Posted on March 18, 2010

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Comes Now the Federal Gov. to Take Your Liberty...FIGHT BACK! 18:24:13
The American Conservative: Neocons Target Rand Paul 14:35:17
Fellow Veterans - A Call To Arms! John Dennis Is Being Attacked By His Neo-Con Opponent 10:32:13
Interview Fox's Bret Baier Hammers Obama on Healthcare 09:49:03
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Vital to our movement 23:50:18
Pentagon Sees a Threat From Online Muckrakers 23:37:27
Just Released HC Bill: "Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute to HR 4872, as Reported" 23:31:42
$32,723 for early retirement, then re-hired 23:26:08
Rand Paul's strong pro-coal message resonates 23:21:27
Fed wants end to ‘minimum reserve requirements’ 23:17:49
Google to shut down China search engine? 23:11:10
Rand Paul at Rally in Louisville 3/18/10 23:06:24
Walgreens: no new Medicaid patients as of April 16 22:59:34
If We Could Do it Again: The 18 States of America 22:51:17
John Hostettler Looks Like Strongest GOP Candidate for Bayh's Indiana Seat -Politics Daily 22:44:33
Ain't too proud to beg 22:33:15
We Stand on the Cusp of one of Humanity's Most Dangerous Moments 22:24:49
Dem Congressman: "If You Don't Tie Our Hands, We Will Keep Stealing" 22:13:16
"Dems sweeten health bill, set showdown SUNDAY" 22:04:22
Bloomberg: Central Bank Gold Holdings Expand at Fastest Pace Since 1964 21:38:49
Orlando Examiner: Bush Warning Letter to 911 Commission Leaked, Do Not Probe too Deeply 21:22:32
Obama Was Born In Chicago 20:36:28
Dept. of Motor Vehicles employee caught taking bribes 20:34:03
"The Attack of the Cheneys." The Nation, on what the neocons are up to.... 20:29:57
Was Michelle Obama disbarred? 20:05:45
Gays in military to blame for genocide 20:03:43
Wachovia will merge into Wells Fargo later this month 19:55:09
Senators draft plan to rework U.S. immigration policy 19:37:30
What is gold going to do Friday 3/19? 18:55:35
We the People Video 18:30:15
Calling out NYT for Healthcare Propaganda 18:22:04
Desperate Democrats to Vote in 72 Hours on Obamacare 18:03:44
VIDEO : John Stossel - State licensing and how you could go to jail for not being licensed : Great show a must see " 18:01:19
Would a message similar to this be good for your county's board of supervisors to hear? 17:59:52
US, Russia clash over startup of Iran nuke plant. The start of WW-III? 17:52:39
Neocons endorse Rand Paul !!!! 17:43:37
Central Bank Gold Holdings Expand at Fastest Pace Since 1964 17:29:50
Hillary's 2008 National Finance Chairman Pleads Guilt To Fraud 17:25:38
Greenspan blames Soviet Union for the Housing Bubble 17:16:58
HYPOCRITES: Republicans on Fiscal Policy and Democrats on War Policy 17:12:46
We need to come up with political buzzwords and labels to get ready for the battles ahead! 17:00:58
Davy Crockett actor dies at 85 16:57:02
Jesse Ventura challenges Bill O'Reilly for an interview 16:38:40
You tube hit piece on Rand Paul 16:32:40
Dondero unloads during Interview. 16:22:48
Article: Obama argues for health care effort on Fox News 16:21:11
Jefferson vs. Obama 16:10:13
Michael Badnarik Interview LIVE at 6 PM EST 16:04:31
Blair courts controversial US pastor Rick Warren in bid to unite faiths 16:04:20
SPLC Hatewatch Headline claims the resurgence of militias corresponds with the meeting at Jekyll Island in May 09 16:02:41
Ron Paul and the Tea Parties: states' rights and the 17th amendment 15:18:56
Expect a False Flag Terror Attack To Precede Invasion Of Iran 14:48:27
Bernanke Wants to Eliminate Reserve Requirements Completely 14:27:22
Prepare To Vastly Exceed Your Recommended Daily Allowance Of Bernanke’s Prevarications 14:27:04
More Jobs move to China 14:24:23
Greenspan Concedes That the Fed Failed to Gauge the Bubble 14:06:50
Tarpley: Coming War With China 14:04:35
Continued 450k jobs lost per week spun as "improving" 14:01:10
Magaret Thatcher 13:55:04
Bill To Fire Govt. Workers Who Owe Billions In Taxes 13:32:45
Brewing tensions between the Tea Party and GOP 13:31:52
RT- Show some courage! Jesse Ventura challenges Bill O'Reilly to an interview 13:22:42
Very odd statement from Obombya 12:43:06
Chris Matthews weighs in on the "Beat Duke ... Vote Grayson" ad. LOL!!!! 12:19:33
Russia to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico! 12:05:28
RT- Wilkerson: We can bomb Iran for 70 days around the clock 11:53:35
Thomas Jefferson's "Declaration of Taking Arms" 11:33:36
Watch our savior Alex Jones fake cry in this video : Glenn Beck did a better job than this. 11:08:29
Watch the long legged mack daddy get Hammered on healthcare. Video 1 and 2 here : 10:56:21
U.S. sells (via Fed) 5,937 tonnes of gold in Q3/09. This equals 75% of total US gold reserves 10:37:48
Bret Baier HAMMER Interviews President Obama on healthcare (Part 1 and 2 ) - 03/17/10 10:30:00
SEC: Hacker Manipulated Stock Prices 10:27:24
A post found on Mother Jones about the police state 09:29:18
Will the anti-war movement hold President Obama accountable this weekend? 09:06:36
Breaking: Neocons Target Rand Paul 08:49:34
Oh Boy, the HAARP crowd is gonna love this. Here, let me light the fuse.... 08:38:11
My tweet re: Dr. Paul read on CSPAN today 07:51:47
Eve of Destruction UPDATED by Barry McGuire 05:39:11
U.S. Bank Our Most Deadly Enemy - President Thomas Jefferson, 1803 05:16:25
Texan accused of disabling 100 cars over Internet 05:15:36
The Future of Healthcare 04:02:38
Dick Cheney, D.C. Neocons and AIG Going All-in For Rand Paul's Opponent! 02:47:05
United States ® 02:43:26
Very Cool! English Freemen Standing In Court - The Takedown Begins! 02:43:07
The Best Motivation Video! We Will Win Brothers and Sisters! Persevere! 01:52:17
Front Page this! Fun With The 2010 Census! LOL 01:26:13
Health-care 'trickery' called overthrow of Constitution 01:21:57
Time: Is Rand Paul good or bad for Republicans? 01:16:56
SC legislators vote to repeal terrorist filing fee 01:13:43
Peter Schiff up 5% in Senate Poll 01:04:22
Dennis Kucinich trashes healthcare bill then supports it 00:58:13
Strange news from the IRS about my 2009 tax return 00:29:34
Idaho First to Sign Law Against Obamacare 00:23:11