Posted on March 4, 2010

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Rand Paul running away with it 21:49:54
Alex Jones TV: Ron Paul on CIA & Federal Reserve's Drug Running Business 19:40:36
Epic News on the Southern Republican Leadership Conference (SRLC) Conference! 19:26:49
YAL's Petition to END THE WAR! 14:56:34
Frank Asks Bernanke to Probe Fed on Watergate, Iraq 13:13:56
Our Liberty candidate David Simpson defeats incumbent Tommy Merritt for Texas State Rep District 7 11:06:12
Will your grandchidren be born into bankruptcy? 10:48:48
Ron Paul on Fox Business - March 3 10:46:35
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What's the economy like where you're at because here in CA where I am it seems 23:56:41
The Video The US Military Doesn't Want You To See 23:08:50
Antiwar Republican John Hostettler aims for the Senate 22:17:41
Keynes and Hayek Rap - Over 800,000 Views on Youtube 22:14:57
Is Daily Paul an Anti government group? 22:09:50
3/4/10 Ron Paul on Antiwar Radio with Scott Horton 21:44:23
Southern Avenger - Gunning Down the Constitution 21:18:24
huff post finally admitting they support socialism 21:12:28
GLOBAL WARNING--Arctic Seabed Destabilizing 20:55:32
Imagine- if the worst come to worst. 20:52:46
Lots of Mil, survival, medical, weapons, and other manuals for download 20:51:56
Your stimulus dollars at work. 20:49:42
AZ the surveillance state 20:45:44
Jake Towne in his Own Words. 20:30:16
Let Me Know When You See Fire - ae911truth 20:17:50
Very interesting EQ chart from USGS 20:14:01
You can watch Russia Today / American Politics Live 24/7 20:10:40
Census question about illegals. 20:09:47
9/11 truthers find home in New Hampshire 20:03:18
MSNBC Dylan Ratigan Cuts Off Tea-Baggers Microphone 20:03:10
USA lawmakers consider NAFTA and WTO repeal 19:49:53
Update: Official Daily Paul Facebook Page: 3,246 fans and counting... 19:48:20
General sounds alarm on U.S. Army training 19:27:38
NASA Desperately Looking for Soviet Moon Rover 19:20:39
DIGG- WTC7 Collapse No Longer Controversial 19:20:24
"Anti-government voters factor in Texas race" 19:20:10
COMEX Gold and Silver Inventory Data Reveal an ALARMING Trend 19:19:22
U.S. floats plan to lift ban on training Indonesia's Kopassus unit 19:18:51
Fuel Taxes Must Rise, Harvard Researchers Say 19:18:15
USA Gun Owners Buy 14 Million Plus Guns In 2009 19:17:12
Around 50 ships stuck in Baltic Sea ice 19:01:38
Glenn Beck and sarah Palin, don´t fall for it. 18:58:34
I think things have to get much worse 18:34:02
Ingredient used in many processed foods recalled 18:27:39
Another article on GOPs scare tactics 18:24:05
Are we seeking Liberty (Individualism) on Daily Paul? 18:02:55
Jim Bunning Speaks Out. 18:02:47
Massa Quits! who will run in NY:29? 17:49:57
The Price of Liberty and 911 Truth, the Founders' Sacrifices 17:46:55
"Jesse Ventura knows about the biggest scam in Government" Walt Burien 17:37:01
I just confronted the Secret Police 17:19:07
Howard Dean: Health Bill Hangs Dem Incumbents and Obama Out to Dry in Elections 17:04:32
UN envoy says it's 'time to talk' to the Taliban 17:04:11
Ron Paul: A Crisis is Coming 16:36:08
Rand Paul's poll numbers rising for KY Senate race. 16:31:32
Kops looking for revenge...Barry Cooper arrested... 16:27:54
Snail Mail Solution 16:14:54
Poll: Majority of Americans believe military strike on Iran will be necessary 16:13:41
YAL - Kent State University hosts Jim Traficant!, April 19th 2010 16:13:36
I Am On GOP Nominations Committee In My House District. Suggestions Please. 16:12:20
Reagan Official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: "911 is Exploding in Their Dirty Faces" 16:01:19
Senate rejects $250 checks for elderly 15:36:58
Missouri Senate passes bill on ethics, fundraising 15:32:46
NY Times, Washington Post Hide Phony ‘Coffee Party’ Astroturf Roots — at the NY Times! 15:15:54
Gary North : David Frum,Hatchet Man for Ben Bernanke 15:12:08
Tea Party Hijackers 14:53:00
Rangel's Head Rolls Down Capitol Hill Steps 14:50:11
Is Chief Justice John Roberts Considering Resigning for Personal Reasons ?? 14:35:12
The reality report on Ron Paul and CPAC 14:26:55
FBI Operative Hal Turner Says Government Urged Him to Make Violent Statements 14:06:11
Greg Cowan (C) for MO 4 CD, replace incumbent Ike Skelton (D) 14:02:43
Any Word On Kucinich - Resolution To Stop War Today? 13:56:21
Rassmussen: Schiff up 6 points 13:30:40
Ron Paul on Alex Jones Show Today March, 4 13:22:58
Barney Frank Demands Bernanke Probe Fed Involvement In Watergate Scandal And Iraq Arms Sales Following Ron Paul Questioning 13:10:46
WE TEXANS - Thank You! 13:04:58
The Real Glenn Beck: Watch Him Help Cover-up Katrina - VIDEO 12:39:05
Should Medina endorse Perry ? - the Poll is still going on.... 12:30:32
RNC donors to gather at Blackwater compound 12:28:33
Ron Paul being grilled on his Bernanke remark 12:27:12
Why don't we start a currency system based on the "Paul". 12:01:00
O'Reilly vs O'Reilly 11:53:59
Ron Paul- We are getting close to a serious crisis. Buy Gold ! 11:47:58
4409 - Cops vs. Firefighters 11:26:44
RT: 6.4 earthquake rocks Taiwan 11:21:30
Cointelpro Alert: 11:18:27
When Police Raids Go Terribly Wrong 10:42:26
Tea Party leaders being paid by GOP 10:15:10
My letter to editor re: Judd Gregg 10:04:52
Barry Goldwater, Jr. Endorses John Dennis! - and so do I - Do you? :) 10:01:47
What Constitution are the Tea Partiers Using? 08:12:58
Explosive, if this is real Taking Back America 06:47:15
America Are You Listening? 05:19:40
The "Anything Goes" Thread, Con't. 03:28:06
Is Obama Now Selling Judgeships for Health Care Votes? 03:20:14
Big Bank Backlash! 9% of adults moved their accounts in protest! 02:58:51
Ron Paul with Judge Napolitano on Freedom Watch 03/03/10 02:55:17
Is Obama A Statist? What is a Statist? 02:31:10
Strong earthquake hits Taiwan; injuries reported 01:47:01
How to make congress obey PAYGO 01:16:48
Political Test, Find Out If You're a Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Statist or Centrist 01:14:35
seed questions 01:11:12
Even the *Mainstream* Economists are Admitting the Fed is Corrupt! 01:10:24
Religious discrimination? Fired for refusing to get H1N1 vaccine 01:03:16
song:one term president 00:58:52
The biggest bubble of them all? 00:46:56
Oathkeepers lecture webcast live 1st Friday/ March 00:40:26
Ron Paul Wants Transparency At The Fed | CBS 3/3/10 00:39:57
Chart of Glenn Beck's Falling Ratings 00:11:25