Posted on April 12, 2010

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The Southern Avenger - Slaves to 'Settled' History 22:52:49
I was surveyed by Rasmussen and there were RP questions! 22:43:00
Egg industry conspired to manipulate egg-prices 22:17:24
Oklahoma Legislators May Form Militia against Federal Gov 20:49:16
BREAKING : Survey USA poll results are in. Rand Paul ahead of Grayson by 15% 17:10:46
WHAS 11 VIDEO Rand Paul 45% Grayson 30% IT'S OFFICIAL! 14:32:15
Mayor To Install A Digital 'Cost of War Counter' in Front of City Hall 11:58:47
Ron Paul on CNN Morning! 08:51:41
Ron Paul Stands next to Michael Steele: 'He's the First Chairman to at Least Talk to Me' 08:33:00
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 04/12/10 00:20:29
There are Freedom-loving Libertarians in Israel! 00:10:22
Anti-War Left and Anti-War Right Unite in Massachusetts 11:23:49
SRLC Straw Poll Results: Paul & Romney Tie for First with 24% 23:08:44
Video: Ron Paul Full Speech at SRLC 23:09:18
Ron Paul on Larry King, Jesse Ventura hosting | YOUTUBE 23:08:04
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America's Youth vs Big Government, trying to get our book published 23:50:38
"Obama Longs To Redistribute Private Property" 23:42:34
Rand maintains 15% lead over Grayson in KY senate race 23:41:12
A simple argument against the Civil War 23:32:17
Court challenge of web posters' ability to remain anonymous! 23:14:02
Matt Collins: report of the SRLC Straw Poll 23:11:58
TIME poll Ron Paul currently at 17, Obama 18, Glen Beck 55, Romney 123 22:56:06
Video: Govt. Agent, "I’ll take it (camera) out of your hand and ram it down your throat” 22:36:07
In your face C4L/Ron Paul booth at the Tea Party Express - Buffalo, NY 22:24:18
First Installment of N@ked Body Scanner Contest Entries 22:01:16
SRLC straw poll numbers don't add up 21:59:16
If You Have Facebook..Digg This! 21:46:57
Russia to deliver S-300 to Iran 21:32:15
Thai Patriots Fired Upon During Peaceful Demonstrations 20:28:21
RJ Harris Afghanistan deployment already in National Review 19:53:59
Ron Paul 2012! Are you mentally prepared? 19:44:01
Medvedev: Israeli strike on Iran could cause a global catastrophe 19:38:40
The FCIC: Passing the Buck By Dr. Ron Paul 19:06:07
Micro-chipping or not? 19:00:23
Obama poll ratings by State WTF!!! 18:53:51
Youtube video: The Suspicious Death of General Sikorski 18:23:38
Banksters poised to acquire newly bankrupt LA Times and Chicago Tribune 18:23:36
Ron Paul's Most Important Point in his speech at SRLC was... 18:03:50
Freedom Is Not THE PROBLEM! (Video) 17:56:25
Peter Schiff gains 5% in poll for CT Senate 17:50:49
Israel Preparing To Deport Thousands Of Palestinians 17:44:01
Trey Grayson's New attack ad on Rand Paul & Adam Kokesh 17:23:07
Bring troops shoot at them!?!? 17:13:12
Afghan soldier fires on NATO troops(they love us so much!) 17:08:07
Ron Paul on Fox News' "Happening Now" 4/12/10 17:02:08
On the Price of Corn and Management of the Poor, 1776 17:00:16
Real Results of Survey USA Rand /Grayson poll, seems legit! 16:57:54
"Off the record: A Paul Hangs Over Grayson" 16:49:59
Ron Paul - Fox News, 04/12/10 16:49:32
Iran Conference April 17~"Nuclear Energy for All, Nuclear Weapons for No One” 16:45:52
Obama wants us to register our homes 16:35:36
Federal government runs budget deficit for record 18th straight month 16:12:46
CMAG runs Rand Paul's "Machine" ad as the Ad of the Week 16:05:24
New boss, more in line than old boss? 15:58:23
Dr. Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 4/12/10 15:48:02
John Hostettler for Senate in Indiana 15:44:39
Leaked Poll #s on Rand and Grayson at least tentatively confirmed Rand way ahead 15:43:10
