Posted on March 26, 2010

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Smoking New Rand Paul Radio Ad!! 16:36:49
SC Andre Bauer is calling for a Constitutional Convention 11:38:59
Tom Woods on Nullification - Weekend Watching 13:08:32
"The Southern Avenger" Gets his Shot on National Talk Show! 09:55:03
The Southern Avenger: Nullify Obamacare 09:04:20
Ron Paul: "That type of language...scares me!" 3/25/10 CSPAN 09:05:23
R J Harris Radio Interview Friday 8PM EST on Movement Radio. Can he be stopped? 20:22:31
Inspiring John Dennis for Congress Video 09:04:30
Ron Paul is Coming to Idaho - March 27 14:32:11
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Apaches flying around with weapons? 23:51:55
Must READ & MEMORIZE....Paul Craig Roberts LAST ARTICLE.....he is signing off. 23:38:28
Israeli tanks 'enter Gaza' after deadly clashes 23:34:22
Sarah Palin Dares Wear the Tri-Corner for April 14 th. Heresy! 23:33:02
Donn Janes (I) TN 8th District for Congress 23:32:18
So how is the new Obamacare going to affect you? 23:08:16
CIA paper reveals plans to manipulate European opinion on Afghanistan 22:54:10
The Tea Party Movement Is Near Its End!!! 22:39:19
War is Bankrupting America & Enslaving Future Generations to Oppressive Debt 21:45:16
GMO foods: No laughing matter. Laugh anyway. 21:34:32
Has the US Already Used Tactical Nukes in Iraq and Afghanistan? 21:25:13
Another wikileaks document for the truth??, CIA and Afghanistan 20:35:39
Confession: Health care to control the people! 20:19:23
Another good song 20:16:51
Peter Schiff Releases First US Senate TV Ad 20:14:19
Make a list of words . . . that describe attributes of socialism and liberty. 19:42:57
"The Empire just ate your healthcare" 19:18:58
ObamaCare Does Not Enforce Individual Mandate - yet 18:54:30
what are peoples top 3 suggested readings for myself and 17:28:40
Gone Galt 17:14:26
How the TSA will inspect your monkey 15:58:17
Whole Foods Buckles under Gov't Pressure (Potential Lawsuits) 15:57:38
Why would SEIU pay 60.8 million to pass healtcare reform? 15:48:44
YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: National Endowment for the Arts 15:44:42
Bruce Fein, Former Reagan Official and Constitutional Scholar Endorses Adam Kokesh For Congress 15:20:08
Towne for Congress Race - "Could Tea Party Candidate Hurt Dent?" 15:06:08
Kentucky Election Officials Found Guilty of Election Fraud, Vote Buying 14:47:44
Obama asks for $33 billion War Supplemental! 14:46:26
Tom Sowell 14:44:16
XXⅧ: Strike A1§8¶17 14:42:51
Dingell: It will take some time for ObamaCare to "control the people" 14:23:48
Freedom Vigil -- Government Grows but Liberty Glows! 14:14:41
Ron Paul: "What The Federal Reserve Still Fails To Realize Is That Intervention In The Economy Is Always Harmful" 13:54:15
Clear Channel suspends local radio host Matt Mitan for questioning Glen Beck's sanity 13:11:59
Just scored a silver deal :) 13:05:12
TV Ad: Tea Party Express Tells Faker Scott Ashjian to "Get Lost!" 13:04:20
Have a nice world war, folks 12:52:09
18-year-old (RP Coordinator) seeks Republican nomination for Maryland comptroller 12:37:39
Never forget to have fun! 12:34:48
New Video Must see! 12:31:13
Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 12:11:48
Palin Makes Fans Uneasy by Backing McCain 11:37:12
South Korean ship attacked 11:30:21
The RP Dream Team & Tour 2012? 11:28:11
Whistleblower Exposes JP Morgan's Silver Manipulation Scheme 10:46:01
Peter Schiff: We must raise $300,000 in the next 7 days to support our new TV ad 10:36:02
Why didn't Congress do a Quorom-Buster? 10:26:29
Health Care Bill Is A "Victory"For Big Brother 09:44:46
Ron Paul Explains to Keynesian Economics Professor Why Inflation is Bad 09:36:20
“Doctors” suggest boys and girls get vaccination before engaging in oral s3x 09:08:28
Grayson ad on XM radio: for a $ bomb. 08:59:55
MSNBC Ed Schultz Calls for Socialist takeover of Radio by Government 08:38:58
The local government is making it very difficult to sell my house; UPDATE 4/21! Advice would be welcome 08:13:21
US Department of Justice Asked to Regulate AIPAC as a Foreign Agent 08:07:03
Obama Administration to use TARP Funds to Subsidize Homeowners who are Upside Down on Morgages 06:58:08
The Tail That Wags the Dog 05:47:40
Obama readies steps to fight foreclosures, particularly for unemployed 05:29:34
Bin Laden vows retribution if 9/11 captive is executed 05:22:02
Russia Today- Alex Jones: Banks frauduelently invest money 05:09:47
Is Obama Eligible to Sign the Health Care Bill? 04:56:47
Nad Afganistanem 02:37:39
AJ Now On XM 02:10:12
Debating a thread full of Marxists, lend an opinion? 01:49:32
Ambac Regulator Seizes Contracts to Avoid ‘Scramble for Assets’ 01:37:21
Half of U.S. Home Loan Modifications Default Again 01:35:36
Netanyahu humiliated after Barack Obama 'dumped him for dinner' 00:41:57
An Interview with James Traficant 00:25:31
Ron Paul Endorses "The Southern Avenger"!! 00:02:09
Good News -- No Deaths from Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids or Herbs has been Proven! 00:00:19