Posted on April 11, 2010

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NY Post Exclusive: Maguire gold manipulation story 17:34:41
25 reasons Why Ron Paul can win in 2012 (Summary) 22:13:29
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Accident of Assasination of Poland's President in Russia - Qui Bono? 23:59:05
Vote for Ron Paul in this CBS poll 22:45:14
I was well recieved at a Tea Party Express party here in Ohio 22:23:19
Am I a HYPOCRITE? 21:31:36
Obama Administration Scandal #.....lost count 21:23:20
Neocons don't know that they are Neocons 19:52:56
Civil Asset Forfeiture 19:52:46
Who's Behind the Funding: Barack Obama vs John McCain vs Ron Paul 19:35:12
Ron Paul: Twenty top applause lines at SRLC -- Video 19:04:21
END the FED From the Bottom Up! (10th Amendment) 18:45:43
CSPAN: Brzezinski on Trilateral Commission in 1989 18:30:22
Alex Jones Interviews Terry Reed About (CIA) Drug Trafficking 18:20:46
Ron Paul supporters should not support Romney if he wins primary. 3rd Party. 18:20:09
9/12ers on Ron Paul's "Obama is not a socialist" 18:15:23
What Is Your TV Telling You to Do? 18:10:23
American Dream? 17:20:14
Video of Mitt Romney Defending Individual Insurance Mandate 16:58:36
Washington Times poll: Who should have won SRLC? 16:13:27
The Big Lebowski Election Coverage - RON PAUL STYLE!!! 15:49:47
Liberty Candidate Steve Susman Speaks 15:43:22
Noam Chomsky urges Madison crowd to reach out to Tea Partiers 15:35:11
The Ron Paul Revolution alive and well. 15:30:11
Rescue Local Organic Farming from One-Size-Fits-All Food Safety Bill! 15:11:05
I have a message of critical importance to all of us... 13:19:02
FOX: We Tolerate The Cultivation Of Opium Poppies 13:10:07
Jon Voight calls out Barack Obama 13:09:30
FOX: Ron Paul Accused Of Buying Straw Poll Votes! 13:03:04
Marijuana Documentaries All Day On Planet Weed 13:02:32
Mexican Gang Violence Video - Shooting in Creel 13:00:45
Action Alert: Ask VVS to invite Ron Paul as a speaker 12:46:06
Taxes or Tolls on the Trans Texas Corridor. (archive) 11:57:26
Gerald Celente on ObamaCare & Dollar Collapse 11:50:42
Gordon Brown paid for Depleted Uranium Weapons which are causing birth defects in Iraq 11:48:24
Ideas for Tax Day Protest Banners 11:19:04
Tim Turner explains the Constitution, Sovereignty, Rights of the Individual and the New Republic! 11:13:49
Super-High Alcohol Beer Heads to the U.S. 09:32:49
Alan Grayson Gets Testy 08:37:46
Liberty Letters 08:26:21
Liberty Convention 2010 05:28:02
Running for a University Senate position-HELP!!!! 03:46:05
Thoughts on Ron Paul Running for President 03:12:29
19-Year-Old Ron Paul fan elected Mayor in Wisconsin 02:57:20
Late Night Documentary Watchers Paradise 02:42:32
audio: Dr. Alan Sabrosky--the military knows israel did 9/11 02:09:26
Aha! Palin was trying to get votes in the straw poll! 02:04:03
Eying another longshot bid, Paul addresses SRLC 01:42:50
Audit the Fed Banner Bomb now under way! 01:09:05
U S Banks Not the Latest Big Shorts for Gold 00:16:10
Willie's Band being Prosecuted after 'Operation On The Road Again' Bust 00:10:20