Posted on April 15, 2010

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Fluoride Warning For Infants - MSM Admits It's A Toxic Poison 21:40:10
YAL Chapter Given a Surprise $2000 Protest Bill, Experiences Unconstitutional Content Discrimination 20:38:31
Ron Paul / Obama Dead Heat Story - FRONT PAGE of DIGG! UPDATED!! 12:08:23
Straight from the Communist Manifesto - The Income Tax 10:59:47
Ron Paul speaking at Washington DC Tea Party 6:30-9:00pm [LIVE STREAM] 20:23:22
Mish on Why Ron Paul is the future of the GOP and not Sarah Palin 07:12:31
US Army: Civilian Inmate Labor Program! WTH? 02:08:02
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Digg! Bunning Endorses Rand 23:39:38
Massive fireball reported across Midwestern sky 23:32:06
Iceland Volcano, WOW, what a adventure these people had 23:29:32
Pastor George Lucas - The Other Rev. Manning Boiling Springs Tea Party 15APR10 23:23:03
Can someone help me, I seem to be addicted to going to teaparties? 22:55:52
Hating the government finally goes mainstream 22:26:55
INVISIBLE EMPIRE ALL NIGHT On Three Screens 22:16:41
Dead man wins Tracy City mayoral race 22:16:12
Had it not been for Mr. Michael Nystrom and the DP 21:46:18
Patriot Weatherman Declares Chemtrails Caused By Military 21:46:10
Very positive reactions to 9/11 truth highway blogging in California, April 9th. 21:24:36
"Invisible Empire" - Full Length Stream - jason bermas alex jones film 21:24:16
Anarchists at my local tea party today. 21:00:43
Hip-Hop Truther Jah Jah Live - 8pm EST!! 20:09:51
1976 Republican Primaries 20:06:59
Lord Monckton says: We need to support the troops to bring freedom to the Globe & support GLOBAL FREEDOM??? 20:02:25
NEW!!!! "Invisible Empire" part 1 20:01:59
Iceland's volcanic ash halts flights across Europe 19:46:52
End the Fed Rally April 24 19:32:49
Here's a Glenn Beck Video From Today-Dept. of Defense 19:27:02
Peter Schiff at Today's Tea Party Rally in Hartford and New Haven 18:39:36
RP sounding the alarm, just as George Mason did... 18:37:02
The Other 95% - The next Tea Party Psy Op 18:33:11
INVISIBLE EMPIRE Now Playing 18:33:03
Army War College Professor Says Military Brass Knows Mossad Behind 911, Pins Hopes on U.S. Veterans Organizations 18:01:52
Glenn Beck had an entire show today about bringing ALL of our troops home, stopping the wars and slashing the defense budget 17:55:02
Washington Examiner: Did America suddenly develop an insatiable appetite for 74-year-old, cranky congressmen from Texas? 17:44:24
WATCH INVISIBLE EMPIRE (Tonight At 7:30 Eastern) 17:23:45
Glenn beck is now preaching RP's foreign policy. 17:20:22
Time 100 Competition - Another push for Ron Paul 17:07:34
Follow the Money: Why the U.S. Mainstream Media has Mexico Under Seige 16:54:57
iPad Tortured to Death in Mass Social Experiment 16:37:49
Tea party express endorses Rand Paul : How is Grayson going to respond to this? 16:33:34
Must see video about the hidden tax the government doesn't want you to know about: 16:32:30
Dr. Paul was just on FOX and stated this most important point again. 15:50:20
Raids Going on in Arizona by ICE, FBI, DEA, ATF, Customs and Border Protection, Arizona's Department of Public Safety, etc. 15:49:46
TV's Tea Party Travesty 15:48:15
Why we should care about pollution and the environment 15:15:13
Progress?: Invisible RFID Ink is Safe For Humans & Cattle 15:07:14
