Posted on March 8, 2010

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The Southern Avenger - The Great Neo-Con: Libertarianism Isn't 'Conservative' 23:00:57
Liberal Bloggers Get Secret Session with Geithner 21:00:33
NYPD Officer Exposes Corrupted Cops Ordered to Make Arrests to Meet Quota 17:38:59
Barry Goldwater, Jr. Endorses John Dennis 13:01:43
Video: Goldman Sucks! - Explains how the Fed and the Bankers have rigged the game to screw the taxpayer! 05:25:58
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 3/8/10 on the Census 00:37:01
Nice Article by Naomi Wolf: Tea Time in America 00:38:56
Rand Paul 15 point lead over Trey Grayson!!!! Survey USA Poll 20:38:31
Iowa, here we come! And we'll be driving a bus 00:00:11
The Final Stretch! - Help Make Rand Paul's March 23rd Moneybomb a Success! *Pledge Today* 00:18:44
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"What You Didn't Know About The War" 23:55:16
One in three killed by US drone strikes is a civilian 23:55:00
Americans Tortured in Iraq by US Forces 23:50:05
3/8/10 Rand Paul Reacts to Poll Lead. 23:43:10
SA@TAC - The Great Neo-Con: Libertarianism Isn't 'Conservative' 23:40:44
"Did Bush & Cheney Want Bin Laden To Escape?" Jesse Ventura 23:34:43
Bloomberg - Failed Banks May Get Pension-Fund Backing as FDIC Seeks Cash 23:16:37
State Tax Revenues Plummet By $87 Billion, Biggest Year Over Year Decline In History; Record State Tax Hikes In Progress 23:04:13
Jesse Ventura on Larry King...MUST SEE tv 22:40:03
Obama Confuses Decades, Inflates Estimated Health Care Savings by $868B 22:19:44
6 Survival Things (necessities) That Don't Fit In Your Kit 22:17:06
Gary Null exposes truth about 9/11 tomorrow at noon 22:10:24
FOOD INC ( Nominated for academy award ) starts at 7:05 mtn time 22:05:00
Im on the line listening 22:05:00
Heads Up ... Important tidbit regarding Gold 22:04:16
How to vacuum seal herbs without electricity 22:02:29
9-11 is political suicide - stop the bickering or step up to the plate and run as the 9-11 truth candidate! 21:56:41
Interpol Issues Arrest Warrants For 15 Members Of Israeli Assassination Squad 21:52:08
U.S. Term Limits 'applauds' Rand Paul to statewide media 21:42:31
Ron Paul knows and you can learn The Secrets of the Federal Reserve 21:19:31
MOCK COURT - Education Time! 21:19:30
Ron Paul & Judge Nepolitano Live (Watch Again!) 21:15:50
Learn the secrets of the federal reserve and you will know why it needs to be audited and 21:09:55
Reverend Manning 20:57:21
Oil Traders Dump Iran 20:41:57
Nuke hack attack puts military on high alert 20:38:22
Tax soda, pizza to cut obesity, researchers say 20:15:18
Economic Propaganda Machine in Full Effect 19:52:43
Look who is praying to establish a new world 19:45:22
Bankruptcy trends spell trouble for NH 19:44:44
Obama latest attempt to help the housing market 19:13:20
THAT'S funny, I don't care who y'are! 19:08:30
RT- Alien President: Obama forged his birth certificate? 19:01:59
So Long Daily Paul...I'm leaving! 18:58:03
BREAKING ! Eric Massa (D-N.Y.): Democrats ousted me over anti-healthcare stance 18:55:42
Get your $5, $10 & $15 tickets to see Ron Paul March 27th 18:55:08
Another piece of the puzzle gets filled in. 18:45:55
Remember this lying SOB? Why is he not in jail? 17:54:48
V-50 17:40:12
"Nothing unusual about the latest spate of earthquakes:" Coincidences 17:24:37
Stefan Molyneux on why we should have government 17:07:17
Non-Sequitur takes a bite out of the Banking Industry 16:47:43
Glenn Beck's Buddy Joe Pags Throws the Truther Question At John Dennis 16:47:08
Iconography 16:28:02
This ABSOLUTELY the FUNNIEST political video EVER! 15:50:05
Why we are making a difference even for the unaware 15:45:40
New World Order: IMF suggests how to raise climate change funds 15:34:44
Max Keiser guest on Alex Jones 2pm ET: 3-8-10 15:04:28
Question re: new user accounts 14:43:17
Why didn't/doesn't Ron Paul take a stand 14:38:16
Miss Liberty (poem) 13:44:33
Jon Scott Ashjian mentions Ron Paul & the true conservative movement! 13:37:01
Citigroup Internal Memo Leaked - US No Longer a Democracy 13:10:25
Catherine Bleish and John Bush coming to MD-Fusion Center Town Hall Forum 13:04:57
And so it begins? - Cyberwar Declared 13:02:35
!!!!!!! RON PAUL !!!!!!! 12:40:16
Peter Schiff talks about 9/11 12:05:21
Massa Slam Rahm Emanuel Audio of him fighting back 12:03:09
"I am the Tea Party leader" 11:53:09
Tom Delay: People Are Unemployed Because They Want To Be 11:41:16
[Video] Proof of Voting Fraud in Texas! 11:27:57
Dissenters To Be Detained As “Enemy Belligerents”? 11:17:59
Whose trafficing the children? Should we blame the military? 11:14:53
Canadian Money to Become Plastic 11:06:29
DC Conference: Conservatives and the War in Afghanistan 10:51:17
Two Wars 42,000 Wounded Soldiers - MSM Keeps Silent 10:22:03
Could this be the Solution? 06:20:03
How Goldman Sachs (Rothschild's) took over the World! 06:12:27
9-11 Actors - Simon Shack 05:48:37
Wall Street Journal "Schools' New Math: the Four-Day Week" 05:34:02
Florida Libertarian Party State Convention 03:42:01
Letter from an angry American 02:57:56
Federal judge refuses to dismiss torture lawsuit against Donald Rumsfeld 01:51:10
U.S. Treasury Scrambling to Offload Junk Bought During 2009 Bailout Frenzy 01:46:11
Student effort to bring Ron Paul to campus pays off 01:30:50
The Machine That Reads Malintent Minds 00:41:02
Palin 2012!!!! Run for the hills. 00:37:32
Bloomberg: China to Nullify Loan Guarantees by Local Governments 00:36:59