What is the status of the Audit the Fed Bill? 15:42:19
David Frum: Overrating the Ron Paul Effect 15:16:07
Plaintiff list grows to 1,000 in Irion's lawsuit against Obamacare 15:06:47
Ahmadinejad urges UN to investigate 911 attacks (in red on DRUDGE) 15:01:37
Yep..I Signed Up For It 14:51:17
Confirmed in Kenyan Parliament - Obama born in Kenya . . . 14:49:19
" Ron Paul -- legit 2o12 contender, or pretender? Discuss." 14:47:26
Canada's Only Bullion Bank Gold Vault Is Practically Empty 14:46:41
Deputy Tasers Fellow Female Officer In The Ass Just For Kicks 14:34:47
What I am doing with the Articles of Freedom in South Carolina 14:30:31
Trend alert: Rising anti-American sentiment in Afghanistan and Pakistan 14:24:10
NEEDED, ... new Video Paul Vs Romney 14:03:26
Howard Davidowitz: US Headed to Fiscal Instability 13:32:40
Hawaii – Embarrass Obama with Republican House Win 13:24:23
Turkey: World is turning a blind eye to Israel's nuclear weapons 13:13:49
NY POST ** Metal$ are in the pits: Trader blows whistle on gold & silver price manipulation 13:11:11
BREAKING: RAND and GREYSON New WHAS11/Courier-Journal Bluegrass U.S. Senate Poll to be Released Today, 5pm 13:10:51
MSM: All Humans To Be Microchipped By 2017? 13:08:22
Trust Us: Social Security Works 13:06:30
MSNBC - First thoughts: What we learned at SRLC 12:50:06
April 15th ANTI-TAX Day - Tea Party - Orange Country California 12:43:06
The W-2 and America’s future 12:37:45
Governor of California Candidate - Larry Naritelli - Support of 2nd Amendment 12:22:21
CA Governor's Race 2010 - Larry Naritelli 12:15:41
Need ADVICE for those who have invested in SILVER 11:29:43
Independent site says Ron Paul crowd most consistent Tea Party supporters 11:28:38
Provocateurs Openly Announce Plans To Stage Tea Party Violence 11:24:02
Roland Martin of CNN 11:11:53
John Dennis praises Ron Paul in interview 10:51:32
RPF Thinks daily paul is "spin" 09:21:22
I support Obama! 09:20:55
RPF Thinks daily paul is "spin" 09:20:48
Ron Paul: Twenty top applause lines at SRLC 09:13:37
Ron Paul received boisterous reception, says ‘the medical thing’ will be reversed 09:01:22
John Duncan Jr. Blasts "Useless" air Marshal service. 08:53:51
Ron Paul booed by NeoCons for touting conservative principles 08:51:18
Sunday NY Post Publishes A. Maguires Silver Manipulation Story 08:35:11
Obama Displaying Signs of Mental Illness 08:00:26
"Birthers" just got more ammo - this is incredible! 07:30:01
Planned Parenthood fights for freedom to spread AIDS 06:40:19
Breaking News: The Ron Paul Revolution is alive and well 06:35:11
Mexicans Bomb US Consulate and threaten U.S. Lawmakers! 06:33:29
Ron Paul received boisterous reception st SLRC 06:32:34
HELP Schiff moneybomb now! 06:30:54
Nazi Police KILL 9/11 TRUTH Free Speech 06:22:23
Dr. Paul on CNN 'American Morning' 7:10 am EST (4/12/10) 06:21:59
Israel Preparing To Deport Thousands Of Palestinians From Jerusalem 06:05:22
Don't Fight The New World Order! 05:58:43
Romney Nips Paul in Southern GOP Straw Poll - CNN 02:15:58
Washington is an Auction-House and must be Dismantled 01:59:10
Weapons Of Mass Deception and Core Of Corruption 01:51:20
Why worry about nationalized health care? Check out the English version: 01:44:01
Disastrous Economic Fallacies - Paul Krugman said that 9/11 was good for the American economy 01:39:56
Zeitgeist Federal Reserve video up to 3.5 million views on YouTube 01:13:02
Aliens! Jesus! Rothschilds! Fluoride! All in one thread! Must read! 00:59:13
Hilarious Video of Dr. Paul looking more like Dr. Dre! 00:20:57
Monday morning risers: Ron Paul on CNN 00:07:34
End the Fed 00:07:23