Posted on March 16, 2010

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Jake Towne Interview on RT 23:28:07
Dylan Ratigan: Of Course Marijuana Should Be Legal! 19:07:42
Rachel Corrie March 16, 1979 - March 16, 2003 18:53:20
Could DailyPaul members help the Best News Channel on YouTube??? 18:22:30
Ron Paul on Business TV: Prevent Bubbles, Stop Inflation? End the Fed! 16:17:56
Beware of "Facebook Feds" as Website Becomes #1 in Traffic 12:52:32
The Southern Avenger- Lindsey Graham's Crappy Republican Party 12:07:01
"House may try to pass Senate health-care bill without voting on it" 13:10:23
Rand Paul quietly passes his $2 million goal for the primary race and guess who puts him over the top? 00:20:18
It's 1 - 2 - 3 what are we fighting 4? 10:05:46
Allison Bricker v. Southern Avenger 10th Amendment Debate Tues. 3:30 Eastern 16:56:13
YAL Moneybomb - Today! 10:31:28
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When they come to my door, it will be the Census Taker that will be answering the questions. 23:26:25
83% of Stock Market Rally is a Function of the Printing Press 23:23:29
Jake Towne in the News 23:01:58
John Hostettler for US Senate (Indiana) - Is this a candidate we could support? 22:49:49
The New ‘Forgotten’ War: Iraq Occupation Falls Into Media Shadows 22:42:13
Hey brother can you spare a carbon credit? 22:09:32
RT Is the US manipulating currency? 22:07:56
Jim Rogers: A Bankruptcy for Greece Would Help the Euro 22:07:52
Possible revolution on the streets of Ireland 22:04:11
A *Very Serious* Warning To Nancy Pelosi 22:03:59
Are you ready to back Jim Traficant? 21:55:51
Gerald Celente: Financial Cons Run Wall Street 21:51:48
There's a Registered Trademark symbol at top of census form 21:49:57
Former Ron Paul Volunteer joins the Coffee Party 21:24:45
Critical: End Vote Fraud now while there is still time! 20:57:52
Peter Schiff on Paul Krugman and the dollar 20:51:48
SC, To Provide That Silver and Gold Coin Shall be Legal Tender In Payment of Certain Debts 20:43:45
John Dennis reaches $200,000 20:35:59
Serve Others 20:25:56
Reality Report Special Interview- Kathrine Albrecht 19:55:03
Stossel - Government intrusion in pursuing one's right to make living 19:01:09
Corporation running for Congress? 18:53:09
Academy Award Winner "THE COVE" Streaming live at 4:40pm pacific time 18:52:35
The Destruction of Obamacare | A Poem 18:31:51
Best place to buy Silver/Gold right now? 18:08:31
We must do something about this 18:07:42
US Code 13 chapter 5 subchapter 11, 141 section a 17:59:01
Obama's Favorite Republican 17:38:59
Bricker vs. Hunter Who Won? You Decide – Listen & Vote Now! 17:08:57
?Biblical Justice for the Bailed-Out Banksters? 17:05:33
Ridley Report- Ron Paul on House Afghan debate 16:43:11
Obama Says: Day 7: Call into swing districts. (email received just now) 16:39:47
Newt Calls for GOP to Find a Candidate to Oppose PELOSI 16:37:37
Just4Grins; The Most Amazing Craigslist Ad Up In Here! (PICTURE) 16:11:16
MO Healthcare freedom act moves to Senate 15:58:25
Fed to Keep Rates Low for ‘Extended Period’ 15:52:15
Specter Opens Door on White House Felonies 15:06:12
new Birgitta Jonsdottir interview 15:03:58
Miami Liberty Groups??? 15:03:17
FEDs Working Undercover On Social Networking Sites... 14:57:15
Huffington Post Censors 14:38:59
RT Are 9/11 Truthers Right? 14:16:25
Jesse Ventura Lays It On The Line! 14:14:31
A suggestion re: deleted topics 14:13:58
Take Patriotism Back From The Neocons 14:07:40
☠ On The Brink Of WW3 ☠ 13:41:38
Census form contains bad grammar on enumeration question 13:38:18
-UPDATE- I'm on the ballot! 13:37:14
Prayer for the Republic; An Ode to the Lords Prayer 13:33:43
All to Washington Monument Park, DC for Cindy Camp! 13:24:12
A sign that we are making a difference? 13:16:06
Rand Paul is losing the fundraising battle 12:55:36
Final destination Iran? 12:40:40
RT- Blackwater 2.0: Afghan spy ring exposed in new contractor controvers 12:30:39
RT- Jason Bermas: US likes to label people 'terrorists' 12:27:28
C-Span Puts Full Archives on the Web 12:25:20
Nuclear Explosion... 12:24:07
Please stop being hysterical about the 2010 Census 12:09:52
Which law(s) require filling out census 12:03:07
Ex-NY bank president first accused of TARP fraud 11:57:43
The 9/11 hijackers are alive 11:56:26
Secret US Govt. 9/11 Unit 11:52:11
Becoming a lawyer to "work the system from the inside" is this a stupid idea? 11:41:59
PROMISES, PROMISES: Is gov't more open with Obama? 11:39:13
Attorney General Eric Holder is now facing internal fire for failing to tackle public corruption. 11:29:02
$70M in prescription drugs stolen in Conn. heist 11:05:55
Warning! Censoring topics will cause harm to the site and Movement. 11:05:26
UPDATE | Florida CON-CON a GO-GO 10:24:53
Authority Is Not Truth - Truth Is Authority... 10:24:22
Supporting the War Instead of the Troops by Ron Paul 10:16:02
Income Tax: Shattering The Myths 10:10:27
Great Letter To The Editor 09:44:50
Alert - Focus on 4 Dems on ObamaCare 09:44:44
C-Span Puts Full Archives on the Web 09:18:26
America's Propaganda Machine: Everything (almost) You Need To Know 07:50:12
Whole Foods chain list of country of origin Merchandise 03:51:13
I am leaving the Daily Paul 02:54:50
Abortion Awareness Day 22nd 02:34:00
Michael Moore - The Health Care Reform Bill Is A Death Sentence 02:00:32
McCain & Lieberman Rush To Israel's Defense! 01:54:55
Idaho SILVER? 00:15:33
CFTC invites GATA to speak at March 25 hearing on metals trading 00:12:15