Posted on April 21, 2010

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Death by Sugar 22:56:43
Paul Endorses Ron Hood for Congress in Ohio 20:05:04
WSJ: Ron Paul Steps Into Indiana Senate Race with Endorsement of John Hostettler 18:54:28
Love Shall Break Our Chains 17:33:35
Jury Nullification 12:30:40
Video: "Food Inc." (Google Video in 6 parts KEEP Bumped for the Sunday Crowd) 13:50:59
Bill Black on Lehman Failure: We Need to Be Blunt 12:26:55
Texas Straight Talk 4/19/10 on H.R.4995: End the Mandate! 09:42:59
Dr. Ron Paul on Don Imus Show - 4/20/2010 00:15:36
Peter Schiff Pledges to Match all April Donations! 09:38:16
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I think it is about time we reject this crap 23:21:46
Propaganda from the Mainstream Press on the SEC-Goldman Case 23:21:46
The Obama Admin Must Be Stopped in 2010! 22:38:53
It Is Official -- 3 Way Race for US Senate in Florida! 22:33:29
Adam Kokesh live Thurs. April 22 with Don Harrold, 9 pm EST 22:27:10
South Park is censoring itself? 22:16:40
Do you want Ron Paul to run for president in 2012?? If he does will the news media 21:48:29
OFF TOPIC: Foreign Accent Syndrome. 21:38:06
Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is in Favor of the Az Immigration Bill 21:28:54
Ariz. court discovers original OK Corral papers 21:27:02
Beck, Farah, Bachmann, Ron Paul on 'patriot' hit list Left-leaning group releases ranking of Americans it says should be watched 21:19:52
Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin on government watch list 21:14:29
Test 21:13:37
DIY Silver Bomb! 20:58:08
I wonder if I can substitute neocons? 20:44:18
WATCH POLICE STATE 4: The Rise of FEMA 20:35:27
Thought you might like this. 20:09:41
There is another Oyate 20:03:14
Ron Paul only gets 7% in PPP New Hampshire front runner poll 19:52:50
Sarah Palin Stars in New Rand Paul Ad 4/21/10 19:07:11
IMF and Bundesbank fear 'contagion' from Greece, while UK gas over $7/gal. 18:40:38
Robot Invades San Diego! Oh, it's just Mitt. 18:35:09
Katy Abrams Asks Pennsylvanians to vote Rohrer for Governor!! 18:30:04
Southern Poverty Law Center Publishes "PATRIOT HIT LIST"(!!!) 18:24:30
— Gordon Liddy interviews Lt. Col. Terry Lakin and his attorney about Obama eligibility 18:17:24
“Lost Horizons” web site owner and publisher of “Cracking the Code sentenced to 33 months 17:59:51
Adm. Mullen Evades Answer on Shooting Down IAF Jet 17:58:44
Hawaiian anti-birther bill moves forward 17:36:10
Argument against "No bailouts would've meant the end of western civilization" 16:42:29
Ron Paul Endorses Ron Hood for Congress 16:25:27
Private Student Loans and Bankruptcy protection 16:17:06
Death of A Polish President 16:05:13
Happy Earth Day, RIP George Carlin 16:02:01
The Sovereign Individual 15:48:34
WSJ: Why Government Regulations Don't Work 15:35:51
South Park Death Threat 14:33:23
CAIVN officially launches Declare your Independence video contest 14:31:03
AZ on the verge of passing Presidential Birth Certificate Law 14:21:10
Ralph Nader Rips Obama, Praises Rep. Ron Paul - Paul Nader 2012 14:20:34
Jacob Hornberger on a constitutional amendment for economic liberty 14:08:02
Jim Rogers: Abolish the Fed! 13:54:00
A good way to view the two main camps in the Tea Party (ie. young + old) 13:27:15
How Much Does Afghanistan Surge Cost You? 13:03:40
I thought the govt. basically owned GM, now..why are they saying this? 13:01:04
Contest Promotes Govt. Regulations, win $2,500 12:38:09
British Bullion Websites Charging Hefty Premiums Over Spot 12:29:48
Warmongers desperate for cannon fodder: Caught forging re-enlist papers 12:12:23
Bullion/Ingots or Coins 12:01:26
US goes high-tech to redesign the $100 bill 11:52:24
Sedition 11:44:19
Support Liberty Candidates With...Soap! 11:32:40
Help CFL audit the fed banner bomb... 11:24:59
A Tour of Mises's Online Academy 11:22:39
Check out this video! Tea Partiers get kicked out of their own rally! 11:22:34
Whos in Pennsylvania??? 11:16:42
Trend alert: Trouble brewing in China 11:09:27
POLL ACTION: Vote for Hostettler in this Radio Station's Poll 10:52:06
My Battle Against the Fed- Ron Paul 3/27/10 Mises Circle 10:36:22
Satirists bunker down after Hitler clips pulled 10:25:50
WeAreChange & Stephen Colbert 10:22:09
The Slippery Definition of Extremist 09:57:50
Peter Schiff - Barkhamsted, CT 09:56:13
Video: Hot Women Cause Earthquakes?! 09:53:06
More hype about Iran? 09:49:32
Jake Towne: Signature Gathering Update & Upcoming Events 09:39:39
Palin wants to remove separation of church and state (Palin vs Paul poll, too) 07:13:35
Goldman Sachs Hearing?? 06:34:06
Schiff on the campaign trail 05:26:43
Gary North to Walter Burien: where is your evidence? 02:22:44
'Consequence Management Response Force' Will be Ready for Deployment on American Soil if so Ordered by the President. 00:57:36
Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms? 00:35:18
Russia Reports Over 2 Million Dead In US As Mysterious Die-Off Accelerates 00:15:36
Wall Street Journal: Ron Paul Steps Into Indiana Senate Race 17:49:29