Posted on March 13, 2010

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Japan acknowledges secret account with the Fed 16:32:11
Ron Paul Defends Oath Keepers 10:57:32
25% of Detroit to be Bulldozed 03:12:28
Quiltingsando's Grassroots Liberty Flag 12:59:16
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Jessie Ventura is for Government-run Healthcare. 23:47:18
Bill Salisbury on Jesse Ventura 23:35:24
~A Corporation is running for Congress~ 21:29:00
Weekend Watch... Worlds In Collision 21:15:14
Economy Kept On Life Support While Global Governance Is Organized 20:47:04
Jesse Ventura will expose 911. 20:18:12
GOP Skinny-Dip Confession gets Standing Ovation 19:35:17
Pelosi and the health care bill 19:11:20
Stimulus Money Distribution Map 18:54:41
Barbara Boxer Has a BLIMP!!! 18:34:12
Precrime Arrest: the “Proactive Approach” 17:54:11
Jesse Ventura On The Joy Behar Show - 03/10/2010 17:32:10
FlashBack: (1984) TwistedSister vs. Gore 17:16:59
Classic Ron Paul before Iraq 16:16:35
Utah GOP leader resigns after hot tub confession 15:45:15
the Tea Party insurgency 15:39:28
The White Paper 15:14:29
Cindy Sheehan Treason in America Conference 15:08:46
New Ice Tea Company (Peace Iced Tea) Makes a Statement 14:52:19
HOAX NEWS: Russia attacks Georgia, Saakashvili killed 14:48:08
Texas Yanks Thomas Jefferson From Teaching Standard 14:41:48
CrossTalk on 9/11: Whodunit? 13:30:46
Rand Paul: Give Me Liberty!!! [VIDEO] 13:16:35
IRS visits Sacramento carwash in pursuit of 4 cents 13:16:18
So what did Reagan do wrong? 12:09:00
Glenn Beck vs Jesse Ventura 11:51:47
Ron Paul at Ohio State University 11:29:33
Libertarian Farmers Lobby Against S. 510 11:19:31
Merle Hazard Sings 10:33:21
Presidential betting for 2012 10:24:58
Rand Paul, once the outsider, gains GOP support in Ky. 10:16:35
Russia Today: Secret Prisons On U.S. Territory 10:15:40
Support free markets and peaceful interaction 09:04:32
Please HELP this effort! 07:37:15
Dr. Mercola's YouTube channel was suspended? 04:13:55
Gary Johnson discusses drugs on Real Time w/Bill Maher 03:00:54
Weekend Watch: Max Keiser On the Edge 3/12/10 02:49:54
Excellent video on the census 02:45:40
This should have been playing in the House when we lost the vote to end the war. 02:36:37
Alan Greenspan wins award for destroying economy 02:20:39
Marc Faber: Buy Some Gold Every Month Forever 02:17:35
I may not know the truth... 01:54:16
help a newbie out please:) 01:51:05
Are you Anti-Government, or are you Anti-Big Government? 01:26:58
Bank Failure Friday 3-12-10 (4) 01:26:44
Anti-War Video : Steal This Movie 01:13:37
~ Can a Write-In Candidate Win the Texas Governorship? ~ 00:57:02
Whoever Killed The Eisenhower Tribute Thread 00:35:04
Waterboarding for dummies. 00:30:17 just can't go back home : ( 00:04:43