Posted on March 23, 2010

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New Precinct Chair & State Delegate Here - That Was Easy 22:40:25
Video: Rand Paul on Freedom Watch - March 23 09:11:48
Buzzkill at the Tea Party 08:27:27
Judge Napolitano on Fox Business: Is Health-Care Reform Unconstitutional? 01:04:52
Ron Paul: Health Care Bill Makes System Worse - Video 00:09:53
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Strikes & Protests Stop French Gov. Carbon Tax 23:33:05
Dates that Destroyed America by Chuck Baldwin 23:22:26
17th, If Wonkette thinks it is crazy then we should give it a second look 23:11:30
ABC reports that it takes 44 days for new patients in Ma. to see Dr. 23:03:45
Buying Property 23:02:23
UK vs US MSM: 14 states file lawsuits over HC Bill 22:44:09
10 False Flags that Changed the World: 22:40:58
Congratulations America! 22:32:56
CIA agents in state government 21:12:59
Geithner to Ron Paul: "I Completely Agree With You" VIDEO 20:59:00
An Email from Kucinich, why he changed his vote on healthcare 20:57:35
How the hell did this get in my email???? 20:45:21
Dedicated to all you Rand Paul supporters 20:44:38
Ms. Gov Haley Barbour is asking for help in contacting Ms. Attourney General Jim Hood 20:27:54
THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN AMERICA - "Academy Nominee" 20:24:44
CNN Poll are you for or against the new health care law? 19:49:49
JavaScript freelancer wanted 19:48:21
Obama Awarded Airport Grants to Stupak’s District Two Days Before Vote 19:46:23
"The reality of Obamacare" 19:10:45
The Money Bomb's alter ego is called The Civil Disobedience Bomb 19:04:49
"Austrian Economics" needs a new name 19:00:29
The Purposes And Pitfalls Of Revolution 18:52:44
Why doesn't Peter schiff get the support.... 18:36:36
We have an important ally in Liberty, 18:26:00
On the bright side of HealthCare 18:24:56
Who does Eric Cantor work for? 18:22:37
Wonder who got the movie rights! 18:22:02
Good example of "Mein" Stream Media Bias 17:54:37
New Rasmussen Poll: John Hostettler Holds Biggest Lead 50%-32% Over Democrat Brad Ellsworth for Bayh's Open Indiana Senate Seat 17:52:21
Poll-Should Stephen Colbert invite Richard Gage as guest 17:43:52
Joe Biden: A BIG F*****G DEAL! 17:38:39
Hoosiers Can Submit Questions for GOP Senate Debate w/Link ...Evansville Courier Press 17:37:35
can someone tell me... 17:34:36
Video: All day government breaks 17:31:38
Ron Paul to Hutchison: Don't resign? 17:16:30
Is Gerald Celente Right About the "Crash of 2010?" 17:14:58
Keynes vs. Hayek rap video (Why Keynes Economic System doesn't work!) 17:12:42
Israeli Lobby AIPAC now supporting Trey Grayson? 16:46:27
Missouri lawmakers can't balance budget in accordance with state constitution 16:25:53
Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan Arrest Video. All to Washington Monument Park! 15:57:25
Gift Card Fees: Fed Cracks Down 15:45:28
SE Missouri man has cash after teller error, bank says; he says not so 15:37:44
Patrick Henry's "Give me Liberty" speech on the same day Obama signs Govt. Health care! 23MAR10 15:36:30
White House Takes Steps to Replace Fannie and Freddie 15:18:45
Job Opportunities Board: Where Patriots can hire Patriots.... 15:13:30
Fox News Poll: 79% Say U.S. Economy Could Collapse 15:03:46
Why The Stimulus Isn't Working: Q & A With Economist Richard McKenzie 14:45:36
Grayson to Out-of-State Ron Paul Army: Welcome to Kentucky 14:31:17
Execution of Economic Planner 14:08:56
Neocons McConnell & Grayson Plan All Out Assault on Rand 13:54:29
It was true in 1932 and still is- 13:36:08
OK, now that it passed 13:09:25
Trevor's Cartoon: Democrat Suicide Bombers for a Socialist America 12:56:16
IRS to Enforce Health Care! 12:50:57
Pragmatic Libertarians 12:38:41
Be A Good Libertarian - Mind Your Own Business - Some Things To Consider 12:23:13
Can we start a national petition to get ballot access to nullify health care? 12:19:07
Walter Jones-Any nation that ever tried to conquer Afghanistan never did 12:12:14
Health Care, ObamaCare, Freedom 20 Ways ObamaCare Will Take Away Our Freedoms 12:03:50
Tea partiers vow revenge over health overhaul 11:58:22
President Obama signs health care bill and makes remarks 11:55:49
Funny Video-The Goverment Can 11:31:12
Barack Hussein Obama and Indonesia: there's no place like home 11:15:29
My facebook page was disabled yesterday 11:07:44
Opponents take last stand against health care bill 10:47:30
Sarah Palin near deal for reality show 10:28:07
NOW! CALL IN! T Woods on Nullification on NPR! 3/23 10am 10:24:15
U.S. judge orders release of Guantanamo detainee 10:22:41
Technophilia, Technotyranny, Techno-infantilism 09:44:15
Tom Woods Interview Peaceblimp Marathon 09:30:18
Obama's Bloody War in Mexico 09:27:51
France abandons plans for carbon tax: deputies 09:04:11
Yahoo poll - Would you support a third-party candidate for public office? 09:02:27
NY Times Blog: "Ron Paul is a courageous standard-bearer of pure libertarianism" 08:50:06
Would they feel bad if they were thanked by Mephistophilis 07:23:12
The Southern Avenger - Shame on Everyone for Obamacare! 06:38:24
"Is your state filing for nullification? If so… let us know" 06:26:49
HB 2569, Prohibiting RFIDs in OK driver's licenses and IDs – Calls Needed! 05:09:43
►Napolitano: 10 State Florida Lawsuit Probably won't work 04:59:53
Happy Birthday Peter Schiff 04:14:48
Acts of political violence mount after passage of health care reform bill 03:22:05
The man and the hour have met. 02:20:34
become a fan of rand paul on face over 28,000 01:42:42
I swear to god we are making progress.... 01:38:48
"Google ends 4 years of censoring the Web for China" 01:26:37
Peter Schiff's birthday money bomb right now!!! 01:14:51
Rights v.s. Dependency 00:28:09
POLICE STATE - Facebook Hijacked By FBI Cyber Squad 00:20:00