Posted on April 13, 2010

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RP Repub makes Fox News with lawsuit 23:25:31
Ron Paul on Fox: Get rid of the mandate. Allow people to opt out. 22:56:24
Urgent Prayers Request 14:12:00
Update: Stock Market Turns Down on Goldman Sachs Fraud Charge, Google Fears 12:02:40
Dr. Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 4/12/10: The FCIC: Passing the Buck 10:21:11
If Mainstream Medicine Really Works, Why Are Americans So Unhealthy? 08:43:49
Who Is Peter Schiff? 03:25:58
WHAS Kentucky: Rand Paul's 15 point lead over Grayson a referendum on Mitch McConnell's leadership 09:26:42
BJ Lawson Moneybomb Today! 13:08:43
RJ Harris, U.S. Congressional Candidate Alerted for the Afghanistan Surge 22:52:57
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RP Repub makes Fox News with lawsuit 23:24:09
Colorado Springs is Becoming "Galt's Gulch" 23:20:44
Texas Capitol no longer Free and Open 23:19:41
The Three P's: Things Government Cannot and Should Not Do 23:14:30
If you are going to a Tea Party, you need to focus on this... 23:05:34
Reality Report Special Interview - Adam Kokesh 22:05:09
Impeach Obama Over Star Chamber Nation: No Execution Without Trial 21:38:42
Seems Strange 21:31:37
Ashtabula county Ohio judge tells residents to arm themselves 20:02:50
Tea Party OPPOSITION makes our job EASY! 19:40:11
More Than 53% of Your Tax Payment Goes to the Military 19:26:36
Fox Scoreboard- Romney 2012 buy, sell hold 19:18:04
More Evidence Cops Are THUGS & PROFESSIONAL LIARS! (Maryland Edition) pt.1 19:07:19
Tax is theft! ...and what to do about it 18:22:36
Why do people on here equate conservatism with libertarianism? 17:58:07
On earmarks, Rand Paul is not following in his famous father’s footsteps 17:29:27
Bullion and cash is being categorized with pornography. 16:55:20
Ron Paul Q&A after the SRLC 16:31:03
MSNBC Dylan Ratigan calls the FED a "con and cover up". 16:19:56
WSJ: FDR and the Great Depression 16:13:27
AOL and NY TIMES NEWS : Rand Paul Builds Double-Digit Lead in Race for Kentucky GOP Senate Nod 16:12:49
Somali Islamic militants ban music on airwaves 16:07:37
"Obama Is Not A Socialist" 16:03:48
Congressional candidate in the Des Moines Register: War is "morally debased" 15:27:06
New North Kentucky "grassroots group" to back Trey Grayson claims facebook page including lots of Rand Paul supporters? 14:50:09
C4L's Audit the Fed Banner Bomb underway 14:29:11
Arizona set to allow concealed weapons without a permit 14:11:15
What If: A mortgage crisis picture book that even a progressive can understand! 14:10:56
Greatest shortcoming of human race: Inability to Understand the Exponential Function 13:49:37
Ron Paul: My Kind of Gadfly 13:43:32
Morris Dees Fights Poverty 13:41:54
Ohio Medical Compassion Act 13:25:51
Gov't Health Plan is not mandatory..! 13:07:08
McCain ad paints J.D. Hayworth as 'birther' 13:03:40
CNN chief: Others not delivering news without bias 12:36:58
Interesting website "Critiques Of Libertarianism " 12:25:02
Nuclear Treaty Pact Irks Sen. Jim Inhofe 12:02:11
International Banker Coup d' etat of the united States of America 11:12:08
Interesting Video 11:07:56
Have you ever had a RP Dream?...while you were sleeping? 10:48:48
The Tipping Point is Upon Us 10:42:12
Left & Right: Prospects for Peace 10:28:38
Can they regulate you to prosperity? Support 10:26:17
Political Hall of Shame 10:23:13
Coffee Party to counter tax day tea parties with softer approach 10:18:02
Rule of Law Revolution out of Beta and open for business! 10:16:22
The second video is amazing... 10:08:56
Jim Grant on Greenspan: Panderer to Power (Video) 10:02:55
Trey Grayson of FL - Bomb result 09:51:53
INTERESTING blog rumors about Trey, cancelled ad to start today? May not debate? 09:34:47
Demolition Fail 09:27:55
The Rape of the Afghan Boys 09:13:39
Constitution (Law) isn't their ultimate litmus test...a Ron Paul challenge 09:01:44
Dead Souls:The Pentagon Plan To Create Remorseless "warfighters" 08:57:35
►National Tea Party Federation: Huckabee? 08:54:34
Barry & Candi Cooper’s ("KopBusters") child seized by CPS 07:54:20
JPMorgan Chase Argues Against Mortgage Modifications, Citing Sanctity Of Contracts 07:11:32
Why Is the GOP Establishment Scared of Ron and Rand Paul? 07:00:00
Mitt Romney's Ron Paul problem 06:58:41
"Ron Paul Rising" 06:22:12
Ron Paul: My Kind of Gadfly 04:16:30
Arsenal AKs: Quality Check in Las Vegas 03:06:24
Bill O'Reilly Freakout! Hilarious 02:20:11
Are we truly awake? 01:51:28
A Speech for the RNC Supporting a Ron Paul Candidacy 01:42:24
In Search Of The Second Amendment 01:26:25
Educating state lawmakers About Body Scanners & The 10th Admendment 01:14:53
The Liberty Ticker- a political update 00:55:46
Electronic Warfare Manual (US Army) 00:30:35