Posted on March 15, 2010

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Chuck Baldwin: JOHN McCAIN'S ATTACK ON LIBERTY 23:54:09
Ron Paul & Jesse Ventura Talk about Legalizing Marijuana 21:13:27
While Government Treats Citizens As Terrorists, Mexican Military Invades U.S. 15:12:45
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 03/15/10: End the Occupation of Afghanistan Now! 13:55:43
Mother Jones Cover Story on Oathkeepers: 'Age of Treason' 10:33:11
Jake Towne Makes Independent Bid For Congress 09:31:10
New Republican (Tim Johnson) Against Afghanistan War! 08:44:32
New Zealand's internet filter goes live 08:07:31
FED Audit Inching Closer; Now Awaiting Senate Action 10:21:37
Corporations vs. the Individual 10:57:13
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A little trick with Comcast!! 1/2 off & more!!! 23:44:21
2010's "Paulite" Candidates 23:29:45
A libertarian take on the Tea Party movement | The Real News 3/15/10 23:05:18
Calm the *** down ! 23:04:19
A subject of interest I've had. Firefly - Serenity 22:54:47
Okay Troops - Let's flood these four congressmen with our calls! They CAN'T switch their "NO" votes on healthcare! 22:20:26
I want to start a campaign in my city/province, to extend the hours bars are allowed to serve alcohol. 22:05:13
The Tea Party movement got out of hand, I guess 22:04:39
Peter Schiff on CNBC Power Lunch 03/15/10 21:58:53
The Census Is Getting Personal 21:47:51
anybody else just lose access to google? 21:05:09
Fox Business: Rand Paul endorsed by Dick Morris, then Rand Paul interviewed. 20:56:36
Peter Schiff for Senate first radio ad 20:54:16
My graphic adventure for the day 19:10:12
Social Security to start cashing Uncle Sam's IOUs 18:57:01
deleted 18:06:08
Steve Forbes supports McCain? 18:06:06
I received the census form today. 17:59:11
Dollar Bulls Beware 17:56:28
Rising food prices may start with seeds; Monsanto under investigation... 17:55:37
“I guess that might be a real issue if you're running for student council" Rand Paul 17:51:11
Inside the Collapse ( 60 Minutes) 17:39:32
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Mike Church Show Previews Bricker vs. Hunter Debate (VIDEO) 17:22:04
Ecuador's president hits out at 'hypocritical' US criticism 17:19:59
New Info re: Glenn Beck 17:10:49
Germany considers gold reserves for EMF-paper 17:01:27
10,000 pledge "liberty migration" to New Hampshire 16:55:18
Low participation rates expected in the census 16:21:45
The reconciliation health care bill - 2309 pages 16:02:34
The US government plan to shut down Wikileaks 15:59:12
Solar 'Current of Fire' Speeds Up 15:45:39
A testimonial from Austria, if we won't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. 15:39:04
Ray McBerry? 15:30:56
Entropy, the natural equalizer 15:27:54
Girl Scouts Distribute Planned Parenthood Sex Guide at UN Meeting 15:27:18
Wall Street Lobbyists Sinking Washington, Obama, Dodd: $400 Million to Kill Financial Reforms & Destroy America Warning... 15:14:47
Banished! City forbids Bible studies in homes 15:08:50
Congressional Memo Casts Doubt on Runaway Toyota Prius - Emerging as Possible Hoax 14:34:47
Fraud in Iraq or Afghanistan? Nah, the money is "for the children" 13:59:29
Britons sentenced to a month in prison for kissing in public in Dubai 13:53:25
Uh oh, "Final Destination Iran" 13:06:36
NYT: US credit rating in jeopardy 13:05:59
Can the State Take Blood from a Newborn Baby? 12:44:34
John Todd a former Illuminatist: (Explaining The Illuminati) 12:43:02
Are we having an effect on the Conservative Movement? 12:33:52
Natural or Constitutional Rights? 10th Amendment Violation? 12:28:23
Will Virginia Tea Party Politics Help or Hurt the GOP? 12:13:13
The Spice of Life 12:02:36
Just asked my Congressman (Sensenbrenner)questions at town hall and 11:51:50
How to Settle the Debate over How much gold does the US really own ?? 11:50:36
Health Care Debate 11:42:50
War Casualties 11:11:29
A Letter from Ron Paul 10:52:08
Commercial - "hidden world that fiddles with your finances" 10:52:04
First Schiff 4 Senate Radio Ad! 10:49:56
Colloidal silver ~ Can you take if for cold/flu ? 09:31:53
Free The White House Press Corps! 09:09:13
Why my state stinks: 08:47:54
"Pelosi confident House will pass health care bill" 07:19:52
Ron Paul: This War is Illegal (video) 06:01:05
Did You Like Avatar?: So did Murdoch, News Corp. will Net $400M on Film! 02:35:13
Union rates subsidized with taxpayer money? 02:11:43
Glenn Beck just attacked ME, yes ME, on his own show! 02:05:55
Peter Schiff VLog 3/12/2010 01:54:37
Battling the Bipartisan Consensus for War 01:14:53
WATCH Apology of an Economic Hitman 00:10:04