Posted on March 22, 2010

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The Southern Avenger: Shame on Everyone for Obamacare 23:28:46
Adam Kokesh on The Alyona Show (03/22/10) 20:35:08
Jake Towne: Freedom From Fascism 15:03:48
Ron Paul: Healthcare Reform Passes 23:29:06
Ethics Panel Ruling: Trey Grayson Can Oversee Own Senate Race 10:50:31
Rhode Island Tenth Amendment Public Rally to Celebrate States' Rights - March 27 09:58:14
Health Care Reform Bill: Pharma-Dominated Sickness And Suffering 09:39:45
Patriots Like Deer 'Frozen in the Headlights? 07:52:34
Daily Paul's Greatest Asset is the Truth, Not Politics 09:30:08
'Hell No You Can't says House Minority Leader Boehner: 'Shame on Us' 00:17:18
Take Back America With Direct Citizen Action !!! 09:28:40
Ron Paul Discusses Healthcare Reform on Business TV 16:13:17
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Why Massachusetts should have voted Libertarian 23:42:22
OK. So The DeathCare Bill Passed. What Else Is It Going To Take Before You Sign The AoF Pledge? 23:41:23
Zappa had it right 23:37:51
One Good Thing Comes from The Healthcare Bill 22:49:22
For new comers "The Philosophy of Liberty" 22:33:07
Ron Pauler Running Against Bart Stupak, the man Responsable for Letting Healthcare Pass. 22:28:39
Ron Paul: Bill Makes Health-Care System Worse 22:23:54
Health overhaul promises pain, gain for businesses 22:19:38
Stop your whining over healthcare, Why "ACT" like this is the last straw(man) ? 22:09:07
Republicans need to be held accountable 22:04:51
⇗BREAKING NEWS: America Founders Roll Over! Contact Supporters of HR 3590/Health-Care Bill 21:53:28
Ronald Reagan Told Us It Was Coming 21:33:31
►Rep. Giffords' Tucson office vandalized after health care vote 21:32:42
Tribute to the Patriot Weapon of Choice AR15 21:25:55
Obama's CIA Cover-Up 21:19:24
►You MUST be up-to-date on all vaccinations to get any Health Care 21:01:24
Who's Your Daddy? 20:52:54
NEED HELP: how is ObamaCare NOT Constitutional? 20:42:25
Wisdom takes time 20:41:37
easy way to promote the Jake Towne campaign 20:23:23
Article Five of the United States Constitution 20:11:40
I been a BAAADDDD boy 19:58:28
Idaho Wants to Amend the Constitution 19:51:24
THE FUTURE OF FOOD Now Playing on channel 2 19:39:02
ACORN goes underground for the time being 19:28:40
BEWARE _ the Democrats are on a ROW! 19:28:31
Michael and Mods, you're doing a great job 19:25:43
Teflon Tim 19:25:07
Need Help Writing A Report 19:08:27
The Census went from 27 pages to just 10 questions 19:00:56
Kill The Bill, Invoke The 10th 18:58:24
Does anyone remember this little clip? 18:46:31
Health Care Bill Will Fund State Vaccine Teams to Conduct ‘Interventions’ in Private Homes 18:33:46
Obama admits he is a Muslim 18:32:31
LA Gov. Jindal asks AG Buddy Caldwell to challenge health care overhaul 18:17:36
Is a Focus Change In Order? Focused On The National Races? Look at This Breaking at WND, and Drudge! 18:10:34
How to defeat the health care bill (But we are too wimpy to do it) 18:00:52
Republicans Go To War Over Iraq at Indiana Tea Party Sponsored Debate 17:55:30
Jesse Benton Endorses "The Southern Avenger" 17:54:23
Paper refuses to print article from MO 4th CD Constitution Party candidate 17:48:49
So when the monetary system collapses.... 17:37:22
Chinese Can Now Google Unfiltered Net! 17:31:47
Brilliant John Dennis ad on Drudge! 17:11:12
My friend fell victim to Keynes 17:05:01
OHIO Health Care FREEDOM AMENDMENT! Please VOTE Now - Freedom Watch! .. WE WON! 16:46:56
