Posted on April 17, 2010

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Eyjafjallajökull: Iceland's Revenge! 17:22:38
Ron Paul The Most Popular Congressman On Facebook 09:47:32
Video:: Jack Cafferty: Do You Hate The U.S. Government? (Talks about Ron and Rand)... 06:43:40
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Silver Delivery Defaults Last December (and SLV Detail) 23:33:15
Overtaxed, underpaid, tired of big government and police state. Here is your personal solution. 23:10:40
Schiff - 2010 - New $500,000 challenge -- spread the word! 22:56:18
An Immoral Act: Why Christians of Every Persuasion Should Renounce Torture by Jonathan D. Boatwright 22:51:04
Torture: What is at Stake? by Jonathan D. Boatwright 22:44:04
You know what would make a great bumper sticker? 22:21:21
Reagan's Socialized Medicine Recording 22:19:28
Sat Night Party Thread 22:15:38
Kokesh Smear Artists Include Thugs Who Attacked Grieving Gold Star Dad 21:53:28
UK: Nick Clegg nearly as popular as Winston Churchill 21:47:51
Really cool video from 1905 - San Francisco! 20:32:08
The Story of Your Enslavement 20:28:44
EU Declares: Holidays Are A Human Right! 19:57:33
A Special Day for Freedom Thursday 19:28:06
Cap and Tax is back - Obama is destroying the USA 18:38:15
Coming Economic Disaster Ensures Ron Paul Victory Over Obama 18:19:22
This Is It - They Don't Care About Us ! 18:00:45
Money obsolete!? 17:46:50
That Old Pair of Jeans! 15:47:25
George Washington racks up late fees at NY library 15:06:23
Thomas Jefferson and the American Revolution - Free Ebook 15:06:16
Germany considering legal action against Goldman Sachs 15:03:33
The "Concurrent Resolution", a shortcut to Restoring the Republic? 15:01:26
Thomas Paine Returns !! 15:00:35
World War III ? 14:57:12
The Global Economic Crisis: Riots, Rebellion and Revolution - When Empire Hits Home 14:21:33
Those Buildings On 9/11 Were Imploded! - Willie Nelson 14:19:13
Liberty Candidates Sabotaged By The Neo-Cons? 14:04:57
A soldier's poem 13:41:21
Question: How did he shoot himself TWICE IN THE HEAD? 13:20:20
Russia Today: Who Are The Oath Keepers? 13:19:13
What's Going on With the Spam Filters? Regarding, (Psst!) Eight-plus-One, Ten-plus-One 13:19:12
Israel is going to nuke US and blame Iran 13:00:33
Is It American Policy to Shoot the Wounded and Commit War Crimes? 12:53:01
New Liberty Ticker with record coverage 12:30:06
The norm in the HOSPITAL Medicare relationship (a short story) 12:25:42
Army Officer Who Challenged Obama Reassigned with no charges so far. 12:05:27
Krauthammer: Snooty Obama Sees Tea Party Proletariat as Stupid & Paranoid 11:22:50
Do You Hate The Government? - The Cafferty File 11:05:51
What happened to Wendy Macy? 11:03:36
18 minute movie from 4409 10:36:28
Political Grafitti 10:29:34
Goldman fraud charges trigger possible wider crackdown 10:21:34
America and the Dictators 09:59:27
This Was Reported in The British Press 09:04:53
PA school uses school issued laptops to spy on students 08:43:10
Ex-Blackwater officials indicted 07:14:59
Ron Paul and CELL (Common Everyday LiberaLs): A Plan for Courtship 06:58:28
General Electric got bailed out by American taxpayers yet pays no US taxes! 06:25:34
Are we the people really the government? 05:42:34
Planes Grounded 05:32:07
Stossel Show - Inconvenient Taxes! 04:31:10
Free Your Mind! 04:27:15
Paul endorses USAF officer for Congress in AZ 03:01:13
Dr. Paul endorses Hostettler in Indiana 02:56:17
The Purpose of Man 02:43:51
Let's not put all of our eggs in a one basket! Time to help Schiff. 02:27:29
This GREAT video has only 11.000 views! 02:21:07
Sometimes small stupid stuff that shouldn't makes you happy 02:17:00
The Man Behind The New World Order Mindset??? 01:31:01
Trend alert: State budget crises on the way 00:22:08
Organizers Prepare for May 1 Immigration Rallies 00:11:17