Posted on March 17, 2010

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The Reality Report Interview with Kathrine Albrecht, coauthor of "SpyChips" 19:44:36
POLITICO: Dick Cheney gets involved in Kentucky US Senate race. THEY WANT TO DESTROY RAND PAUL 20:53:43
Towne for Congress Goes International!!! 16:11:20
Michael Nystrom of Endorses Jack Hunter "The Southern Avenger" 12:40:21
Legendary investor, Jim Rogers' on Social Breakdown -> King World News 10:43:24
Ron Paul Interview on the Dodd Proposal's Treatment of the Fed 09:55:15
How Your Twitter Account Could Land You in Jail 08:21:33
Most Frightening Presentation Ever: Our Tech Nightmare 04:52:11
It's official - Ron Paul will be speaking at the SRLC! 09:10:26
Ron Paul "Once You Allow A Secret Bank To Create Money Out Of Thin Air You Allow Wars!" 09:09:53
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URGENT! Help Keep Rand on TV!! 23:48:02
Proof Positive That "Paul" Packs A Punch 23:35:48
Anyone Had their House/Fire Insurance Cancelled Lately? 23:04:49
World overpopulation prognoses may be wrong 21:47:19
The Kristol Krowd: Anything but a Paul 21:27:33
Somali pirates mistakenly attack a Dutch warship. 21:03:14
If you don't like it you're free to leave. But not really. 20:38:59
Chis Matthews on Trey Grayson: "Talk about wasting our time and lowering our collective IQs..." 20:16:30
Libertarians oppose census questions 19:52:35
Will I Be Moving To Idaho - Should Residents Be Forced To Buy Health Care They Will Sue Fed Gov 19:51:20
Email from Ron paul: URGENT! Help Keep Rand on TV!! 19:40:13
I keep seeing a Bill Haslam for Governor Google ad on the DP 19:37:34
Urge your Representative to vote for Obamacare! 19:34:07
The Lehman Scam and Fuld's Mossad Connection 19:30:17
1 pixel = million dollars 19:24:29
British Terrorist: Doesn't talk to neighbours. Closes curtains. Uses cash. 19:10:58
The Medical Conspiracy to Defraud the Public - A Brief History and Overview! 19:03:04
names of liberty candidates, please 18:34:32
O, To Have Been on that Conference Call! (Politico) 18:09:35
Report: U.S. positioning 'bunker-busters' for possible Iran strike 17:49:57
US Department of Justice Asked to Regulate AIPAC as a Foreign Agent 17:47:37
Front Page Politico: Another Paul Nettles GOP 17:33:37
Missouri Answer To Health Care Bill 17:00:50
Look at all the Illegals in this truck 16:48:08
John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech 16:19:40
ACLU Reveals: Ashcroft, Tenet, Rumsfeld warned 9/11 Commission about ‘line’ it ’should not cross’ 16:15:18
House Senate Bills to Reign In BATF - National Firearms Database - S. 941 and H.R. 2296 16:00:20
Spiritual Battle - Universe Is With Us 15:48:27
Who are the Crypto-Libertarians? 15:45:30
Walmart fires man with sinus/brain cancer for "legally" smoking marijuana 15:27:13
"For fun" To all you "intelligent academics who have old world skills"? 15:12:02
Paper Gold Market Is Going to Explode, Buy Physical Bullion NOW! 15:07:09
Ron Paul - Opening Statement Financial Services: 3/17/10 14:58:06
Schiff at 9%, sad, very sad 14:46:06
Bernake & Volker @ House Financial Services Comittee Today at 2:00 PM 13:53:50
"Petraeous, Iran aiding al Qaeda " link on Drudge 13:43:25
Statement to the House Approrpriations Committee: We're screwed for years to come 13:17:50
Historically and philosophically interesting article from LRC 13:02:58
Israel vs. America: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do 12:27:45
SPLC spreads hate, Katherine Albrecht talks "spychips!" Obama's mandatory dna testing? 12:17:57
Southern Poverty Law Center Audio Webcast Today 12:15:33
US military behind Haiti quake, says Innsbruck scientist 11:55:33
***Breaking News***: Ashcroft, Tenet, Rumsfeld warned 9/11 Commission about ‘line’ it ’should not cross’ 11:52:46
Jon Stewart explains how the Big Banks "do it"! 11:29:48
Video: Dennis Kucinich's Big Sellout 11:21:54
Fox Business Interviews Tim Geithner, Amusing Freudian Slips Ensue 10:48:13
How to fake fingerprints Video 10:36:11
Kuchinich goes for a ride on Air Force One 10:20:21
Where is Paul Craig Roberts? 10:20:12
How National ID will affect ordering pizza 10:19:47
Socialist Kucinich Rolls Over 10:14:53
Did US Sell 75pct of Gold Reserves Last Year 10:12:02
A Simple Physics Question 10:04:42
Video: USA shipping bunker busting bombs to UK, Iran to go... 09:41:32
RT- Webster Tarpley: US & UK want to sabotage China's economy 09:39:38
RT- Bomb, bomb Iran? US in 'same build-up to war as to Iraq invasion 09:34:39
Judge allows GMO sugar beets to go to market 09:18:04
Biometrics in our IDs for our "protection lol 09:14:57
Wal-Mart probing racist NJ store announcement 09:07:38
With elections still months away, political candidates ratchet up attack ads 08:50:40
What would you want govt to do in your name if you were killed in another terrorist attack? 08:49:35
Why Can't Enough People Wake up? 07:18:40
Is There Any Gold in Fort Knox? (Ron Paul wants to find out.) 06:56:08
Great candidate for California Secretary of State 06:21:01
Please Read: An urgent Appeal to those NOT supporting Rand Paul 06:13:21
types of census forms/ what they ask 05:27:48
Anyone participating in Operation Stop Thief? 04:49:52
The American Community Survey 02:57:42
The Virtue of Non-selfishness? 02:10:14
Coast to Coast on now, Secret Govt. Programs 01:34:34
The Most Powerful Destructive Corporate Business Club Most Americans Have Never Heard of 01:28:10
Thurs 7pm Health Care Reform Telephone Town Hall Fifth District of Minnesota 01:00:38
My hubby found a book called "The Four Hour Work Week" 00:55:10
WWKD - What will Kucinich do? 00:22:17
Kookcinich to Announce he is Voting 'Yes' on Obamacare Tomorrow! 00:16:45
$$$ The race to the Bottom is picking up steam (Currency Devaluation) 00:02:35