Posted on February 8, 2010

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BREAKING: Rick Perry Campaign Staffer Publicly Switches Support to Debra Medina 23:55:43
Ron Paul Interview on the Tea Party Movement 23:54:16
Eric King Interviews Madoff Whistleblower Harry Markopolos 23:39:20
Howard Zinn 1922-2010: The Anti-War Warrior 23:30:08
Dow closes below 10,000 for first time in 3 months 17:33:09
Towne for Congress Issues the $20,000 Money Bomb Week Challenge 16:33:28
Google Teams Up With the NSA 11:48:20
Japanese Govt Weary of Billions Spent Subsidizing US Forces 11:34:44
National Take Back the Tea Party Day - February 28th! 10:52:16
Republic Versus Democracy - Ron Paul Speech in U.S. Congress 23:30:07
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Not in lockstep! Too extreme!! 23:54:26
Something very disturbing about Randy Brogdon. 23:50:14
Living in "Libertarian Heaven"... Have you found it yet? 23:48:14
Illinois Woman Told She Is No Longer an American 23:26:53
Democrats or Republicans who is a better ally? 23:12:05
"We Won't Get Fooled Again" 23:10:21
Can we ever trust Wall Street again? 22:57:17
A cynic's view of the Tea Party 22:54:03
NY Gov. Maybe Next to Exit Amid Scandal Rumors 22:24:29
Wisconsin's Support for Mark Neumann 22:15:42
Debra Medina radio interview today in Tyler Texas 22:00:33
Maddow to talk about Ron Paul NOW, 9:15 EST 21:44:18
Mathematically Impossible To Pay Off The U.S. National Debt 21:43:43
Rick Perry is a Progressive 21:28:34
DOOMS DAY! February 11th 2010? 20:52:20
Uphill fight for medical marijuana in Missouri 20:51:14
Debra Medina - Online Poll in Dallas Business Journal 20:27:13
Well, I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger today... 20:22:48
Anyone else hear Rush Limbaugh talking about the CFR, Trilateral Commision, and the Bildeberg group today? 20:20:04
Perry/Palin RE-DUNKING The Teabag "more about Perry versus Debra Medina" -Austin Chronicle ...Ha Ha Ha 20:20:01
GO DEBRA, GO! News 8 Austin - "In a time of anti-incumbent sentiment, we still have a long way to go." 19:56:06
BIG NEWS! Money bomb week for liberty candidate Towne 19:54:49
BIG NEWS! Money bomb week for liberty candidate Towne 19:51:53
What defines "As long as no one is harmed in the process"? 19:40:29
SC GOP vs. Tea Party Conservatives call a truce today! 08FEB10 19:33:10
Washington your fired just started 4:25 19:24:12
Patriots Arrest War Criminal Sarah Palin TODAY! 18:59:28
Anyone know about Chuck Devore? 18:53:55
Marc Faber: If The U.S. Was A Corporation, Its Credit Rating Would Be Junk 18:50:12
Some More Perspectives On This Weekend's Secretive Banker Meeting In Sydney 18:47:26
"Snowpocalypse" Seen from Space 18:42:11
Cash for Refrigerators 18:36:20
Think Gold and silver will still go down? 18:30:34
Who is the most conservative Senate candidate in KY? 18:27:50
Cancer cure ? ,(But it will take 7 years to find the best plan to rip off Joe Public) 18:03:25
RT: New York AG files civil-fraud case against Bank of America 17:54:56
Sarah Palin's hand job fiasco. Many of us warned she was bad and Rand didn't need her. 17:43:01
Gerald Celente: The Crash of 2010 Has Begun 17:35:57
Must play game! "Name That Traitor!" 17:09:25
Government shut down as DC, region dig out of snow. Updated with video 16:50:04
Former PHARMA big wig murders her son - MSM silent 16:41:21
RT: Bin Laden back on air, but are people scared? 16:36:40
Peter Schiff will not win the primary... 16:35:21
Playing the Patriots 16:16:53
(D) congressman John Murtha dies at age 77 - Who do you think will get his seat? 16:15:18
Congressman Murtha dies from complications of surgery 16:11:33
Homeschoolers on run win U.S. asylum 15:42:53
Video (C-SPAN): Next attack on USA is a fact. When? 3-6 months. 15:38:36
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk: More Spending is Always the Answer 15:38:35
Austin Statesman Attacks Medina on Tax Proposal 15:27:39
So when is the REAL Tea Party movement going to out Sarah Palin? 14:52:03
how to complete a census - christopher walken 14:47:56
U.S. soldier 'waterboarded his own daughter, 4, because she couldn't recite alphabet' 14:20:38
*Huge* problem coming from the left: The Missouri governor, who saw 3rd party supporters.... as 13:37:27
Good news from the John Dennis Campaign: short video 13:21:14
Ron Paul's Free Competition in Currency Act - Reintroduced! 13:15:14
Bernanke's Banksters' Skimming Operation Revealed 13:07:16
Even GOP conservative Ron Paul draws Tea Party opposition 12:34:29
Take Back the Libertarian Party to Libertarian Principles 12:26:06
No joke: South Carolina now requires ’subversives’ to register 12:25:23
Palin beating drums of war on Iran 12:20:45
Government Steals & Stores Your Kid's DNA Without Your Consent 12:14:34
Liberals Get a War President of Their Very Own 11:48:35
Going LIBERTARIAN... 11:42:20
Very interesting reading on O's background... 11:32:31
Free Liberty Videos and Documentaries 11:04:19
Independent site calls out the anti-war movement for its silence under Obama 10:49:41
31st Anniversary of Iran's Islamic Revolution 10:41:23
Unemployment Stats Manipulated 10:32:30
Come Listen To The Devil Firsthand: "Weak Dollar Illusory" Read: They're Getting Ready To Collapse It. 10:17:56
Marc Faber on US Bubble & Gold 09:49:00
Revelation on Pilosi 09:40:25
I think legal immigration is as bad as illegal 09:24:42
Fear the Boom and Bust- A Hayek vs. Keynes rap Video 09:20:41
►Frankenbarbie: Sarah Palin & the Desperation of the Elites 09:19:58
Here comes Codex! 08:47:30
Medina says race all about principles — and she’ll win 08:39:12
The 10th Amendment Movement 08:29:57
Banks Won't Be Able to Clean Up Fed's Mortgage Mess 08:28:05
Poll from The Hill: 74% of Insiders say Congress will NOT pass Audit The Fed Bill 08:14:25
Citing American patriots such as Thomas Paine, James Madison, Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry, Judge Roy Moore lit a fire 08:04:45
Who Dat? New Orleans elects first white mayor since '78 07:55:37
Palin: President run may be 'right thing'/Warns of Obama 'war card' 07:49:58
MSM report on dollar collapse, NWO, global currency - ho-hum 07:45:47
Help, need comments 07:45:06
Medina needs help in a poll I found 03:51:03
Palin had crib notes on palm during phony Q&A 03:38:17
" A place to send family members for a little exposure to alternate news" 02:48:17
The Lynch-Mob Mentality 01:58:09
Unemployment 9.7%, yeah right 01:34:15
~~Debra Medina: The Heart of a Political Poet~~ 01:28:21
What's gonna happen with this Euro-zone/Greece deal 01:19:30
The same old same old Neocons are organizing these teaparties 00:22:04
House Passes Cybersecurity Bill: 422-5; Ron Paul "No" 00:20:54
Check out the latest revolving door 00:09:50