Posted on March 31, 2010

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Judge Napolitano talks about The Articles of Freedom 12:41:11
Largest Fraud in History: Precious Metals Market Manipulation Whistleblower on King World News 23:00:13
Full Speech: Ron Paul at Boise State University, Idaho 09:16:03
Oath Keepers Founder Interviewed on Russia Today 09:10:19
To rob a country, own a bank! 07:33:56
Shameful "Pacified Populations" of the United States 00:50:17
Harris' Incumbent Opponent Cole Questions Reelection Bid! 11:55:37
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I think Rand Paul is onto something very big when he expresses such determination on term limits. 23:57:34
SOUTH PARK !!! 23:16:13
A close up look at FRN's 23:07:50
Police “Welfare Check” Leaves Woman Dead 22:42:42
Peter Schiff will throw in $500K of his own money if we reach $2 million tonight! 21:52:03
World Outrage and Support for Aafia Siddiqui 21:49:42
Republican Party Straw Poll results 21:49:23
An Interview With Ron Paul [Right Wing News] 21:37:29
Tea-Party Drive Stirs Kentucky Race 21:34:23
Top doctor refuses orders, tells Obama to show birth certificate – 'if you have 1' 21:13:51
The Simpsons 20:58:07
Court Says Bush Illegally Wiretapped Two Americans 20:37:22
100 Million Americans Question Official 9/11 Story 20:34:44
Rand Paul on Glenn Beck Show Thursday 4-1 20:17:42
The Power of Paper 19:28:57
Huffpo trying to trash Rand Paul!! 19:19:28
THREATS Lock Down Capitol 18:23:57
Glenn Beck makes fun of former Governor Jesse Ventura in a BAD way. 18:16:31
Kokesh Money Bomb April 6th! 17:56:30
GOP in Financial Trouble? RNC outlays may be problem for 2010 races 17:51:44
Mish front pages John Dennis, Rand, Ron, and BJ Lawson 17:49:24
Ron Paul Praised by Congressional Hopeful 17:36:20
Market Forces At Work - No Government Bailout 17:32:46
VIDEO: US-NATO versus Russia. The Battle for Arctic Supremacy 17:31:54
candidates are sprouting up all over 17:27:00
If you wanted to start a new party to erase the Democrat vote..... 17:21:54
See You In November 17:17:48
US test-fires Trident missile in drill with Saudis 17:15:51
APNewsBreak: Ex-Fla. GOP chair under investigation 16:52:07
URGENT: Jake Town Needs Help 16:48:00
An Interview With Ron Paul 16:37:19
OFF TOPIC: Live Webcam Feed of Volcanic Eruption 16:25:32
Sell-off in US Treasuries raises sovereign debt fears 16:20:24
Why I am a Conservative 16:13:15
RNC Straw Poll - Vote for Ron Paul right now! 16:09:04
RT- NASA wanting to buy Russian Rocket Engines 16:09:00
Photo radar Van Tarred and feathered *Video* 16:01:50
Underground Bases & the Black Budget ( 15:58:35
All Claims Denied Since ObamaCare 15:36:20
Ron Paul Interview - The Lew Rockwell Show 15:18:16
Treasury Emails Suggest Rep. Barney Frank Called Former Treasury Secretary Paulson to Obtain TARP Cash for OneUnited Bank 15:09:21
What is the general opinion here of Michele Bachmann? 15:07:01
Rand Paul "His Bailout Buddies Are At It Again" 15:05:54
House Democrats turn to McCarthy-ite tactics against businesses 15:01:12
MO Roy Blunt under 50% in his bid to be the Republican US Senate nominee 14:58:15
Lt COL terrence lakin... 14:52:11
Peter Schiff - Let's hit the $2 million mark by midnight! 14:43:23
Remember Rachel Corrie! 14:38:03
Patrick Henry Sellers Money BOMB! 14:28:16
Louis CK on Bank Fees 14:26:41
Book Exposing Post-9/11 Anti-Americanism in Academia Published 14:16:25
Why did Hutaree militia leader choose several anti-gun women? ('Ron Paul fanatic' woman interviewed) 14:08:23
The Road to Hyperinflation 13:43:46
Don't Become What You Are Fighting 13:31:50
Bob Schulz - We The People Go After The Banksters 13:27:09
Poll showing 50-50 split on support for Rep Walter Jones' Afghan Policy. 13:25:25
A campaign slogan that could be used 12:42:33
Peter Schiff: Midnight Deadline: Let's send Washington a message 12:42:20
Today in Made-Up Numbers: 16,500 'Armed Bureaucrats' Will Enforce Health-Care Reform 12:31:48
G8 Pushes Iran Sanctions, Meets Resistance 12:31:44
Obama needs telepropters to speak to 6th graders! 12:16:08
Bunker buster bombs shipped to Diego Garcia 11:50:52
Great and informative video on Militias, Biometrics, The Obama Army, and Agenda 21! 11:47:41
I Already Knew That - I Read the DP 11:33:12
It's Official - America Now Enforces Capital Controls 11:32:45
Court Martial Likely for active duty Army Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin over eligibility 11:07:51
Advancing the Transatlantic Agenda 10:49:55
An odd transcript during the Twin Tower/Pentagon attack 10:45:46
Republicans Plan to Avoid Obamacare Repeal Demands of the American People 10:43:00
Coffee Party begins to unveil its alternative political model 10:22:04
Arizona gun law is on the move. 10:06:39
Third party candidates still face innumerable political obstacles 09:57:47
Will John B and Catherine B. Please post your web pages and list of efforts. 09:51:44
Let's send Washington a message‏ - Peter Schiff 09:48:59
Drill Baby Drill! Obama to Open Offshore Areas to Oil Drilling 09:31:13
69 Constitution Party candidates filing for MO state and local offices 09:15:11
Today is Rand Paul's last fundraising day of Q1 - Midnight Goal: $2.4 Million Total Raised 09:12:37
Henry Kissinger tells us when the NWO will start – Another Kiss on the Lips from the Enlightened One 09:11:33
Ron Paul Revolution 2012 09:10:11
Gunman sprays crowd in DC 09:01:49
"Arrested Michigan Militia Leader was a Ron Paul Fanatic" 08:49:30
Things are looking up! The Job Market is coming back strong! 08:36:40
Do FEMA Camps Exist? 08:30:26
Largest Fraud in History 08:09:07
GREAT article: How nationalized healthcare affected the UK 07:41:20
Cheney Confesses To A War Crime 07:14:26
Lew Rockwell Interviews RON PAUL about Audit The Fed & Obamacare - PODCAST 06:21:48
Anybody ever heard about Terence McKenna? 03:42:53
Police, civilians killed as two blasts hit South Russia town 03:15:01
Could this be a preparatory move to prevent oil disruptions after WW3 is started with an attack on Iran? 01:53:13
2010 WI Campaign for Liberty Conference - All videos here 01:30:00
The US link to "Russia’s Metro Bombings" 01:00:38
Scientists re-create the big bang 00:42:08
Reality Report - Walter Burien Special Interview 00:36:17