Posted on April 14, 2010

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Ron Paul on TV Thursday 21:33:58
Jim Bunning's Official Statement Endorsing Rand Paul 20:47:04
Collateral Murder Saga Continues-Soldier From Unit Speaks Out 20:43:31
Video - Jim Bunning Endorsement of Rand Paul! GOING VIRAL & making big news now. 20:12:46
War The Hell's Door 17:06:38
Liberty Candidates - Hope For America 14:59:35
"Papers please!" New AZ law allows police to stop and verify the immigration status of anyone they suspect of being illegal. 13:17:30
Peace Activists Extend Olive Branch to Tea Party to Talk About War 13:11:32
DP Back Online! 12:49:35
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Anti-Tax Tea Party Protest in the Ann Arbor Diag Today! 23:57:42
Shock Polls: The Future of Our Movement? 23:41:54
The Ghost of Valley Forge 23:35:48
Want a great liberty bumper sticker? I'm buying :) 23:30:41
Dan Huffman wins RLC endorsements in NC Congressional race 23:30:08
Peter Schiff Latest Senate Debate Videos 23:20:58
Whoopi Goldberg tells the IRS to "Kiss her behind" today on the View 23:11:51
Is it just me or has today been a really good day? 22:54:27
Defense Contractors Sponsor Sesame Street Programming Special 22:14:14
Nearly 800,000 U.S. TV households 'cut the cord,' 21:44:14
- 21:35:14
Sioux Falls Libertarians need your HELP!!! 21:24:08
Apparently Rick Santilli started the tea parties? 21:21:12
Texas Engineer Demolitions the 9-11 WTC 7 Fairy Tale 20:56:45
CBS News/New York Times poll: Tea Party Supporters View Palin, Beck and Bush Favorably 20:26:52
Finacial Crimes for Dummies - A neat little video! 20:21:57
Ashtabula County: Judge tells residents to "Arm themselves" 20:14:25
If YouTube were to be permanently shut down, would all the Ron Paul videos be lost forever? 20:06:17
Vote for Ron Paul in this poll 20:05:53
US Troops Coming Home - But Not What You Think 20:05:22
The guy alleged to be behind the CrashTheTeaParty website. 19:24:40
For those who need help after the POLL... Un-attacking Ron Paul 19:24:26
Congressman Paul on Happy Hour April14 (Discusses Rasmussen Poll) 19:14:12
Did the IRS kill this mother of 6 19:03:59
Are Police Now the Enemy? 18:56:17
Anyone else think Dr. Paul should stop using the word "Empire"? 18:47:15
Bunning Endorses Rand!! 18:46:02
Obama to unveil vision for space program 18:31:32
AP-GfK Poll: Obama slips, other Dems slide, too 18:26:38
Jim Bunning endorses Rand Paul 18:16:05
Glenn Beck just had a good show on abolishing the Department of Education 18:07:00
Hey DP Family... I need some serious Tax Advice... Pls Help! 17:47:40
Civil rights buff ordered to back of courtroom. Caught on tape. 17:37:52
Attention: WA and ID states Freedom Lovers! 17:31:43
Wow! Ron Paul was just on Fox's "Happy Hour" to talk about the Rasmussen poll! 17:20:00
Fed Moves $421.8 Billion Without Warning, Is the Fed Bailing out Greece? 17:07:57
Ron Paul Supporters Given A Hard Time At SRLC 17:06:07
Wear your Ron Paul t-shirts today! 16:57:51
Last US sardine processor closing down 16:29:34
Library of Congress Acquires Entire Twitter Archive 16:23:50
It has begun... 16:23:21
He Can Actually Win - by Doug Wead 16:22:52
Why Gold & Silver Trailer - The Greatest Opportunity In The History Of Mankind - Mike Maloney 16:01:28
Is Grayson just getting desperate now? 15:56:32
CBS disses Rasmussen poll - comment if you can! 15:11:53
Firearms Refresher Course 15:06:06
Dr. Ron Paul ices Bernanke - IMF's $560 Billion Dollar Crisis Fund Escalation 14:59:04
A compilation of ancient history we're not allowed to know about or discuss 14:56:15
Guess What - Oklahoma stands up for State's Rights! 14:46:28
National Review posts on Rasmussen poll, quipping, "When the Seventh Seal is Broken...." 14:45:57
Ron Paul for President in 2012? 14:39:47
Federal Reserve lending in 2008 to the Supreme Court 14:19:27
WSJ tries to dismiss Rasmussen Poll showing Ron Paul nearly tying Obama in 2012 Match-Up -- !!COMMENT!! 14:09:11
Soldier Who Pushes Predator Button on al-Awlaki Will be Following Illegal Order, Subject to Prosecution 14:03:33
Is Ron Paul a divisive force in the Republican Party, or is he representative of a new direction for the party? 13:57:46
Canadian dollar now worth more than US dollar 13:13:34
Baldwin: Army Report Says Christians Threaten US Foreign Policy 13:12:24
Independent site covers Ron Paul shock poll 13:06:52
Survey: Ron Paul dead even with Obama in hypothetical 2012 race 13:05:53
The Questions from the Rasmussen Poll (Obama 42/Paul 41) 12:58:51
Beyond Tea Parties, Elections and Personalities 12:54:25
Step it up, we are winning 12:53:26
Election 2012: Barack Obama 42% Ron Paul 41% 11:06:39
Refute Gresham's law, spend silver. 10:01:41
Liberals Smear Wikileaks 09:30:48
" If he runs in 2012, [Ron Paul] has a serious chance to win...." 09:29:45
Prince George County Police Beating Of Student In College Park, Maryland! 09:29:05
A second whistle blower in the metals market! 09:28:18
Refute Gresham's law. 09:06:42
Priority One: Defeat Harry Reid 08:37:42
The "Show Me's" are getting ready!!!! DON'T MESS WITH MISSOURI 08:37:26
Has Scott Brown turned out to be a blessing in disguise for congressional Democrats? 08:30:22
The IMF Creates Another US$500 Billion Out Of Thin Air 07:55:11
"Ron Paul has a campaign organization that has an appeal and can deliver votes" 07:35:53
Ron Paul's "End the Mandate" Gets Bill Number HR4995 07:02:49
Bringing the troops home = a stronger military 06:18:14
Video: "CNN Poll Puts Ron Paul In Last Place For Presidential Nominee" 02:55:36
Ron Paul: Tea Party Godfather? 01:42:24
Arizona Passes Strict Illegal Immigration Act 01:29:05
Court to Hear Suit Over "Tea Party" Name 00:56:54
New AZ immigration law, national id, not immigration 00:56:01
Schiff for Senate -- new video, modified challenge 00:30:58
Terri McCormick MoneyBomb April 16-18, 2010 00:04:39