peter Schiff? 15:11:47
Beginning Of The End: Sarah Palin Hijacks The Tea Party Movement 15:09:19
Sarah Palin reads cheat notes off her HAND ON TV 15:08:00
" THE AMERICAN DRUG WAR " Just started at 12:05 pm MTN time 15:05:48
BJ Lawson Live on Robert Scott Bell show Today 2:40 pm EST 14:53:17
Saugatuck Township asks voters to approve new tax to fight lawsuits seeking lower property taxes 14:35:26
Tea Partiers Go After Ron Paul 14:22:43
I Want My Country Back! - Prof. Russ Roberts Testifies Before House Oversight Committ 14:19:37
"Will Obama Play the War Card?" 14:12:25
G7 nations pledge debt relief for quake-hit Haiti 14:09:22
Power plant explosion in Middletown, CT 14:07:32
It Is Now Mathematically Impossible To Pay Off The U.S. National Debt 13:25:18
It’s closer than you think: Texas Republican Assembly fails to endorse either Perry or Medina, Hutchison 13:01:52
America's Greatest and Strangest Political Secret 12:53:06
It's deja vu...war drums beating stronger for bombing Iran 12:51:12
NWO in Africa 12:29:38
What Are YOU Doing To Restore Our Constitution? 12:19:03
Jim DeMint applauds Rand Paul 12:02:09
Is the 2010 census legal? 11:58:58
What colors are the American Flag? 11:35:20
PoliTex: Medina backer sets off money 'bombs' 11:26:36
Texas Budget Shortfall 11:23:40
Even GOP conservative Ron Paul draws Tea Party opposition 11:23:40
Medina news 11:22:39
Fort Worth Star Telegram: "Debra Medina closed out the rally and appeared to draw the strongest response" at Cleburne Tea Party 11:19:39
Scott Horton & Mark Ames: Russia, Larry Summers, Growing Left-Libertarian Alliance 11:18:23
18 seconds 10:47:34
Wendell Berry - Rand Paul - Mountaintop Removal & NAIS 10:20:19
****Superbowl Sunday Honors and Rules***** 10:18:10
War 10:15:30
Perry keeps heavy-handed influence on the Burleson Tea Party 10:14:51
Palin being interviewed by C. Wallace mentions R. Paul 10:09:23
Wow strong words from Stae Rep. Mike Noel 09:17:57
" THE AMERICAN DRUG WAR " NOW AT Infoleak 06:11:07
Ron Paul's primary opponents talk up their involvement with tea parties 05:47:52
Hitchens attacks Gore Vidal for being a 9/11 Conspiracy 'crackpot' 04:23:06
NWO Blues 03:32:28
Video Camera Is The New Gun - But This DC Cop Points His Gun Into A Snowball Fight 03:31:33
TARP bill actually $23 trillion+? 03:20:56
Has Our Movement Been "Captured"? 03:06:00
" FALL OF THE REPUBLIC "11:50 pm MTN time on Infoleak 02:52:51
First-ever study of vaccinated vs unvaccinated primates suppressed. 01:53:13
Vid: "The Smartest Guys In The Room" 01:51:28
Euros Revolting Against Big Brother 01:12:26
Prediction--RNC goes with a Huckabee/Palin ticket, supposing this shows they have "learned from the past." 01:10:26
How do we get the Tea Party back on track? 01:05:43
Patriotic Music 00:08:41