Posted on March 19, 2010

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Ron Paul on Healthcare - CNN - 3/19/10 20:01:03
Dylan Ratigan: Who Is Trying To Kill Ron's "Audit The Fed" Bill? 19:10:10
Washington Times: Impeach The President? 14:07:22
Iraq War - 7 years and counting. Recollections and open thread 12:09:23
The Southern Avenger - No Excuse: Mitt Romney's Case for American Empire 01:16:43
Ron Paul - Financial Services Hearing - Parts 1 & 2 09:44:40
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Board of Education Excludes Jefferson as Influential in World History 23:52:24
Rand up by 12% in Daily Kos poll. 23:30:10
Ukraine News: Implementation of mandatory vaccination might have hidden agenda 23:27:15
Constitution Party canidates across the USA 22:42:29
Not Reported? Biden Recieves Broken Glass/Darkness 22:29:39
Bragging Rights Claimed! We are Change finds anti-DC Billboard, Calls DC a Cesspool of Corruption and Liars 21:54:46
McCaa Uncut: National ID card 21:35:14
I love you man! 21:33:40
VIDEO: The Failure of the Homeland Defense: The Lessons from History By John Lewis 21:33:16
The FDA is murdering me! 21:09:24
Why are the Bill of Rights ordered as they are? 21:08:33
7 Bank Failures 3/19: No Buyer for Biggest in Utah @ $1.6B 20:57:55
"How I Ran a National TV Ad for $100" - Google TV Ads 20:45:10
Does Federal law superceed State law? 20:02:21
Gerald Celente: Crash of 2010 is Looming 19:51:21
Court of appeals rules the fed has to open its books! 19:32:44
Federal Reserve Must Disclose Bank Bailout Records 18:59:18
The B-Cast Interview with John Papola, Producer of Keynes vs Hayek Rap Video 18:51:21
Weekend Watching - Reason Saves Cleveland with Drew Carey 18:45:40
Davy Crockett - Not Yours to Give 18:32:42
VIDEO : John Stossel VS Dennis Kucinich about Government vs private business : who can do it better 18:26:41
McChrystal: Cross My Heart, No More Killing Women and Children 18:15:54
Questions to ask a candidate for district Judge. 17:56:52
Minnesota DPers 17:49:59
Ethics panel: Grayson can oversee Senate race 17:41:22
On tonights Doctor Prepper Show author of Twitter REVoLution joins us to talk about the potential to wake up millions! 16:59:21
Video: Jewish and Iranian leaders meet in peace 16:58:10
Health Care Tax - the dirty little secret.... 16:55:55
242,000 private war contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan 16:38:29
BBC Video::: Dead in the Water The Attack on the USS Liberty 16:31:00
Ron Paul at 11% 16:28:31
Ron Paul needs to talk about Health Care... 16:26:01
The Propagandist 15:38:10
HUGE NEWS ! FED Must Disclose Bank Bailout Records 3-19-10 15:37:27
Call The Undecideds 15:25:09
The "November is coming" Petition 15:23:05
the Novemeber is coming Petition 15:20:53
Ron Paul-Great Interview With CNN John King-Health Care-Liberty-Tea Party 15:19:42
YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: United States Commission on International Religious Freedom 15:18:12
2012 Presidential Poll. Ron Paul: 11% 15:14:46
I called al franken office... 15:12:34
We have work to do: Ron Paul polling at 11% nationally 15:12:22
NAZI GUN LAW 15:03:05
Video: Cindy Sheehan Sets Up “Camp OUT NOW” in Antiwar Protest 15:01:08
The Feds Put Us Up to It! Temple Bomb Suspects 14:51:09
$371-billion 'Doc' fix to be added later 14:44:28
Report of fire at New York CFTC offices. 14:41:45
Pledge to Defend Fellow Citizens 14:37:55
what do you guys think of Paul Ryan's... 14:06:44
Federal Reserve Must Disclose Bank Bailout Records 13:54:04
The Health Bill Will Destroy America 13:44:02
The Death of "Money Bomb" 13:24:48
Dennis Gartman Flip Flopping On Gold and U.S. Dollar 13:14:14
Chuck Baldwin: Census Is For Counting Not Prying 13:08:14
Lightbeam coming from Pyramid Chichen Itza photographed 13:06:07
Daily Kos KY-Sen: Rand Paul Surging 13:04:04
Repeat calls to Congressional offices is now harassment! 13:01:26
rhino: What gets posted here ... matters a great deal. 12:53:33
REMEMBER: USS Liberty Attack 12:28:59
Federal Reserve Must Disclose Bank Bailout Records 12:24:10
Jon Stewart Whacks Glenn Beck VIDEO 12:14:21
Need quick advice! Court Date in 3 hours! 12:01:57
URGENT HR 3590 Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act must be defeated, vote is expected Sunday 11:59:45
US military launches cyber warfare against CIA 11:50:02
Do You Want to Pay a 'National Broadband Fee'? 11:38:05
hank skinner 11:33:55
RT- 9/11 commission was ordered to scale down investigation 11:23:20
9/11 commission was ordered to scale down investigation 11:10:17
HEMET, CA police dept being terrorized 10:56:20
Schaeffer Cox arrested on questionable weapons charge while observing illegal police search of home 10:53:36
We Should Thank President Obama 10:42:09
And the beat goes on...... 10:26:47
Florida Action Item - Need Help Now. Florrida Firearms Freedom Act. 10:20:43
Pat Buchanan Censored! 10:02:06
Snorkeling couple says underwater photo may show Natalee Holloway's remains in waters off Aruba 09:55:01
A real Jobs Bills 09:52:22
Iranian weapons seized in Afghanistan 09:44:36
Computer snafu is behind at least 50 'raids' on Brooklyn couple's home 09:26:28
Independent site says "States' rights movement sweeping across America" 08:54:29
Rep. Ron Paul, its time to distance oneself. 08:32:11
Maine Paul Lepage for governor!! 07:34:10
Dylan Ratigan: Shining light on what politicians do: example HR1207 04:17:10
Bernanke Seeks to End Reserve Requirements 03:00:31
Tony Blair earned £20million from oil company in Iraq 02:56:45
Debt doom 02:35:05
Poll: Hayworth Close To Defeating Cretin McCain 02:21:10
States Rights ... The Last Hope 02:09:46
CNN's 'John King, USA' Getting An Online Tryout Featuring Ron Paul too! 01:49:27
Invisible Empire: The Official Trailer 01:47:00
Activist Group Targeted By S.P.L.C. Calls Report “Defamatory Propaganda” 01:44:25
Google may not be evil, reports indicate they are leaving China 01:36:29
Fluoride Chemicals May Increase Lead Accumulation, Say Researchers 01:08:20
Fred on fire 00:45:16
Obama helped fund 'Alinsky Academy' 00:02:05