Posted on March 1, 2010

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Ron Paul Returns Over $100,000 to the Treasury 19:50:22
Debra Medina's Election Day Message 18:29:24
Liberty Organizations Overtake CPAC 2010 15:32:38
CNN on US Healthcare: $1,000 Dollars For A Toothbrush! 11:45:53
Ron Paul approval rating 84% in his district, so much for him not representing his people huh? 09:55:10
Democracy is Not Freedom! 00:06:13
Author Robert Auerbach & Ron Paul Respond to Bernanke's "Bizarre" Accusation in Congressional Record 11:23:11
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Chuck Baldwin ;Hooray for Starbucks 23:57:29
In A Heartbeat 23:37:50
Christians, you have to see this 23:37:45
My district's disgusting canned response to the Enumerated Powers Act 23:06:18
Ron Paul's "Straight Talk" now illustrated same day 23:01:33
Could someone post a phone script they're using for Medina calls? 22:55:35
Sign In and Well Wish Debra Now 22:53:20
Pettis County Constitution Party fielding candidates for election 22:12:16
Just got someone to vote for Debra Medina through the call center for her, you can do that too if you make calls. 22:09:56
Ron Paul Returns $100,000 from Congressional Budget 21:25:43
Paper or Electronic Voting for TX Governor's Race? 21:22:42
CrossTalk - Soviet Amerika? 21:21:19
Every new thread on here is five phone calls you could have made for Debra Medina tonight 21:08:52
Bill Gates: Use Vaccines To Lower Population 21:01:51
Let's Talk Live - 9PM EST Every Monday Call In # 347.633.9636 21:00:11
Let's Talk Live - 9PM EST Every Monday Call In # 347.633.9636 20:57:34
New Pro-Liberty music from Shooter Jennings! :) 20:50:33
Independent news source praises Ron Paul's return of $100,000 to the Treasury 20:42:38
FBI Called to IRS Building In Utah 20:24:14
Please Join Me In Prayer For Debra Medina Victory 20:14:32
Latest Message From Debra Medina 19:16:17
I wrote an anti-Fed song called, "Off The Grid". 18:43:46
British journalist warns of Israeli plot to draw US into war with Iran 18:43:26
Gold Faked with Tungsten - More Evidence 18:41:57
BofA CEO -- Barney Frank's got my vote 18:39:25
Are people capable of governing themselves? 18:29:24
Prognosis 2012: Towards a New World Social Order 17:54:35
To the Basterds 17:52:46
Perry dines with Bush, Medina goes international 17:51:12
Hazmat Incident Forces Evacuation of IRS Building In Farr West 17:50:46
Interviewing the United States Founders 17:48:52
US Dollar Money Supply Is Underreported 17:31:21
UPDATE: PICS ChemTrails: Miami, Something is up.... 17:29:20
The Future of Money.... 17:20:57
Liquidating the Empire by Pat Buchanan 17:15:22
Exit at The Fed gives Obama opening to reshape bank 17:07:51
Medina, White earn our gubernatorial endorsements 16:59:20
Marc Faber-'Buy farmland and gold' 16:58:20
What Would Mr. Madison Say? 16:58:09
The Shock heard through out Texas!!!! 16:50:06
Executive Order - Establishment of the Council of Governors 16:37:26
Ballad of Debra Medina 16:31:52
Read the IAEA Reports on Iran 16:25:57
Fare thee well daily paul! 16:19:59
Zeitgeist Films - Beware Of Trap! 16:11:09
TEXAS Watch Your Back!! 16:09:25
#2 Fed official to leave 16:05:05
Texas Governor comparison chart 15:51:30
Independent blogger says Senator Jim Bunning right to hold up unemployment benefits extension 15:47:19
PATRIOTS for MEDINA- Please Consider this for TUESDAY! 15:43:31
Embedded video of Chris Matthews post-CPAC Ron Paul Win 15:37:39
Send thanks to Jack Cafferty here 14:56:37
I HATE Michelle Malkin 14:49:16
The Case Against Bernanke and Greenspan... Why They Should be Indicted 14:35:23
WORLD BANK ASKING FOR $100,000,000 MORE FROM U.S. 14:33:29
WE TEXANS - 1 Day Till Victory 14:19:46
Can We All Agree On Open Competition Of Currencies 13:05:44
Stossel Show - FDA! 12:55:24
lots of questions about a dollar collapse 12:39:16
Devvy Kidd on Voter Fraud/Medina 12:22:36
Earthquake in Chile on Saturday morning: What's your reaction to it? 12:06:53
Avatar Can Strengthen the Freedom Movement! 11:52:26
What do you think of my "teaser" video 11:38:02
Online Tax Revolt 11:36:52
Pelosi says Obama has the votes to pass health reform 11:34:44
Barry Cooper (Kopbusters) for TX Attorney General 11:29:54
Predictions for Texas primary.... 11:14:30
UN: Latin America undermining drug war by decriminalizing drugs 10:50:56
Iran Nabs Top NATO Terrorist With Pakistan Help 10:19:08
Hustler Magazine: Sibel Edmonds - The Traitors Among Us 10:07:26
Bank Run, who is responsible? 09:44:12
Obama trying to take over Education 09:26:33
U.S. Supreme Court to take on battle over gun rights 09:01:17
DailyPaul keeps growing! 08:53:54
Senate impasse puts federal employees out of work 08:13:19
Rahm Emanuel and Lindsey Graham: D.C.'s odd couple 07:56:37
Obama’s Problems — and Ours by Pat Buchanan 07:48:06
‘Birther’ Conspiracy Roils GOP Campaigns 07:43:23
The Olympics Are Largely a Scam 07:11:19
Alex Jones Using Cointelpro Tactics? 06:09:41
Republican Party in Wonderland: Debra Medina Saving the Soul of the GOP in Texas Governor’s Race 05:53:06
ATF Seizes 30 Toy Guns, Says "They Can Be Converted Into Machine Guns" 05:48:14
WSJ: When It's OK to Walk Away From Your Home 05:15:45
U.S. Supreme Court to take on battle over gun rights 05:07:56
Ron Paul on the Real Culprit For the Financial Crisis 03:45:43
Dead horses are great to beat on 03:40:43
Ron and Rand Paul are Dangerous for America! 03:30:36
Romney's CPAC wins in the past were treated similarly by the media at times 02:52:48
Daniel Hannan, UK can't afford 5 more Labour years 02:24:37
White House to push ACORN pet project 02:08:53
Ron Paul 84% approval rating in his district, so much for Ron Paul isn't representing his district huh? 01:48:19
Ron Paul 84% approval rating in his district, so much for Ron Paul isn't representing his district huh? 01:45:07
Ron Paul 84% approval rating in his district, so much for Ron Paul isn't representing his district huh? 01:31:02
Drudge: NEW STAR!!! 01:19:59
Political Parties, Do We Need Them? Washington Didn't Think So. 01:13:34
Monetary System - The more I think I know.. the more I am ignorant. 01:11:33
Stop having a problem with Obama 00:47:30
Solution videos: Schaeffer Cox, the Plan. 00:42:08
Does this resonate with RP people 00:33:08
Does this resonate with RP people 00:32:43
Call for Debra - Call for Texas 12:03:37