Posted on March 20, 2010

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I went to the Anti-War march and rally in DC 23:58:12
Ron Paul at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans April 10th! 22:54:48
"Capitol phones still ringing" Keep up the fight DPers! 21:45:26
Declaration of Nullification 22:47:56
How I Ran an Ad on Fox News 12:14:53
Guilty! Border agents now inspecting cars leaving the US 09:47:09
Peace Blimp Money Bomb & Radio Marathon 22:44:20
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I went to the Anti-War Rally and march in DC 23:50:53
Weird Rand ad 23:28:39
No matter how it all goes down 23:08:13
Key House Democrat: "There Are No Rules Here ... We Make Them Up As We Go Along" 22:07:43
Obama recalls bunker-buster bomb kits to bar Israeli strike on Iran 21:52:54
Ed Asner's 30 second spot now hitting the National Airwaves! 21:08:41
Will you enjoy your new free health care ? 21:07:06
Health Care schedule so far for Sunday 20:45:59
Congressman Heath Shuler the swing vote ! 20:32:14
Google Closing Down China Search Engine 20:03:01
This is bizarre - Guy behind Paul Ryan 19:43:48
We borrowed your Gadsen Flag. I hope you don't mind. 19:37:37
Peter Schiff: "Paul Krugman Versus Reality" 18:46:22
Bernanke: Keep Fed as watchdog of small US banks 18:27:13
Declaration of Nullification 18:26:07
Can you say "Insider Trading" 18:19:47
Peter Schiff: Alan Greespan is the worst American we've ever had 18:13:47
Poll: About 32% think 9/11 was a big fabrication 18:09:56
Ron Paul Runs 2012- This is how! 18:09:16
The law should require all to vote! 17:44:37
Why does only this snarky outfit cover what they call 'thousands' of marchers against the war in DC? 17:41:55
Barack Obama's Cousin (A Doctor) Is Against Health Care Bill 17:23:27
Does anyone else find it ironic that a Libertarian/Constitutionalist forum has moderators? 17:21:26
2010 Census - Predict The Future? 16:58:31
Every UK Citizen to Have a Personal Gov. Webpage in Paperless Society 16:35:37
Net Capital Rule: Goldman Sachs and the SEC's Role in the Economic Crash 15:50:04
Ask Not What Ron Paul Can Do for You… 15:14:18
Sunday vote? 15:02:29
Why is access to this post being censored? 15:02:26
UK: Paul Krugman, the Nobel prize winner who threatens the world 14:52:17
This Could Be Huge News! 14:49:35
Synagogue Bomb Suspects: The Feds Put Us Up to It! 14:18:51
Tea Partiers MARCH on Capitol to STOP Obamacare TODAY!!! 14:17:02
PLEASE HELP! 14:02:18
"Capitalism A Love Story" now playing 8:35am pacific 11:38:37
Vietnam Veteran Ron Kovic Salutes U.S. Iraq War Resisters 11:23:56
Obama's special day. 11:17:02
Independent site calls out healthcare bill cost projections 10:47:39
America's "Houdini Recovery" under IMF-Type Austerity 10:35:27
How Petraeus could swing thinking on Israel 10:05:34
Forbes: New FBI Files Alleging AIPAC Theft of Gov't Property and Espionage Released 09:55:49
What's really behind Fed ruling? 09:39:26
"Nasty Surprise" Obama's housing plan dupes Americans 08:55:37
Look your victims in the eyes: this is Iran, these are Iranians to be murdered in the next US war 06:55:26
"I Will Not Comply" 06:47:06
What's going on in Kansas? 06:07:27
Hannity Steals From Veterans Charity! 05:34:39
CNN: The end of YouTube? 05:25:23
Judge: $575M settlement rejected for 9/11 'heroes' 05:14:51
19 For Liberty, Not Security (Ron Paul Version / Video Mix) 02:54:06
I'm Praying For Obamacare! Really! The Worse The Better 02:35:38
Fox 59 Indianapolis: Liberty Leaning Republican Congressman John Hostettler, Neo-Con Dan Coats Agree To Senate Debate April 20 02:19:27
Houston Chronicle: (Ron Paul, Debra Medina) Libertarians confront adverse election code 02:03:30
THE POWER OF NIGHTMARES: Friday night viewing started at 10:20 pacific / 3 hours 01:36:50
Harry Mitchell confirms a YES vote on ObamaCare 00:39:13
Converted to Freedom 00:27:14
(India) 2 booked in anti-measles vaccination deaths case 00:19:53