H.R. 4995 End The Mandate - Where are the Co-Sponsors? We got 16! Set their pants on fire! 15:00:14
Ron Paul - The Mouse that is Roaring - Beats all Contenders in Poll 14:57:38
My problem with the Tea Partiers 14:49:51
Tax Reform is a Shell Game 14:40:10
Banksters Rally Round Fed To Keep Bailout Trillions Secret 14:31:45
Army Doc Questions Obama's Citizenship, Won't Deploy 14:16:17
Peter Schiff in Woodbury April 13 PURE SCHIFF 14:00:44
hip hip hooray for National Obedience Day! 13:46:43
Obamacare / Obama Eligibility March on Washington - Digg! 13:38:13
Video: Ron Paul on Fox News with Megyn Kelly 13:31:59
MUST have a "Recruit Ron Paul" Money Bomb THIS YEAR ...or on Memorial Day 13:31:09
Our Response to Ron Pauls Age 13:22:25
GOP Operatives (Tea Party Express) Crash The Tea Party 12:32:08
Ron Paul is speaking at DC tea party; His supporters should support HIS agenda not the coopted one 12:26:10
Liberty Related Podcasts 12:15:20
North European skies quieted by volcano 21:15:25
Ron Paul needs help in a Liberal Poll 11:59:30
The Huge Hidden Tax: Regulation 11:49:48
Contractor Deaths Accelerating in Afghanistan as They Outnumber Soldiers 11:47:49
Trend alert: The Great Slowdown of Fall '10 11:41:17
Library of Congress to "Archive" Tweets 11:35:47
Another 484k people lost their jobs last week 11:10:39
Need a chuckle? - Baffled by Health Plan? So Are Some Lawmakers 10:47:30
RON PAUL doesn't make Tea Party House Heroes list? Rand makes Senate, but no Ron Paul 10:42:35
Awlaki-Mania: The Rising Media Hysteria Over the New Mexico Cleric 10:40:50
America’s Loose Nukes in Israel **A Must Read** 10:37:34
Terri McCormick MoneyBomb Starts Tomorrow, goes to Sunday! 10:33:17
Become a Fan of 19 Year Old Mayor Romaine Quinn!! 10:27:58
Fed Moves 420 Billion - No Warning 10:17:37
Pledge Bomb Thread for Ron Paul 2012 Announcement Bomb 09:46:16
Trying to paint us as nut cases!!!! 09:34:38
Health Care Bill 09:11:44
Have you heard of Tor Client? (defends against traffic analysis) 09:10:50
FAKE Tea Party coverage... 09:00:14
The Encyclopedia of Country Living 08:47:51
A Tax Day topic - would make a nice Tea Party topic! 08:40:21
America as EMPIRE Conference: Left and Right Against War 08:39:57
Schiff for Senate -- new video, modified challenge 07:57:11
"Labstamp" - chipping without the chip now available 07:54:59
One Week for Truth 07:46:34
Police brutality- the whole force joins in beating an innocent bystander 07:42:06
LA Times: John Dennis purges discredited birther Orly taitz from California Tea Party 03:16:22
Rand Paul's neocon opponent Trey Grayson flip-flops on Iraq War 02:51:23
Government May Presume You're a Sex Offender! 02:37:25
Ron Paul Actually Can Win Article 02:33:16
What's all this nuclear terrorist attack talk coming from the White House about? 02:16:55
2nd Whistleblower emerges: A Deep Insider's Walkthru To Silver Market Manipulation! 02:14:52
He can actually win! 01:58:13
Trey Grayson is Done | VIDEO 4/14/10 01:45:50
Randy Brogdon trashed by Ed Schultz - fight back! 01:32:51
New Film by Jason Bermas and Alex Jones Premiers Tonight "WATCH IT HERE" 01:28:49
POLL: Is Bernanke Good for Your Money? 01:10:33
[Digg!] Barack Obama Wins Poll for President 2012 ;) 00:39:53
Would you give up your biometric data to fly? 00:14:47
More protests on the 19th need people 00:11:08