What if we went to each and every Representatives or Senators office and just take it over? 16:45:49
Jesse Ventura full interview on RT 16:43:27
Photographers and police: a First Amendment clash 16:20:39
Peter Schiff: Government has crossed the line. 15:58:11
FDA Suspends Vaccine over "bits of an apparently benign pig virus" 15:37:39
Low Income Folks Get Free Health Care and You'll Pay Higher Taxes 15:28:24
The Top 20 "Active" Forum Topics 15:12:14
Taking Money Back 15:00:24
Get Out Of Our House 14:59:10
IRS: Hospitals will now turn you in! 14:45:17
Join the Facebook group "Repeal Romneycare/Obamacare" 14:18:01
POLICE STATE - Scanners That Can Read Your Intentions 14:14:48
Alan Watt - UK Ministry of Defence Projection Towards 2040 14:05:51
If I buy gold... 13:48:23
Video -- "Fear the Boom and Bust" 13:48:20
States Launch Lawsuits Against Healthcare Plan POW! 13:46:45
Vegas Newspaper Poll: Do you support this health care bill? 13:24:55
Ok it's the day after Now Get Busy & 13:12:41
How the Dems plan on winning the next Election. Interesting. 13:09:15
Idea: Who would support legislation to limit the numbers of bills and pages? 12:55:51
At least one upbeat article for today 12:46:40
OBAMA(romney)CARE: What will happen to MMJ Patients? 12:39:09
DP Posting Guidelines 12:37:44
Appleseed Project 12:33:20
You Might Be Under Mind Control If : 12:23:14
Florida Attorney General McCollum Plans Fight Against Health Care Reform! 12:22:47
21 Out of 22 Times Reconciliation has been sent back to the House. Another vote by Easter ?? 12:20:18
This means WAR!!!!!!!! 12:19:15
VIDEO: Have NO health insurance and FREE yourself of the SYSTEM> Must Watch! 12:10:20
Ron Paul Interview Peaceblimp Marathon March 20 2010 12:09:31
Representational Enlargement: Taking Back Our Republic 11:52:42
The Revolt is on! 11:49:16
To Those In Ron Paul's District 11:43:08
3 2 1 BOOM! 11:38:13
This is how banks "create money out of thin air"- 11:32:01
Flashback Dr. Paul: How To Solve The Healthcare Crisis 11:30:44
ALL BUSINESS OWNERS : As your taxes and premiums go up based on the healthcare bill I have a suggestion. 11:29:18
Obama/Romney Care 11:28:46
A Doctor’s Perspective on Healthcare Debate 11:28:41
Doug Wead: Midnight in the White House: How we got screwed on the health care plan 11:13:02
Left and Right: The Prospects of Liberty by Murray N. Rothbard 11:12:15
How the Health Care Overhaul Could Affect You 11:06:04
Are humans "good"? What's your opinion? 11:04:44
Patriots: I Need Your Help 10:43:09
Rethink Afghanistan 10:42:07
Ron Paul's understanding of passing healthcare: More IRS enforcement 10:39:13
This Will Not Stand: Newt On the Passage of Obamacare 10:37:52
Pictures from "Kill the Bill" Rally 10:33:16
Unconstitutional!: Multi-state Lawsuit Against Obamacare 10:31:16
DELTA (D) security level, the day Obama signs the Health Care Bill 09:16:22
How We Can Win 08:25:05
Make them pay. 08:15:19
Here is an appropriate proverb from an appropriate man 07:58:22
Michael Steele announces "Money Bomb" for RNC 07:56:09
Political lift of health bill uncertain 07:17:43
Anderson Cooper not as smart as he looks. 06:55:59
RT: Jesse Ventura: Corporate media, Censorship and American Conspiracies 06:15:54
John Hostettler for US Senate, Indiana 02:20:49
The Road to Serfdom - Illustrated 02:02:23
WE FEED THE WORLD- Now Playing at 10:10pm pacific 01:24:38
Poll on MSN... vast majority of people are pissed that Obamacare passed... 00:56:39
U.S./Mexico Border Drug War Leaves Ground Red 00:54:27