Posted on March 21, 2010

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Ron Paul Interviewed on Radio Marathon 19:30:28
Pictures from DC rallies on 3/20/10 18:24:25
HR 3590 - Health Care Reform - Passes 219 to 212 22:50:49
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Now that Obama has Forced Passage of HC Bill -Should He Be Impeached? 23:55:45
At this time... 23:48:42
Repeal Obamacare Petition 23:34:29
Looking Suggestions for my local 2nd amendment efforts 23:20:48
If I were a Muslim... 23:13:55
Food Inc., We Feed the World, Under Our Skin 23:11:26 23:02:21
When will the lawsuits start? 22:54:12
What most people don't understand about income tax 21:25:20
I have been at this for about two years, spent a lot of money and time, and now I am going to prepare for self sufficiency. 20:49:44
"Obama at the Bat" A Ballad 20:48:29
Jesse Ventura would support Mayor Bloomberg for president in 2012. 20:44:26
They can't Hide in their Ivory Towers forever 20:33:04
Healthcare Bill Question: What happens to naturopathic doctors? 20:16:14
Lyndon LaRouche Candidate Wins Democratic Primary in Texas 22nd District on Impeach Obama Platform 20:04:10
DC Ten Most Corrupt Politicians! 19:34:59
Devvy Kidd: Health care: "Tell the Senate No, We Will Sue." 18:54:07
"Socialized Medicine Horror Stories: Ripped from British and Canadian Papers" 18:33:44
Latest Phone Scam* Don't Let This Happen To You 18:02:56
Bi-partisan OPPOSITION to health care bill...NO bi-partisan support. 17:35:09
Abortion Funding: Any President can rescind Executive Orders 17:26:40
Obama caught in a lie...I know, what else is new.... 16:57:28
Start a garden company 16:51:42
Healthcare debate on CPSAN...what a joke 16:47:26
Hemp Farming in Africa: A Billion Dollar Industry? 16:31:56
Oath Keepers Sheriff Mack Ad 16:23:42
Dems Cave/Reach Abortion Deal; 8-9 will now vote Yes 16:10:35
Glenn Beck calls for non violence 16:08:17
Special request to my dear Daily Paul brothers and sisters... 16:04:34
The making of a movement 16:01:26
Establishment GOP Asks TARP LOBBYIST DAN COATS To Move Back To Indiana And Abandon Vacation Home In NC; HOSTETTLER Still Leads 15:57:43
Breaking on Drudge: No Reconciliation Possible! 15:51:37
Ron Paul vs. Bernanke, the Fed, inflation, and central economic planning 15:37:05
Libertarians for Life 15:00:02
Weekend Watching: Humanity's Brave New World 14:57:43
How do u feel about a Ron Paul/Paul Ryan 2012 ticket? 14:42:20
Alan Watt - Mind Control & Predictive Programming 14:40:22
Somehow I hear a bell ringing today.... 14:37:03
Chemtrailers: bookmark this 14:24:08
Near 500 Years later, La Boétie still fuels revolt 14:23:59
Where can I watch Live in front of Capitol Hill besides CSPAN? 13:57:55
Jack Hunter "The Southern Avenger" on Robert Scott Bell Live NOW 13:36:20
Hey DPer's I added the bumper stickers to the site.. 12:56:49
Howard Stern - Democrats Are Communists - Obama 12:13:14
Coincidence? ICELAND 200 year old VOLCANO erupts 11:54:29
“Liberty” on FM 11:09:02
Health care industrial complex 11:05:53
Obama gave the Chinese eminent domain rights to American land 10:57:37
CNN: US Soldiers Handcuffed to Whitehouse Fence 10:42:25
I'm very down today 10:35:02
Want To See the Future of America's Health Care Once This Bill Is Passed and Signed Into Law? 09:57:24
Fox News: Ron Paul is a "Gongressman" 06:52:33
Ron Paul and the Tea Parties: States Rights and the 17th Amendment 05:03:11
POLICE STATE 4 TRAILER: The Rise of FEMA 03:05:31
Rahm says GOP Is Controlled/Afraid of Us 02:35:34
Will our new government issued health insurance card be the Real I.D.? 02:11:40
Economy Kept On Life Support While Global Governance Is Organized 01:58:20
Ask Not What Ron Paul Can Do for You… 01:48:55
Giveaway of the Day(10:30pm- PDT)- Easy Macro Recorder 3.81 01:30:06
Stop the war on women 01:01:44
Anybody else feeling the evil vibes coming from Washington? 00:44:36
How to delete your daily paul account?? 00:11:12