Posted on March 2, 2010

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Sign Kucinich's petition to stop funding the Afghanistan war! 19:43:34
TX Primary Election Results 19:15:58
Ireland on brink of revolution over bailouts 17:57:49
Bunning blocks jobless benefits bill again! 16:07:19
Frank Rich, Ron Paul and the Battle for the Soul of America 10:20:10
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 3/1/10 on his Questioning of Ben Bernanke and Hillary Clinton 10:16:41
Conservatism Is Not What We Need 14:36:16
CNN's Jack Cafferty Interviews Ron Paul 2/27/10 10:17:11
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Medina should stay active and try again later! 23:41:37
Medina should stay active and try again later! 23:41:31
Medina should stay active and try again later! 23:41:24
Great song and video: "The Federal Reserve Isn't Federal at All" 23:41:07
Debra Medina for US Senate!!! 23:36:59
I Told You! Truthers Torpedoed Medina! 23:33:17
With the Electronic Voting Establishment (i.e. Diebold) firmly entrenched in Texas, Did Medina truly have any chance to win? 23:31:24
Medina supporter arrested for placing signs at polling location 23:13:20
A gold peg is all you need. 23:04:58
Victory in MO! Red Light Cameras Turned Off 22:54:13
On the call for Medina thing yesterday, I had a guy tell me he switched to Perry because of the G Beck interview 22:49:34
We Say (possible r3volution anthem) 22:49:04
RON PAUL WINS!! 21:57:12
Buffett: Housing ills will run ‘year or so’ (no...really!) 21:41:44
Poll: Who Won The Schiff Debate? 21:37:09
I need to setup an online petition. Anyone got a good place? 21:36:23
Schiff post-debate poll - Vote! 21:26:11
Missouri Supreme Court invalidates Springfield red-light tickets 21:26:06
Economists Warn Another Financial Crisis on the Way 21:12:53
Texas Governor Race Results Are IN! Debra Medina Begins with 27% 21:10:16
Victory in Springfield, MO - Red light Cameras Turned Off 21:09:29
Texas RESULTS: Perry (declared winner) 51.2%, Medina 18.3%, Hutchison 30.5%- 14th Ron Paul wins with: 80.5% 21:06:33
Frustration Revolution... 20:46:51
Israeli PM's arrest sought over murder! 20:31:23
Need Help With Online Medina Poll! 20:22:09
Judicial Watch Sues Treasury Department 20:16:34
Obama brainwashing poor and immigrants to become thieves too 20:12:54
SCHIFF DEBATES - Live Stream 7 EST 20:01:55
102-year-old judge still working 19:56:25
Arrestee in federal case ate flash drive evidence during processing 19:48:52
We all saw this coming! Obama to trigger 'nuclear option' for health care... 19:41:45
Post Office is broke again? 19:39:04
Video: Racy, controversial NJ billboard comes down 19:38:54
Monumental Supreme Court Decision On Guns 19:33:24
GOP titans square off in Texas gubernatorial race 19:24:56
Keiser Report №21: Adopting a Bubble Baron... 19:24:03
Investigators bust one of the world's largest botnets 19:07:58
A reply for those who vote according to the polls. 18:55:31
ABOLISH THESE FEDERAL Departments, Agencies, Programs, Grants, Bureaus, Commissions, Administrations, Offices, Foundations etc. 18:47:28
Here's the Secretary of States page for Election results in Texas. 18:45:58
Glenn Beck just said he was stupid to support the Patriot Act in the past. 18:45:45
msn article about celebs made famous by the web and ron paul is in it 18:44:22
Great FREEDUM SONG 18:20:25
Constitution Party wining seats, numerous canidates across the US 18:13:19
RT-Alex Jones: All eyes on Texas governor's race 17:58:04
How to EXPOSE a RINO! 17:49:38
Old School Truth - 93 WTC was an FBI JOB 17:38:19
Patriot Act Without Reforms Passes House (Roll Call Included) 17:33:56
Possible Anthrax at DC Torture Office (APA) 17:30:13
Campaign For Liberty at CPAC 2010 AWESOME VIDEO!! 17:19:50
Texan Arrested and Jailed for Putting Up Sign Near Polling Place (3/2/10) 17:17:23
THE NATION: Calling Ron Paul! Calling Ron Paul! Fed Alert! Fed Alert! 17:05:42
