Posted on April 10, 2010

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Another great Steve Dore song just came out! We Do Not Support The War (We Support The Constitution) 22:37:07
WACO: The Rules of Engagement 20:13:58
Mitt Romney is Gorgeous! Info Bomb 6/2/11 19:13:52
Ron Paul Full speech at SRLC on C-SPAN! 19:13:24
Just back from Liber-tea Party, Bloomsburg, PA 17:08:22
A Third Party strategy is sound. 16:59:44
Polish President Was CIA Guy 16:08:36
POLISH PRESIDENT & Upper Echelon of Poland Killed in Plane Crash!!! 11:51:52
Ron Paul on MSNBC Hosted by Eliot Spitzer 09:57:39
Is this the new Ron Paul dance? 09:19:17
SRLC Open Thread & Live Stream 11:24:56
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What I can Do~To My Daily Paul Family 23:42:48
Tom Woods on Brian Wilson Show 4/7/10 23:28:56
Weekend: 911 Truth Lessons From Star Trek and Ron Paul 23:23:10
Watch your words spread hope like fire! 23:22:07
Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200. 23:19:56
Tm Turner: Abraham Lincoln was murdered by his own wife! 23:10:47
2010 SRLC: A Near Loss for Team Liberty's starting Quarterback 22:40:07
Internet Explorer Censorship Delay on Daily Paul 22:30:42
2010 SRLC: A Near Loss for Team Liberty's starting Quarterback 22:26:07
The Hill: "Obama no Socialist" 22:18:54
Michael Savage - The Carbon Tax is a Obscene Scam 21:29:05
U.S. Steps Up Probe Of Hiring In Tech 21:27:38
Tim Geithner Gets Laughed at Reassuring US Dollar and Economy 21:14:20
Article "9 Surprises from SRLC' --nice to RP supporters and informative re: Romney's folks 20:57:22
Tea Party Sign Workshop, Take it Back from the Palin Tea-o-Cons 20:18:26
Ron Paul Says 'American People Have Awoken' 20:14:37
Ron Paul says, Obama is not a socialist, but a corporatist, do you agree? 20:13:45
You Got to Ride It! Ride It Baby! 20:03:40
Ron Paul on DRUDGE Picture and Two Links! 19:43:55
Ron Paul At SRLC 2010 3 parts (YouTube) 19:43:23
About 40 Ron Paul supporters that decided to show up late to the convention today! 19:37:18
Why the HELL is Karl Rove on my TV!! 19:16:24
RON PAUL loses to Romney by ONE VOTE!!! 18:59:00
Tea Party's Origin 18:51:40
What A Recent Violent Revolution Looks Like ! 18:34:51
Jesse Ventura - Do I Stand Alone (Audiobook) 17:53:19
I got kicked out of the Tea Party Rally 17:50:18
SRLC Straw Poll Video! 17:46:34
Tiger Woods Military Industrial Complex Parody 17:19:44
Ron Paul dynamic at Southern Republican Leadership Conference (YouTube) 17:11:23
Nice write up on part of Ron Paul's SRLC speech 16:50:18
Is Debt Repudiation a Good Thing or a Bad Thing? 16:43:16
WSJ reporting on Ron Paul's SRLC speech, 16:32:23
Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun - May God help us. 16:30:17
We do not support the war (We support the constitution) 16:29:41
Where is a good place to buy the constitution? 16:23:04
Clarification about Abolition of Taxes, Anarchy, and Judge Andrew Napolitano 15:29:40
"On the Edge" Max Keiser on GATA, gold manipulation, Maguire, & leverage: 4/9/10 15:28:01
Moneybomb for Kevin Tunstall 15:27:34
This call is for you 15:20:58
Obama's (aka: Barry Soetoro's) Budget Cuts 14:55:59
Not Just Guantanamo: U.S. Torturing American Muslim Detainee in New York City 14:17:52
Bill Hicks and George Carlin Exercising Freedom Of Speech 14:10:24
LEGAL RESPONSE to the Census 13:57:11
Possible "Free Country Project" opportunity in the making? 13:30:49
Banks Near Top of List for BBB Complaints 13:25:41
Hip-Pocket Politics: How To Become a Tack by Gary North 12:30:05
Santorum (an SRLC straw poll entrant) endorses Trey 'aggressively' against Rand? 11:57:19
Campaign for Liberty BANNER BOMB April 19th... "AUDIT THE FED" to End the Federal Reserve 11:47:35
Morgan Freeman on Black History Month 11:32:30
Irony report: Was CNN 'tea-bagged'? 11:03:41
Petition demanding birth certificate surges past 500,000 10:52:50
Today's my DP birthday! 10:28:28
WEEKEND WATCHING: Exposing Illuminati From Within 10:21:13
Obama- "Folks Haven't Been Reading Their Bible" _Update 09:37:50
The Lost Taxes 08:58:41
Polish President Lech Kaczynski dies in plane crash 12:26:08
A Modest Proposal For Moderation: Consolidation Of Silliness! 06:30:53
Breaking: Banking Con Finally Exposed on MSNBC! 06:30:21
Polish president dies in Russian plane crash 04:55:06
The racist drug war.. 03:48:12
How much did Ron Paul spend? 02:42:09
Beck talks 2012, Ron Paul 01:28:21
Hutaree Militia - Amendment I & II Violated by Government 01:13:14
Wise as Serpents 01:11:15
URGENT: THEY ARE DOING IT AGAIN!! They want Ron Paul OUT!! 01:08:43
What motivates US leadership to pressure China to float the RMB? 00:38:48
The Latest from Tim Turner on Freedom Yell 00:35:46
Republican = Hypocrite 00:33:58
America: The Grim Truth 00:07:56