Posted on April 26, 2010

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Ron Paul 2012 begins now! 21:00:50
Ross Perot's TRUE legacy... 14:24:54
Imprisoned in the USA for "Obstruction of Justice" 12:55:33
1992 Flashback: Ross Perot and the Giant Sucking Sound 11:29:54
More American Expatriates Give Up Citizenship 10:41:44
Dr. Ron Paul on HR2194: "Today's Conversation Was Nothing But War Propaganda!" 10:21:44
Update - HR 4995 - 9 Co-sponsors 12:30:39
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Grassley: GM Didn't Really Pay U.S. Back 23:57:50
do-it-yourself book censorship 23:54:57
Steny Hoyer doing the electric slide 23:42:54
Goldman Sachs Fraud Sparks The Next American Revolution 23:32:19
Marriage and Health 23:29:54
Peter Schiff Schools Keynesian Economist 23:25:20
The Southern Avenger- Praising Arizona 23:08:18
Immortal Technique stands up for Mamui Abu Jamal 23:07:29
What Are They? 22:54:36
Phone Calls for JOHN HOSTETTLER... More Volunteers Needed ...Lets Take Indiana Now! 21:33:19
Monday Night Laugh. 21:21:00
A Theonomic Defense of Pacifism 21:12:54
Financial overhaul falls short in procedural vote 4/26/10 21:01:03
¿quién va a celebrar el Cinco de Mayo conmigo y mis amigos 21:00:01
Senate probe: Goldman planned to profit from bust 20:32:34
Stop Low-down Lowden - She stopped NV Ron Paul delegates /supporters. 20:25:42
"Can you disappear in surveillance Britain?" 20:03:06
hungry? 19:37:12
Video: The $330 Billion (a year!) Scam 19:08:52
They hijacked the tea party. Now they are hijacking NOVEMBER 5TH!!!! 18:34:38
"Financial Reform" Cloture Vote Fails 18:25:25
PATRIOTS' DAY 2010 : President John Tyler IV TERMINATES 1st state of National Emergency resulting in martial rule made by Abe Li 18:10:21
Yea - 57% Is this good? 18:06:31
Learn How to Fight the debt Collectors and win 17:36:49
Bernie Sanders to reintroduce the Audit the Fed bill tonight 16:58:55
It's Not Too Early to Start Lobbying Congress 16:55:30
The Summation of our Declining Economy 16:19:34
A nation of sovereigns 16:15:04
Schiff picked another RTC endorsement! 15:46:17
Ron Paul On 'An Act Of War' 15:42:18
Its Beginning: Chicago Violence leaves State Congressmen asking for National Guard (Military) Occupation! 15:40:13
Court strikes blow to Wal-Mart in sex bias suit 15:13:30
Judge warns: 'Arm yourselves!' 14:45:27
Dylan Ratigan on Goldman Emails 14:45:16
Conservative GOP senators may not be conservative enough 14:36:21
True Stutzman video 14:31:45
This Defeats the Notion About Profiling Brown Skinned People. 14:17:43
Terri McCormick WINNING in Wisconsin 8 - Needs YOUR Help! 14:14:13
Obama plays Race Card: Rallies Blacks, Latinos for '10 Upset 14:07:47
Atmosphere (r3volution remix) Dedicated to the grassroots! 13:41:17
DON'T BE A FOOL: America is Back-doored 13:27:47
Chinese Report Documents Human Rights Disaster in the United States 13:27:44
Forbes Warns of Police Union Takeover 13:18:01
Don't Fence Me In 13:14:57
The Devaluation of the U.S. Dollar, Gold's Springboard 13:13:42
Illinois - Medical Cannabis Bill - FINAL PUSH!!! 13:04:30
Freedom Bill 12:37:20
Trend alert: Bank failures starting to accelerate 12:35:12
Digg for Bovard... 12:33:23
AZ SB 1070 May be Moot if Obama and the Democrats Have Their Way 12:23:12 updated with Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation 12:22:30
RealClearPolitics on possibility of a Dark Horse a la Goldwater in 2012 - mentions the Pauls 12:15:51
Shale by the Pail: Europe Shakes Its Fist at Russian Hegemony 11:46:21
Hang onto your hat-- Here Come The New Taxes 11:28:56
They say the AZ immigration law is D O A 10:44:57
Democrats willing to test GOP in Wall St. showdown 10:44:25
Goldman Girds for War 10:40:25
New and Improved Flu Scam 10:35:38
Independent site talks up Ron Paul again 10:34:40
Goldman 'bet against securities it sold to clients' ! 10:24:47
Ron Paul Lawmaker Ratings from The Hill 09:35:05
Van Irion for Congress has a class action lawsuit against Obamacare 09:21:43
Understanding "rights" 08:48:59
Celente: Proposed Financial Reform is a show and scam! 08:40:25
Fox Runs the Tea Party 08:25:22
Does Equality Mean We Are All The Same 08:10:22
Violent streak beginning to show - on the left 07:55:19
Thoughts 07:45:07
Paul casts lot with down-ticket candidates 07:22:55
Audit the Fed Update: Senate Votes Tonight Monday 04/26 06:54:11
Peter Schiff: New financial regs will likely increase severity of next crisis 06:26:25
Illinois lawmakers requesting martial law - this is not good 06:12:34
Video: Schiff for Senate "May Day Money Bomb" 05:24:12
Sheldon Richman on why RP is wrong on the subject of amnesty for illegals 01:06:22
False flag outrage - Phony 'South Park' Jihadists 01:00:10
Perry will lose in November ! 00:55:42
Oyate baiting racists, limited engagement, tonight only 00:45:53
The Coffee Party Heats Up 00:29:10
Just liked to say hi to all here.. 00:15:57
Kokesh Endorses Van Irion 00:08:05