Chicago Handgun Case Looking Good 17:03:31
FEDs (DOJ) come to Texas election 16:57:48
Majority rules or does it ? 16:37:55
New SPLC Report: “Patriot” Groups, Militias Surge in Number in Past Year 16:31:24
Washington Post Texas Governor's Primary: What to Watch For 16:07:47
SPECIAL Debra Medina show tonight to discuss and follow the voting today in TX. Link here : 16:07:47
Fake Gold 16:01:26
Stop The War Stop The Killing Shut Down The Military Industrial Complex! 15:56:23
Crossing The border.... 15:44:12
Ron Paul's Plan (Platform?) for a Constitutional President 15:40:25
UPDATED : I just got 8 more votes for Medina. 15:32:44
A balanced budget is Mitt Romney's idea 15:32:35
Stinging Nettles - Comparable to Hemp In Fiber, Potent Medicine & Food 15:21:23
Charlotte NC AREA? Tonights the night to Get Involved..... 15:14:05
Become a Delegate TONIGHT March 2 in Texas and Walk Down Memory Lane 14:58:30
500g Tungsten bar found at Gold Foundry With Bank Origin..... 13:58:27
WE TEXANS Town Hall Meeting 3/01/10 13:31:40
Texans Head to Polls in Rough Gov. Primary 13:21:06
Sec of Defense says: Yes We Can Cause Earthquakes 13:15:53
11th Cir: Domestic Relations Order Trumps 2nd Amendment 12:56:30
HOW WEED WON THE WEST : Now streaming Continuously in theater 3 12:53:18
Patriot Act Extended Again ! 12:44:28
peter schiff is getting much better at speaking in these forums 12:26:48
John Dennis Campaign Gaining Popularity 12:17:10
The Southern Avenger - Extremism in the Defense of Liberty 11:49:28
from New Zealand-Nurse rattles teacups in Lone Star election 11:40:51
TX election day, is TIME dealing off the bottom for Perry? 11:35:06
Architects for 9/11 inquiry: Fire couldn't demolish WTC in 11 seconds 11:20:21
MONSANTO Making Their Big Move Today 11:16:29
FOX News Watch: Are They Up to Their Usual Election Skewing Shenanigans Again? (Medina) 11:14:19
Brown defends DNA database and CCTV 11:06:02
NY Governor Poll for Ron Paul's Albany Election Attorney 10:54:16
Left and Right Against War, Part 87 10:41:25
Debra Medina Today Victory Day! 10:36:02
Harry Markopolos Rips the FED and SEC in King World Interview 10:07:24
Federal election monitors being brought in for Galveston today? Why? 10:05:05
IRS Audits Woman for Being Too Poor 09:45:54
Ron Paul 2012: The results are in! 09:07:17
HuffPost: Ron Paul Should be President ... of Fox News 09:07:05
Video: O.T.P. - One Term President 07:43:23
Getting the word out.... 07:41:05
Obama wants your 401K and promises to give it back when you need it. 07:18:42
Cybersecurity bill to give president new censorship powers - 07:07:34
Ron Paul Should be President ... of Fox News 06:41:53
NIA Predicts A Rise Of A Libertarian Third Party This Year 06:32:31
Good old Time Magazine What a rag 06:28:52
Wow - Hicks Nailed It Decades Before the "War on Terror" 05:28:11
Harris for MEDINA! 13:48:30
Strawman Conclusion? 05:04:27
UN vehicles in florida 03:33:36
HOW WEED WON THE WEST : Now playing 12:30 mtn 03:31:47
Music Video: Muse - "Uprising". Powerful R3VOLution song! We Will Be Victorious! 03:27:37
Comes Now Debra Medina to Fight for Texas and the Republic 03:13:15
Remember Schoolhouse Rock now there's Liberty Rocks! 02:49:24
If evil people would take advantage of freedom, then wouldn't they also take advantage of government? 02:47:38
Dodd Proposes Giving Fed the Task of Consumer Protection 02:26:32
Happy Independence Day! 02:17:08
Debra Medina: Constitutional David Takes on Two Goliaths 01:50:28
Enough already with the Alex Jones bashing! 01:26:30
$1,500 Silver! 01:18:50
Don't worry if Ron Paul looses... 01:01:59
What Happened To Our Athiest Bro's and Sister's? 00:47:38
My God are you watching this? Greece is a total mess! 00:32:09
Christianity 00:31:17
SA@TAC - Extremism in the Defense of Liberty 00:30:18
Ron Paul burned by tea party blowback 00:17:54
Joel Salatin : Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal 00:13:09