Posted on April 16, 2010

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Ron Paul Revolutionaries Abandon Beck in Droves; Ratings Hit 2010 Low 16:17:56
The Emperor of Hemp, Jack Herer passed away April 15, 2010 11 am pdt 14:30:18
The Sandow Flag 21:36:01
"Invisible Empire" New Full Movie by Jason Bermas 11:38:05
The Trouble with Trey Grayson 11:25:14
RP on MSNBC - 4/15/2010 10:42:26
The Southern Avenger - Was Joe Stack a Terrorist? 10:41:04
China and the March to WW III 10:21:26
Liberty Candidates Money Bomb April 16-18 09:40:21
Justin Raimondo - Ron Paul and the Libertarian Moment 08:38:29
Israel's Declining Sperm Quality Tied to Depleted Uranium Exposure 08:37:32
Drudge link: "Hating the government finally goes mainstream." Nice piece on RP 00:20:35
!!! Retiring Senator Jim Bunning Endorses Rand Paul !!! 00:24:42
Introducing Ron Paul's HR HR4995 - END THE MANDATE! 00:26:13
Rasmussen "Shock Poll" w/ Dr. Paul video interview: Ron Paul 41% Obama 42% in 2012! 10:22:13
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Tom Woods debates nullification with a blockhead 23:43:30
I Propose a New World Order! 23:31:46
Pay and Benefit Cuts For All Government Workers, Including the President and Congress? 23:00:45
Gerald Celente: The Economic Cover-Up is Coming Off 22:50:51
Iowa Sheriffs fight for right to pick and choose who gets permit to carry 22:38:38
Walnuts classified by the FDA as drugs? 22:37:07
Adam Kokesh interview on RT 22:11:29
The Glenn Beck Bait and Switch 21:51:26
Video: Why I Voted for Ron Paul 21:50:08
Army to be deployed on American soil just before Nov. elections 21:28:06
An Episode in History Every One Should Know About Presented by Thomas E Woods, Jr 21:13:21
Dr. Rand Paul's Tea Party Speech - Youtube 21:09:20
My dads's a neo con 21:06:14
Dylan exposes the Goldman/AIG Scam! - This is big and could greatly boost RP's popularity! 20:59:43
Adam Kokesh on RT 04/16/10 - Ron Paul 2012 20:44:34
Stick 187- Why Is This man Not Shackled And Serving Us 20:15:53
Ratigan - How the Fed and the Banks Ripped off the American People 20:10:49
Bank bill in peril, WH urges part be dropped 19:53:18
U.S. Congress: Mandatory Training Required 19:23:33
Illinois Cop Caught On Tape Beating Man 19:13:31
Arizona to allow concealed weapons without permit 19:11:51
EIGHT Banks Closed 4/16/10 in CA, WA, FL, MI, MA: Biggest $3.42B in FL 19:00:07
Dr. Rand Paul Tea Party Speech in Kentucky 18:54:56
Letter I received from Obama regarding Wall Street Reform 18:31:10
FOX: Police Officer Charged After Beating Driver 18:27:16
America's costliest condo 18:16:57
Time Magazine Secret Societies book 18:04:51
Should Judge Napolitano preside at Pastor Manning's Trial against Obama? 17:45:28
FRN's Needed To End The FED Wars IRS CIA... 17:38:13
HAMP Horror Show 17:14:40
Greenville SC Tea Party Saturday, April 17, 2010 Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm Location: BI-LO Center Street: 17:11:48
The assassination of civil liberties 16:57:54
CA Nov. ballot: Rome wasn't built in a day...The Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannibus Act of 2010 16:31:19
Here's a nifty "social class" tool 16:28:56
Is this gold/silver site reputable? 16:20:58
How to use the upcoming war with Iran against a Neo-Con 16:11:55
Video Of Maryland Police Brutally Beating Student 15:59:36
Continental Congress 2009 - DVD now available - Bob Schulz, Catherine Bleish, Stuart Rhodes on CNN 15:49:14
