Posted on April 23, 2010

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Weekend Watching: The Story of Your Enslavement 21:40:07
Video: Rand Debates All 5 Republican Senate Candidates - April 23 2010 10:27:29
Deadly Airborne Fungus in Oregon Set to Spread 08:59:45
The Southern Avenger: Conservatism in Exile 08:30:12
Video Update: Ron Paul on Hardball with Chris Matthews 00:38:32
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You Do the MATH 23:41:58
Original intent of the 14th Amendment 23:12:23
I'm tired of being hassled by the Man 22:47:54
Do You Unknowingly Have Any of These Diseases? 22:35:17
Trey Grayson Caught Red Handed in Tax Hypocrisy 22:29:14
Marc Faber: Cash Will be a Disaster 22:26:10
The High Price Today of Immigration Reform in 1965 21:55:38
Google Mapping Home Wireless Networks With Street View Car 21:09:25
Anti-IMF protest 21:07:00
Greece seeks bailout from IMF, European Union 20:28:29
Video: John Dennis Republican Primary Debate 20:19:35
Happy Earth Day - NYPD STEALS hundreds of bikes for Obama visit, possible pipe bombs! 20:08:54
Rand Paul accuses Grayson of hypocrisy over taxes 19:20:20
Starving the beast... Withholding withholding taxes 19:08:27
Who owns you? 18:44:13
Rand Paul will be on BBC at 7 pm Eastern, updated with video! 18:24:15
Eyewitness Accounts of Martial law Build Up! 18:16:42
NIA: Food prices rise most in 27 years. 17:07:23
Silverstein Was Calling Lawyer To Get Double Insurance On WTC On The Evening Of 9/11 16:58:45
Does anyone have a video link of Rand Paul's debate today? I only saw the fiery end. 16:54:52
Iowa Freedom Report launches 16:52:45
Q: Why Don’t Tea Parties Care About Wall Street? A: Because Fox Didn’t Tell Them To 16:31:39
Conservatism in Exile 16:29:56
RJ Harris ready to launch next phase of his liberty campaign 16:22:26
AZ Governor Just Signed SB 1070 16:20:56
List of well known Libertarians 15:41:20
There are too many of us 15:22:07
Sue Lowden's plan to pay for health care 15:20:46
Proof Alex Jones has worked for the NWO 15:15:24
Air Force Launches Secretive X-37B Space Plane on Mystery Mission 15:00:18
Obama: Ariz. immigration measure 'misguided' 14:45:38
The 3 ways to organize society 14:37:02
The Good Guys Were Anti-Constitution: Albert Jay Nock on the early struggle 14:29:55
Trend alert: France marching toward showdown with Al-Qaeda 14:24:48
Federal Reserve "Whistle Blower" exposes the fraud and provides a quick and sustainable solution 14:19:57
George Gordon has added two new series 14:14:47
Andrij Mendierej, we will remember you. NWO: WE KNOW 14:08:35
WSJ: "Goldman Sachs Has A Greater Responsibility Than You Can Possibly Fathom" 13:59:16
Freedom Movement Faces Dire Threats From Within Must Read!! 13:49:09
110 mpg supercar starts production this year. Engine made right here in Ohio 13:08:47
Obama slams pending Ariz. immigration law 12:39:51
FDA Says Walnuts Are Drugs and Doritos Are Heart Healthy 12:38:26
Alan Grayson Discloses That Dodd Bill Covertly Eliminates Already Passed Legislation Requiring Full Fed Audit 12:32:13
Psychiatric Drugging of Infants and Toddlers in the US 12:28:12
RT- Obama = Wall Street? Celente on corruption and gambling in finance 12:05:58
High times for American marijuana protesters to light up across the country 11:46:48
Roll Call Poll: How many DPers know "government" is a Foreign Private Corporation? Sign thread. Update: 53 Signers* 11:42:19
WAKE UP!!! Call your Senators Immediately......NO on Financial Reform and.... 11:31:58
Bombshell: Silverstein Wanted To Demolish Building 7 On 9/11 11:24:36
Dodd Bill Covertly Eliminates Already Passed Legislation Requiring Full Fed Audit 11:21:31
Next wave of activist lobbying: 'Hijack' Congress members' Facebook profiles 11:17:07
Greek Economic Capitulation Arrives: IMF-EU Bailout 10:24:44
Let's get Dr. Paul on the Howard Stern Show!!! 09:58:27
Dear Southern Poverty Law Center, please add me to your list. 09:55:52
Canadians Have A 'Smokey' On Parliament Hill They Are Calling '4/20' 09:34:51
Need some help with Ron Paul iPhone app update 09:32:12
The guy who filmed the shots fired at the Polish Plane Crash Was Assassinated 08:35:02
Pro-Humanity Patriot: push for sanctions "propaganda to go to war with Iran for special interests." 07:33:10
Howard Stern & Penn Jillette Vote Ron Paul 2012 07:11:56
Ron Paul Supporter sues DHS after arrest for filming courthouse protest 06:21:59
Rand Paul Poll, KY Senate race 05:41:40
DAILY PAUL YouTube Channel needed 05:38:50
"Debate Settles Key Question for SF Republicans" (John Dennis) 04:46:40
Peter Schiff puts in $500,000! If we match it by April 30, He'll match our moneybomb! 04:27:25
Insects, peppermints, and you 01:56:52
President Obama on American Idol "You all my Dawgs (dogs)" 01:52:15
Another Record Liberty Ticker 01:17:37
Judge says federal reserve notes are not money, refuses them. 01:13:52
Love Gold & Silver Manipulators 01:01:26