Posted on April 28, 2010

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Proof America is Awakening: U.S. Banking Senator on Brink of Defeat 23:39:30
Is it me? 21:11:34
Republican Crist to Run as Independent in FL Sen Race 14:44:44
Help Spread The Liberty Spirit At Tea Party Events 13:53:24
Fed to Excercise Central Control, Set Price of Money Today - 2:15pm 10:59:26
Dr. Ron Paul's Transition Plan 14:41:37
Come Join Us for a Liberty Convention in Missoula, Montana 13:44:31
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Map shows Schiff's endorsement progress 23:55:21
Wednesday Night Documentary List 23:55:06
Will a Congressional Rebellion Bring the Afghan War to an End? 23:21:34
GM repays Gubermint Bailout with... 23:03:17
Video... Mexico police react to new Arizona law.... 23:03:15
Wow!! Schiff batting 667 23:00:45
Greenwald Reports on Pregnant Women Killing and Cover-up in Afghanistan 22:47:11
Reuters Rambles on the US Milita 22:28:09
How Should Ron Paul Handle Himself On Television With Hostile Interviewers? 22:01:40
Ode to Goldman & Magnetar: Bet Against the American Dream 21:37:06
Tea Party Hypocrisy on Socialism 20:37:29
P.M. (POS) Gordon Brown Caught On Open Mic Calling Voter 'Bigoted' 19:51:20
You have made enough. 19:47:39
The GOP caves in on Financial Reform 19:40:26
Putting American Troops on the Border will Corrupt Them 19:30:56
Holy Cow, The Treasury Is Taking Online Donations To Pay Down The Debt 19:04:05
Where is Heaven? 19:00:41
New Book "Made In The USA" Looks Interesting 18:51:15
Video - The Next Dubai ??? 18:44:46
R.I.P. American Space Program. We will miss you. 18:37:40
It's Already Working 18:31:31
TAX Myths! 18:29:50
CNN's Jack Cafferty: Arizona's tough new immigration law hasn't even gone into effect yet, and it's already working: 18:08:51
Job in Florida with FIJA 17:52:49
Rule of Law Revolution signs 20 candidates in first week! 17:47:59
Is Arizona closed to Everyone???? 17:45:12
Colorado Cops To Use Biometric Iris Scanners For Suspects Kids And Seniors 17:40:40
The Wrong Side of Immigration 17:25:19
Tea Party Brewing In Brooklyn (VIDEO) 16:57:26
Trend alerts: Europe, Foreign interest rates, China, and the Federal Reserve 16:34:42
Peter Schiff -4/27/10 - Economics 101 + Why We're in Such a Mess 16:20:25
And then they came for the Raw Milk... 16:02:03
One Major Reason for the Housing Bubble Collapse and What Lead Up to It. 15:41:55
Are Illegal Aliens Subsidizing Mexico's Economy, While Destroying Ours? 15:25:26
AZ Immigration & ObamaCare have a lot in common.... Fascism 14:58:51
A Nervous Media, A Nervous Government...makes me nervous 14:53:13
Cutting Through the Spaghetti 14:25:44
Happy Meals Are Now ILLEGAL 14:15:18
Timothy F. Geithner- Using Education to Cope With a Complex Economy 14:13:28
Relieving frustration, music video 13:43:27
NYTimes calls Senator Lindsey Graham, Our (GAG!) Hero? 13:36:11
Mexican president slams Arizona immigration law 13:20:00
Economics 101: "Why We're in Such a Mess" with Peter Schiff on tech ticker: 4/28/10 13:02:08
Ron Paul LOSING reddit poll against Obama? Must be reddit to vote, vote DOWN for RP, 13:02:00
Too BIG for Jail...? 12:59:18
Exclusive Interview with Liberty Restoration Project Founder! 12:39:44
Criminal or civil charges likely against NY fed? 12:29:55
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Dobson Endorses Trey Grayson In Kentucky GOP Senate Primary 12:24:17
Independent site urges Coffee Party to support Audit the Fed bill 12:18:09
The Survival Podcast - Jack Spirko 12:16:57
Greek debt crisis spreading 'like Ebola'.. 12:14:38
Police State :: Born Free Video by M.I.A. 11:43:26
VIDEO Wish-TV CBS News8 Indianapolis: Dan Coats Accused of Hiding 12 Years of Lobbying Income to Slither Past John Hostettler 11:39:22
The other part of the story 11:33:38
Blame Arizona and DC! Video Here 11:32:47
Is a good site to buy silver and gold? 11:18:45
New Hostettler poll 11:12:18
Gov. Perry shoots coyote during jog 11:06:43
Legalizing Marijuana More Popular Than Obama, Health Reform, and the War on Terror 10:58:48
Gary Johnson on the Jason Lewis Show 10:45:30
The Southern Avenger- Mike Church's "The Spirit of '76" 10:44:12
Macy Clinton, Niece Of Bill And Hillary, Living On Food Stamps 10:35:46
Texas lawmaker to introduce anti-immigration bill 09:57:14
Obama Denies Connecticut Citizens Aid. Could this help Peter Shiff? 09:12:38
Ron Paul on the record regarding illegal immigrants 08:33:45
Look how hard they work to invoke Lucifer! 08:27:27
Stand With Arizona (and Against Illegal Immigration) 08:23:08
Artist with a heart: Cancels tour to protest war 07:26:08
Bank robbed. Just read it, you won't regret it. 07:18:58
Police State Canada 2010 and the G20 summit 07:06:10
How Should Ron Paul Handle Himself On Television With Hostile Interviewers? 05:36:43
After Watching This Video I Am Convinced China Will Rule the World 04:41:18
BLM Ranger Uses Excessive Force!!! 03:02:46
Schiff interviewed by African American Conservatives 4/27 (youtube) 02:56:24
Just in case you missed it, Glenn Beck confirms a few things 02:39:15
Rioting in Arizona Over Immigration Law 01:29:48
What Gold Bubble? 01:28:18
Who's Racist? Video from aravoth 01:23:14
How Should Ron Paul Handle Himself On Television With Hostile Interviewers? 01:14:13
Goldman Satire - Funny 00:46:55
European Central Bank Considers Economic 'Nuclear Option' and 'Haircuts' 00:29:42