Vet commits suicide at VA front steps 15:49:12
Emergency Funding Needed for Rand Paul- Grayson has $1.1 million on hand, compared to Rand's $400,000 15:38:08
Declare your independence video contest: winner gets iPad 15:34:21
Goldman fraud charges, earnings sink markets 15:27:49
911 Post on Dr. Alan Sabrosky Scrubbed from Tea Party Nation Forum, Please Monitor 15:25:13
Is Goldman Sach's kissing up to Obama now? 15:23:35
Glen Beck Claiming "I've gone from a big hawk to not Ron Paul, but on the road to Ron Paul." 14:58:29
Mother Jones article on tea party movement 14:50:57
My friend is dying... 14:39:08
Trey Grayson's latest ad exposes him as a democrat. & attacks Ronald Reagan By Proxy 14:33:29
Meet The Patriots 14:15:07
Goodbye Freedom & Welcome Fascist Slavery? 14:13:27
Ron Paul On America Live w/ Megyn Kelly 4-15-10 14:12:56
I want to be the first to say... 13:50:47
Provocateur Exposing Signs at Tea Parties 13:36:23
Santorum endorses "100% pro-life" Grayson? 13:10:40
Jon Stewart To Fox News: "Go F--k Yourselves" (VIDEO) 12:44:17
Sinkhole swallows car on California street 12:43:57
3-Day Fundraiser for 126 Constitutional Conservatives from 32 states this weekend Apr 16-18 12:22:58
Bills must be read to congress 3 times befor congressional vote 12:11:34
Another Liberty Candidate for Congress 12:10:21
Justin Raimondo: RP and the Libertarian Moment 11:56:43
Another Grayson Attack Story on Rand Paul 11:35:25
Big dip in SILVER & GOLD....Buy! 11:19:43
PatriotsUnderGod's April 15th Tea Party Speech 10:57:04
Video- Brick Tamland as the average non RP Tea Partier 10:32:29
Destruction of videotapes documented in CIA e-mail 10:17:38
ObamaCare is RomneyCare 2.0 10:04:53
Do you see a F-16? 10:03:45
The Sheeple are getting Mad! 09:51:15
For those who don't have time to participate.... 09:47:01
Obama wants a Thank You? Is He Serious? 09:42:01
Question on Tax Rev. bill I just got 09:28:23
The Great Patriot Money Bomb for Liberty Candidates is NOW OPEN!! 09:25:06
Great Coverage of YAL at Tea Party, Bloomington, IN 4/16/10 09:00:05
Dirty Energy... 08:51:20
Ron Paul and the Libertarian Moment: "Freedom in our time" – is it possible? 08:41:34
Nolanchart - Obama 42%, Paul 41%. Is America Finally Waking Up? 08:35:00
"Tea Party" offering vile brew in Idaho 07:24:41
"The Downfall of the Tea Party Movement" 07:15:06
Court Martial makes me furious 06:41:26
Ron Paul supporter versus Rand Paul supporter at Tea Party 06:24:49
Here is Opening Segment of Glenn Beck Show-Cut Dept. of Defense 06:16:23
IS WASHINGTON D.C. or WASHINGTON STATE deserving of that name anymore??? 05:53:14
Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined 05:41:00
Ron Paul and the Libertarian Moment "Freedom in our time" – is it possible? 05:34:18
Contact these groups TODAY to endorse Schiff 04:06:07
INVISIBLE EMPIRE 10:46 Pacific 01:49:10
Coming up to 3 years - RP vid !!! 01:29:02
"Ron Paul Snubbed Again" -- Rick Santelli given credit for Tea Party Movement 01:22:45
Who on here went to a teaparty today? Just trying to see where we are at, we need to hit these things 00:33:21
Ron Paul's Tax Day Tea Party Speech 00:28:42
Lord Monckton: Shall we support thy NWO? Or have we given thee too much credence?[UPDATE: VIDEO] 00:26:15
Liberty Money Bomb 2010 Now Live! 00:25:09
CBS Poll: Fox News Succeeds In Hijacking Tea Parties From Ron Paul 00:16:37
PLUNDER, the Movie - Coming Soon! 00:13:07
Army to Court Martial Officer Who Doubts Obama Was Born in U.S. 00:09:15