Posted on April 3, 2010

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Weekend Listening: Peter Schiff & John Williams on King World News 23:27:01
AMAZING New Rand Paul Commercial - THE MACHINE! 22:55:50
Matt Taibbi - Rolling Stone - Looting Main Street 18:30:05
Rand Paul Patriots' Day Moneybomb - April 19th - One Final Blitz to Win the Primary! 14:50:41
Steve Dore: We Are Not Gonna Take Anymore 23:30:31
GOP Threatens To Remove Ron Paul From All Committee Assignments 23:29:46
Ron Paul on Dylan Ratigan - 4/1/10 23:29:19
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Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick, III Arrested for trying to Expose Government Corruption 22:27:39
Will you stand with the Constitution and America? 21:25:10
I have a good cop story 21:00:22
Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the Messiah of Darkness 20:17:44
The Forces of Evil Continue to Spread Poison in Our Skies: Photographic Proof 19:11:44
Government continues to spray the sky with Aerosol/ Aluminum, video I took yesterday: 18:30:54
Yahoo E-mail scam? 17:39:00
"US Treasury delays China currency report" 17:28:14
Militias, Political Activists, Government Agents, and Violence Against Politicians 16:43:04
Interesting read,,,a short,,,History de Rothschild 16:18:01
FED Reveals Secret Bailout of Bear Stearns 16:13:50
ABC Nightline Story on Michigan Missionary Family's Plane Shootdown 16:07:14
Ron Paul's "End the Fed" on the new Apple iPad? 15:56:07
Obama And His Anti-Christian Views 15:48:51
A World Without Cancer- Part 1 15:39:58
Mike Maloney Predicts Property Bubble About To Burst - Get Gold And Silver 15:29:40
WND POLL: John Dennis at 22%+ Highest percentage for any Republican in CA-District 8 15:19:16
al-Qaeda Doesn't Exist - Video 14:59:04
Pay Garnishments Rise as Debtors Fall Behind 14:48:46
Vote for Ron Paul in Time 100 Poll 14:35:45
Just how much reform do you WANT? 14:08:16
What's wrong with the Rule of Law Revolution? 14:06:16
GotFR Article 13:42:01
Women Are Hosting The Tea Parties 13:23:42
Fed In Hot Water Over Secret Bailouts 13:20:27
China's Documentation of US Human Rights Abuses 13:13:08
The Case for Impeachment of President Barack Obama 12:48:19
The Bomb-Bomb-Iran 'Parlor Game' 12:43:10
The Fed admits to breaking the law 12:41:32
Fox says Rand just 'tied in many polls' to Grayson, & liability to holding seat for GOP 12:39:02
The Silence of the Liberal Lambs 12:38:54
Teachers Fund Created by Nevada Gov. gets $261 in Donations 12:19:27
The Government of God: An Easter Message 11:52:28
Guardians of the free Republics looked to Gandhi King and Mandela 11:45:10
His assignment: take three sick, out of shape Chicago firemen 11:37:24
Slaves with white collars 11:05:35
The Easter lesson you are not supposed to understand 10:50:11
Message: Greg Cowan (C) canididate for US congress, repealing Healthcare 10:27:20
Filters And Infusion Strains Reality, Brews Con-Fusion 09:38:06
Peter Schiff: The Fed's Last Hurrah 09:12:58
Doctor tells Obama supporters: Go elsewhere for health care 08:23:18
What Easter Is All About 07:53:02
Hank Johnson Raises Issues 07:20:56
Simple Song of Freedom 07:16:57
Video: Rep. Phil Hare "I Don't Worry About The Constitution" 06:48:29
Now, More than Ever 05:17:31
Michelle Obama: "Barack's home country is Kenya" 04:23:42
From the horse's mouth, Kenya is Barac Obama's home country 04:19:57
-From the mouth of Michelle Soetoro (Obama)- 02:24:16
Off Topic - "Screw the NWO" music thread 01:59:22
So, is Ron Paul Right on Earmarks? 01:56:04
The Matrix of Illumination 01:35:46
Upcoming MSNBC special asks: "Can McVeigh's words help us understand today's anti-government extremists?" 00:56:24
Good CATO video on AFGANISTAN.... 00:46:25
"If you voted for Obama, seek urologic care elsewhere." 00:31:02
A great site for some bumper stickers, you have got to check this out... 00:27:14
Afghan War Remains 'Absolutely Essential,' Obama Says - CNN 00:00:07