Posted on March 10, 2010

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Help Turn the Tide...100K for RJ! 23:44:05
Urgent Action Starts Today: Senate Out To STRIP "Audit The Fed" H.R. 4173 - Call Your Senators 20:52:51
3 Hour House Debate To End Afghanistan War 17:34:22
C4L@CPAC 2010: Judge Napolitano 14:30:27
Text of Barney Frank's Letter to Ben Bernanke on Fed Corruption 12:12:18
Video! Ron Paul on Fox News - 1pm - National ID Cards 14:24:53
Utah Senate Plans to take US land from the Feds using Eminent Domain! 10:50:28
Joe Kennedy: "I was WRONG WRONG WRONG ... Arizona you can do even better" 10:26:56
Ron Says: "Read This Book!" 'Lies the Government told You" 08:40:35
3/8/10 Rand Paul Reacts to Poll Lead on WBKO 00:25:14
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Granny "D" has passed at age 100. She walked from coast to coast 10 years ago at age 90. 23:23:05
Unemployment tops 20% in eight California counties-LA times article today 23:03:16
And Now, Some GOOD NEWS! 22:45:04
EMERGENCY ALERT - Historic Bailout Trial 3/11/10 21:59:52
A Ron Paul Republican Who Can Win in 2010 21:51:56
Selling my "Ron Paul" Website - 21:50:37
who in congress gets the most tv time? 21:36:21
By the numbers.... 21:11:33
102 users and 376 Guests!! 20:58:02
Author claims CIA still testing drugs on people 20:48:31
HB 234: Utah's National ID card Nightmare 20:48:07
Bill Johnson Withdraws from Kentucky Senate Race 20:41:27
Rand is only $28,575 away from $2 Milllion! 20:40:21
A Little Help- from my Friends! 20:33:41
Dept of EDUCATION, buys Shotguns. First the IRS now the DOE! 20:21:39
Ventura too bold for Huffington Post 20:06:54
Southern Russia overwhelmed with purple snow 20:05:41
TONIGHT WILL BE AWESOME on American Politics 101 19:53:15
Defaulted Loans May Haunt Seniors 19:42:03
9/11 Truthers Locked Up For Life Under New US Law (PLEASE SHARE THIS) 19:38:13
McCain/Lieberman/Brown Traitors to the Constitution. Call to Demand They Place Themselves Under Arrest 19:07:54
Unemployment rises in 30 states in January 18:58:13
Beware of Drudge, oh my! LOL 18:48:37
Open YahooNews Thread on Afghanistan, Are They Censoring 911 Comments? 18:44:18
Bank of America to stop debit card overdrafts 18:36:25
Was This a legit C4L phone call? 18:19:38
Response Letter to Census 2010! 17:56:29
Obama takes health care overhaul push to Missouri 17:31:47
Just got called by Campaign for Liberty offering tickets to SRLC 17:29:29
Stop the Federal Reserve From Shredding Its Records 17:18:53
Email from RP: It's Time For The Knock-Out Punch 17:02:25
Congress, Ariz. school district sues taxpayers to stop questions 16:59:02
Sovereign Man arrested in Montana 16:50:17
didn't Gandhi fight against... 16:33:51
Don't forget to enter the Liberty All-Stars Megaphone Raffle! Ends tonight at 7pm EST! 16:33:03
do you think this healthcare takeover will pass? 16:19:54
GATA Claims To Have Evidence Of "Massive Physical Short Gold And Silver Positions That Can Not Be Covered" 16:18:24
Reuters Picks Up Kucinich Story, Top of Yahoo News, Swing Vote List Here 16:06:31
What is needed is a whiskey rebellion and not a tea party. 16:05:56
Ron Paul: ‘No’ on Census Support: 409-1 16:04:07
We made our local paper 15:43:34
RP/Medina/C4L Smear job on front page of 15:39:17
I don't get it. 15:36:54
You want change? Run for office 14:14:41
Grade Obama's First Year in Office 13:55:13
Obama Brings War! 13:54:40
It's Time For The Knock-Out Punch‏ - (Email from Ron Paul) 13:34:34
House to debate Kucinich's anti-war resolution today! 13:30:29
rEVOLution - I Will Stay & Fight The Good Fight Until The End 13:13:29
Great Video! Reality Report #35 13:12:46
Author claims CIA still testing drugs on people 12:26:37
I think Beck was right with Massa 12:18:33
The SHERIFF Comes to Town 12:12:13
License or No License? 12:11:28
Letter from a Doctor to the State 12:11:24
4409 -- CNN crew (busted) creating a fake set! 12:10:32
The SHERIFF Comes to Town 12:09:34
Ben Bernanke said Ron Paul made " An Absolutely Bizarre" allegations about the FED 11:45:49
Jesse Ventura calls out Democrats, Republicans, and the Tea Party 11:43:08
ST Charles MO townhall meeting w/Rep Todd Akin on healthcare 11:26:04
Response from Starbucks (Open Carry) 11:16:35
Baltimore Public Forum on Fusion Centers - Operation Defuse 11:10:42
VIDEO : Rand Paul no longer a surprise candidate in Senate race : WHAS 11 news Louisville KY March 8 2010 11:04:18
Citizen testimony today 10:51:28
Pelosi speaks about the health care bill 10:43:04
No Property Tax 10:34:24
Terrorism or Hired Hit? 10:07:38
Democrats running FROM reelection in increasing numbers 09:53:22
Look How Stupid The American Masses Are... 09:51:13
Fuel Taxes Must Rise, Harvard Researchers Say 09:48:46
Gold Supression - 2 pct Daily Rise Rule 09:33:35
U.S. lays out set of common school standards 08:58:27
The NWO to be ruled by Mega Corporations not governements! 08:58:00
How to make your own bulletproof clothe 08:54:29
Brave Jesse Ventura speaks TRUTH and media RUNS AWAY 07:42:43
Liberal Delusions About Freedom 07:02:04
"Pelosi: We have to pass the health care bill so that you can find out what is in it." 05:57:06
"U.S. considers some free wireless broadband service" 05:51:39
"Patients' medical records go online without consent" (UK) 05:49:54
Obama’s Potemkin Afghanistan, It's as phony as he is 05:31:29
Companies that aid & abet illegal immigrants 05:05:42
a creative way to end abortion II 04:53:00
Jason Bermas, Jesse Ventura & David Ray Griffin interviewed 04:22:11
Need Help Finding a Thread 03:01:53
I love this interview with Ron Paul, this man knows what our country needs.... 00:48:56
Desperate Feds Go After the Elderly and Disabled... 00:30:57
South Carolina fires cannonball at Fort Obamacare!!! 00:22:10