Posted on April 1, 2010

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Religious Right Leader to Urge Donors to Stop Giving to RNC 22:48:56
Assassination Attempt on Silver Market Manipulation Whistleblower? 22:25:16
India Gets National I.D. 19:49:32
Video: Rand Paul on Morning Joe 4/01/10 12:22:42
Idaho lawmakers pushing for taxes being paid in silver 10:57:38
Mason Moore - New Song About Ron's 08 Campaign: 'Revolution Tattoo' 12:47:22
Rand on Glenn Beck Today - Hosted by Judge Napolitano 22:34:30
Letterman Interviews a Tea Partier 02:03:41
V is back 01:39:14
Southern Avenger National Debut 11:51:29
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Florida doctor tells Obama supporters: "Go elsewhere" 23:57:45
"Jim Rogers Discusses the Future of the US" 23:47:28
Southern Avenger: Are Tea Partiers Racist? 22:43:35
Fellow Nevadans, please help me figure out what this is.... 22:43:00
Nevada State Central Committee Members - IMPORTANT MEETING! 22:42:11
Anti-Paul Bloggers: Freiburger & Swindle 22:24:31
Missouri lawmaker has a challenger: her husband 22:13:39
H1N1 vaccines dumped: $1.6 bln goes to big pharma's pocket 21:48:19
"Obama Meets Chinese President, Saturday Night Live Style" 21:38:05
Jim Rogers Discusses the Future of the US 21:35:16
"Right Wing News" interviews Ron Paul 20:52:27
If this Silver manipulation goes bigtime, the NWO is finished.. 20:00:45
White House Launches Push For Workplace Flexibility 19:49:33
Beyond The Thunderdome: Top Political Cage Matches Of 2010 19:19:04
Straw homes sprouting up in California 19:14:22
Is anyone else continually getting put in the spam filter today? 18:59:57
Assassination attempt on silver manipulation whistleblower. 18:41:35
Southern Avenger on Michael Savage AUDIO 18:25:04
The Fed in Hot Water 18:18:19
Australian shooter magazine reports..... 18:02:01
MSNBC: Ron Paul: "Republicans TALK About Liberty & Individual Rights At The Same Time They Do Nothing! 18:00:16
What Does "Restoring the Constitution" Mean? 17:47:11
CBS News wants you to grade the President! 17:22:41
GOP Threatens To Remove Ron Paul From All Committee Assignments 17:02:43
Return of the House Flippers 16:59:06
Hank Johnson (D - Georgia) on Guam 16:49:32
Our Current Government is a Perpetual Aprils Fools Day 16:38:16
beware agents provocateurs 16:34:22
Colonel Andrew Bacevich US-ARMY Ret. Slams Canadian Neo-con David Frum 16:28:33
Black Eyed Peas - Where Is the Love? 16:09:18
Governor of Arizona calls mass illegal entries across the border an invasion 16:05:43
Trey Grayson busted 15:51:23
Sarah Palin encourages sanctions and bombs for Iran.... in honor of Easter Week!!! 15:39:32
U.S. & Colombia Cover Up Atrocities Through Mass Graves 15:31:20
Republican Congressional candidate (VA) says Fed Govt bombed OKC, insists guns are to resist tyranny 15:16:48
rep schauer 15:12:00
Ron Paul May Defy GOP Earmark Ban, Face Loss of Comittee Seat 15:06:34
Freestate project - Island for sale 15:02:54
Student group stands for liberty 14:24:48
Do the Neocons realize that we have them by the testicular area yet? 14:07:25
CFTC’s Silver Involvement Grows Serious 13:51:34
CBS News Poll: Grade Obama's First Year in Office 13:38:29
Peter Schiff puts in $500,000! If we match it by April 30, He'll match our moneybomb! 13:17:16
Fringe Anarchist Groups Plan Infiltration & Violence at 4/15 Tea Parties Across America 13:09:17
health care reform 13:07:12
Prosecutor: FBI agent infiltrated Christian militia, built explosives with alleged ringleader 13:05:09
An Unaccustomed Truth: American Commander Admits Afghan Atrocities 12:35:27
Public Smoking Bans - Creeping Totalitarianism / Bull****! Second Hand Smoke 12:09:09
Needed: End The FED brochure....In Spanish.... 12:08:50
"Oh, Yes We Can!" 11:35:08
Steve Forbes To Donate 151 million $ To 151 Liberty Candidates!!! 11:30:44
WHAT IF - each state printed or coined it's own currency? 11:24:21
Quick question, Did the FBI lock down governors' offices because of the Articles of Freedom sent out to them? 11:15:26
Is it working? 11:05:35
The President's Commission on National Goals Unearthed Recording!! 10:51:46
CNN's Anderson Cooper, Hutaree Miltia - Alex Jones right Again! (Video) 10:50:52
VOTE for Ron in Final Four NOW! 10:46:48
Bitter Laugh~ Anti War Song by Chris Floyd 10:09:46
Growing Number of Americans Distrust Census 10:07:49
Embedded Black Says Tea Parties Not Racist 10:06:49
Alex Jones Interviewed on Russia Today 09:44:59
Guam is going to tip over!! 09:37:13
Fisher: The beginning of the end for the U.S. 05:27:11
Courts Deliberately Imposing Draconian Sentences on Protesters 03:32:31
Florida Libertarian Snitker ‘A Nightly News Nobody…And An Internet Sensation’ 03:26:37
Libertarian Party Chairman to appear on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart 03:23:05
Video: Cointel vs Clueless TP 02:29:07
Bush wiretapping program takes hit in Calif ruling! 02:21:52
Ron Paul is crushing in the RNC POLL 01:41:19
Duck and Cover !!!! 01:15:34
Psychoactive Drugs and Complacency 00:45:23
Tea-Party Drive Stirs Kentucky Race | WSJ 4/1/2010 00:39:55
Bob Schulz letter to Dr.Ron Paul Sept 2009. Just Excellent! 00:11:52