Posted on April 20, 2010

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Ron Paul on End Insanity Of The War on Drugs 13:29:01
CNN Report on Patriot Movement - Liberty Restoration Project, Oath Keepers and We The People 11:44:51
SPLC Publishes Patriot Hit List 11:27:07
The Asset That Backs Our National Debt is YOU! 10:54:39
The Southern Avenger: Smells Like Ron Paul Spirit 02:23:32
Ron Paul helps Rand get the 100k before Midnight April 19th 00:07:41
Rudy's $100,000 impact on Rand Paul race 00:03:05
$101,469 in One Day! Rudy Giuliani's Blowback Patriot's Day Money Bomb for Rand Paul 10:10:14
Black Tea Party vs. Keith Olberman/MSNBC 10:49:44
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Need Basic Fractional Reserve Banking Flier 23:38:22
Alaska Joins 20 Other States in HC Bill Lawsuit 23:31:42
Puerto Rico scraps EVERY birth certificate 23:00:44
Lower Merion School District Report: Web Cams Snapped 56,000 Images 22:59:48
New Ron Paul iPhone app!! 22:07:13
Hannity attacks Ron Paul, says Rudy wins this argument 21:32:28
Have we put all our eggs in one basket? 21:23:04
Blagojevich calls feds 'cowards and liars' 21:07:56
Rothschild and the Irish potato famine? 21:06:51
Al Gore is going to put out the Volcano! 20:54:26
Intentional communities, successes and failures 20:53:37
WHOA!!! Ariz House: Check Obama's Citizenship -- ALL states should pass this! 20:30:49
4409 -- McCain admits Americans are the Enemy Belligerents 20:24:19
W.H. stomps on 1st Amendment. Shuts park to hide protests! 20:02:58
I Need Some Help With Information On A Particular Topic... 19:36:22
Gandhi 19:14:14
Neocons Attack Rand Paul By Tying Him To His Dad's Foreign Policy 18:44:42
WSJ: James Dobson Vs Ron Paul! Clash over Indiana Senate Primary 18:41:31
anyone know what happend to bo gritz? 18:37:11
CPS nabs 7 year old child because of Parents political views 18:19:58
Fascist Speech In Technicolor Vol. 1 18:16:43
More tales of our run amuck police state by Will Grigg 17:54:50
They called me Don Quixote!!! 17:05:07
Going to see Ralph Nader tonight(MICA, Baltimore, MD 7pm) 17:03:43
Raw, in your face videotaped corruption, Kalifornia style.... 16:54:36
"Right Network" channel with Kelsey Grammar coming this summer 16:53:25
Classic (1988) Ron Paul OWNING some mindless toolbag! 16:31:56
Finally, the help Ron Paul supporters need to gain love, acceptance, and tolerance... 16:19:29
Chuck Baldwin: SPLC Publishes Patriot Hit List 16:17:47
Photo of Federal Reserve Board Aug 10, 1914.............. 16:12:47
The priorities of the world 16:01:29
Good-bye Republicans and Democrats, the Independent Revolution is underway 15:53:09
Obama clashes with gay rights hecklers in L.A. 15:52:18
SEC is looking into accounting at 19 biggest banks 15:45:10
CSPAN Q&A: Janet Tavakoli (Dear Mr. Buffett...) 15:24:46
Rep. Ron Paul on Imus 4/20/10 15:20:35
Van Irion On The Record with Greta Van Susteren 15:03:29
James Madison Raided by Police, 900 Photographs Seized 15:01:19
Next bubble: $600 trillion? 14:53:55
The Liberty Movement: Unite or Die 14:45:42
Where are the Regulators Who Will Regulate? High-Frequency Trading as High-Tech Robbery 13:56:57
John Hostettler for US Senate Money Blitz! 13:53:24
The MSM’s Dangerous Game 13:10:42
One black eye after another 13:06:05
Immigration reform could lead to biometric Social Security card 12:56:11
Worried about Schiff's lack of media coverage 12:41:46
Surviving an Earthquake: The Triangle of Life 12:39:46
Goldman Sachs Under-fire Goldman Sachs reveals 90% jump in profits 12:38:17
Economic Liberty vs. Industrial Democracy 12:35:41
America’s Economic Recovery Is a Rotten Sham 12:34:48
Lex. Herald on Rand Paul: Top Priorities are Cut Fed. Spending and Term Limits 12:20:31
It’s Official! Freedom Watch Coming To TV! 12:17:47
Dick Morris: Bill Clinton Personally Orchestrated the 1993 Waco, Texas Tragedy 11:52:09
For Ron Paul suporters eyes only. 100 year subversion 10:59:28
RT- Goldman Sachs Fraud Charge: Bonuses for Buttons 10:49:51
Ron Paul challenges GOP’s foreign policy agenda 10:28:10
The Pharmaceutical Complex = Death 10:15:13
Luxury? No, vacationing is a right! 10:10:51
Inside Paulson's Deal with Goldman 10:02:07
Ron Paul 2012 begins here... 09:46:36
YouTube: George W. Bush to Champion Internet Freedom! - "He is the #1 defender of freedom." 09:43:53
Cops do right after wrong 09:13:40
BLOWBACK ALERT: Saudi Arabian King Abdullah gets his own blimp....sort of... 09:02:57
UK: New speed cameras trap motorists from space 08:42:26
Great background article on Rand 08:39:35
Video Update: Did anyone catch that nonsense on Anderson Cooper? 08:01:07
A Nightmare Before Deathmass 07:54:45
Commercial screening of Infowars films 05:32:08
CNN: "We're Just Normal Folks" Militia Member 03:57:27
A classic: George Bush preaching the message on non-interventionism in 2000 02:48:45
Ron Reagan warns about socialized medicine - 50 Years Ago! 02:31:29
The Hypocrisy Of The Obama Birth Certificate Issue 02:08:09
Happy 4/20 Everyone! 00:20:20
Petition for Congress to be mandated to use their new health care system too 00:12:31