Posted on March 24, 2010

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Bees in more trouble than ever 22:12:51
Peter Schiff Youtube: Why Obamacare is unconstitutional. Why the war on drugs is illegal. 19:01:04
C4L CPAC Highlight Reel & SRLC Info 18:55:03
Nashua Police Attack Freedom Celebration 19:04:37
Ron Paul on Fox News: Stupak Deal Illegal And Unconstitutional - 3/24/10 17:47:42
Paul Craig Roberts: Goodbye. Truth Has Fallen and Taken Liberty With It 11:26:25
Dick Cheney (Sauron) Endorses Trey Grayson, Seriously! 10:52:05
"March Madness" VOTE for RON ASAP Please! 10:33:37
Jake Towne: The Road Less Taken... 09:12:03
Fox Poll: 79% Fear Economic Collapse 22:51:47
Ron Paul Questions Geithner - 3/23/10 10:33:37
Ron Paul: The Fed Doesn't Have an Exit Strategy: 3-19-10 01:08:00
Give Me Liberty! Rand Paul Money Bomb Raises $261,879.62 in 24 hours 01:01:55
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Insider trading in health care reform coming from Washington DC 23:13:29
Facebook Group for the "JUDGE 2012" started!!! 23:11:09
Marijuana Legalization on the Ballot in California 22:59:58
Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-Mo.) had a coffin placed “near his home,” a spokesman said Wednesday evening 22:56:30
Finally, we can all quit our jobs!!! 22:49:14
"Health Care and Detroit: Killed By Government" 22:48:06
Coffin placed on Rep. Russ Carnahan's lawn. 22:46:22
Render Unto Caesar: A Most Misunderstood New Testament Passage 22:25:58
Now is the time - Judge Napolitano - Updated 3/25 22:11:23
In Health Bill, Obama Attacks Wealth Inequality 22:04:49
New 'Collateral' For ‘Revenue Anticipation Bond' 21:51:17
Congress Members Asking For Extra Security 21:44:37
Former Congressman John Hostettler gets Team America's endorsement for Senate Seat 21:42:37
WikiLeaks – Video Of US Shooting Journalists And Civilians and link to a special report assessing the counterintelligence threat 20:57:29
Afghan Star, Contestants Risk Lives In Afghanistan Version of Idol Show 20:42:50
Events in the bond market today 20:42:45
Interview of a Convert from to Campaign For Liberty 19:46:34
New forum section: Infighting 19:18:13
‘The BIG Black Lie’ Author Debates MSNBC’s Shuster on Tea Party ‘Violence’ 18:50:49
When Propaganda Calls Truth, Propaganda 18:42:09
Cheney's Grayson Endorsement 18:20:34
GOP Lawmaker Darrell Issa Poised to Call for Special Prosecutor to Investigate WH Offer to Sestak to Drop Out of PA Race 17:54:23
and Rand is different from Grayson how? 17:10:20
CNN Promotes Brain Chip Implants 16:31:08
3D TV is here now 16:18:23
Return To A Republic 16:02:35
New TERROR Threat; Exploding BREASTS! Propaganda Experts warn. Too funny! 15:51:38
A song about the man who has reneged on all his promises, "The Great Reneger!" 15:48:01
The next step is CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE BOMB 15:35:05
AmConMag: Census sent Japanese-Americans to internment 15:33:20
Dick Cheney, Trey Grayson and the Fix endorsement hierarchy 15:17:45
Loophole Exempts Washington Insiders From Obamacare Mandate 15:16:45
The bad news... and the good news.... and so it begins 15:14:52
Justin Raimondo: Stop Funding the Israelis 15:12:01
Anyone seen this "The Story of Stuff" 15:04:41
Chase Paid 1.9 Billion for Wamu, Could Get 1.4 Billion In Refunds 14:57:35
Whose Streets? (Our Streets between 1pm and 4pm With a Permit): Cindy Sheehan's Ordeal 14:08:19
Independent Forum makes bold predictions for Wall St & unemployment rate 14:01:54
STOP! 14:00:59
Bizarre! What is Trey Grayson afraid of...? 13:40:10
VIDEO : TSA security gets negative coverage from local news for their overbearing security practices. 13:29:42
DICK ACT of 1902..Can't Be Repealed! (NoGun Control) 13:22:06
Great article by "The one man global content provider" 13:06:44
Former VP Dick Cheney Officially endorses Trey Grayson for KY US Senate. says Grayson is the ONLY Conservative 13:06:43
The "Mother of all Tea Parties" in Fresno, California 13:04:30
What in the World Are They Spraying? 12:50:51
End of 1st quarter is near. Would love your support. 12:33:46
WHAT IS MONEY? 12:32:32
To rob a country, own a bank. 12:22:26
We Refuse Health Care Petition 12:19:07
Health Care is a Fraud (Duh)... but! 12:15:19
Tell me why your worried and I'll tell you why you shouldn't be.. FMOL 12:10:33
1 Million People 11:51:50
what happens if a state... 11:36:56
Any attorneys in or near Ogden UT that need a client? This is a slam dunk intellectual property contract law case. 11:20:21
Obama's Ninth Circuit Nominee Goodwin Liu on Constitutional Welfare Rights 11:16:01
Tea Parties getting into morality issues? 11:06:34
Dick Cheney Endorses Rand's Opponent Trey Grayson! 10:53:03
The tanning tax thing. 10:31:40
Dick Cheney Endorses Rand Paul's Primary Opponent (Seriously) 10:31:24
Why Mike Deming Left The Left 10:28:18
500 oz. Silver for a House is Coming! 10:25:57
Rep. Dingell Says ObamaCare Will Eventually ‘Control the People’ 10:16:50
Coffee Party vs. Tea Party: the battle heats up 10:16:47
New rally cry: DON'T SUBMIT! 'We're not going to roll over and let Pelosi have her way' 09:34:39
Bernie Sanders Wants Your Opinion 09:24:55
Founding Fathers and Violent Rebellion 09:10:33
Health Care and Detroit: Killed By Government. (Why we need to understand Detroit and what is to come) 08:52:18
The Census, the Constitution, and Civil Disobedience 08:24:15
Landmark Legislation - Support HR 4913 08:20:36
Consider this..Stay Out Of Their Courts 08:08:36
Welcome to the PADE. Post American Dream Economy 05:27:13
I believe the passing of healthcare helps our cause 03:43:55
The ED show, amusingly idiotic 03:33:08
Looking for Political website template for liberty candidate. 01:54:27
Health Protection vs Health Prevention 00:50:46
For Those in Northwest Indiana-"Tar and Feather" at Pete Visclosky's Office 00:50:26
State lifts limit on preservative (MERCURY) in H1N1 vaccine - (WA) 00:18:32