Posted on April 9, 2010

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John Stossel - What Is A Libertarian? 22:30:21
George W. Bush 'knew Guantánamo prisoners were innocent' 14:58:27
Legalize Marijuana: California’s Cannabis Choice in 2010 12:15:33
Freedom Daily Reading 08:07:44
John Paul Stevens to retire from Supreme Court 11:11:05
RNC needs Ron Paul Now? 09:35:46
Rice Lake Voters Elect 19 Year Old "Ron Paul" thinking Mayor! 09:18:54
F A LoBiondo (2nd District NJ) doesn't know the US Constitution! 08:07:16
King World News Drops Another Bombshell In What Could Be the Largest Fraud In History 08:56:50
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"Sedition" Purges -- Past, Present, and Future 23:49:49
19 yr old RP supporter elected mayor in small WI town 23:37:16
Navigator listening to iPod, crashes nuclear submarine 23:28:19
Federal court decides to end the era of the open Internet in America. 22:29:13
260 Plaintiffs added to Obamacare lawsuit in first 24 hours 22:13:46
My sister converted to libertarianism 21:51:12
No loans! Major colleges pledge aid without debt 21:50:02
so where IS everyone getting their info from? 21:39:51
Ron Paul on with Ventura Right NOW 21:39:17
Jesse Ventura is hosting Larry King Live now with Ron Paul as guest 21:22:03
I spy Ron Paul on "Hannity" 21:17:44
MOVIE: RED DAWN 20:55:53
Mexican H1N1 Questions for my enlightened fellow DPers 20:46:44
A classic short video from '88. How can Ron Paul rock so much? 20:45:49
duplicate, sorry 20:45:48
Is something BIG happening?! 20:11:00
Ashtabula County: Judge tells residents to "Arm themselves" 20:05:48
RP on Dylan Ratigan Show 4/9/10 (dont forget, Larry King Live @ 9 with Ventura) 19:55:34
Man Arrested For Being Nude At Home Found Not Guilty 19:26:21
The Spy Factory - 35,000 Employees 19:14:42
James Turk of GoldMoney Forecasts Gold at $2,000 by Year End 19:13:11
Centralization of Tea Party 19:10:06
Evangelicals for Romney lowering expectations for SRLC straw poll 19:05:25
Here it is restore America 19:03:05
Jake Towne fundraising totals are in! 19:03:02
Why it isn't Necessary to "Throw the Bums Out" 18:50:27
Best of Rev. James David Manning of ATLAH ministry 18:48:16
Obama, NYT Keep Israeli Nuke Secrets 18:46:33
SRLC - Post a comment showing your support of Ron Paul 18:02:19
Gerald Celente on Coast to Coast AM - "When All Else Fail They will Bring Us to War" 17:56:14
Ron Paul - Pick a Justice Who Respects The Constitution + Civil & Property Rights 17:53:17
Trend alerts: Greece, Euro, Dollar parity 17:51:27
Jesse Ventura: Sarah Palin & Michele Bachmann Are Puppets! 17:50:15
Bob Schulz Meeting Jan 2009 talking about a Continental Congress 2009 17:23:10
Question....what is CRG (citizens for responsible government) and what do they stand for? 17:12:21
Florida RLCers bring Ron Paul message to SRLC -- in 2004! 17:06:48
Become Daily Paul Info Warrior!!! 16:49:58
Jesse Ventura speaks out about conspiracy theories in NaturalNews interview 16:36:25
Event in South-Central PA 16:35:28
Major British ISP (TalkTalk) will defy new Government Legislation. 16:07:18
Iranian Nukes, Evidence Not Needed?? 16:06:07
Activists light moneybombs' fuses 16:05:58
Pat Buchanan : The New Intolerance 15:52:37
POLITICO: Ron Paul, Romney backers stacking straw poll deck 15:42:17
Important new Twist in Natural Born Citizen History - Post&Email hacked? 15:20:02
With SRLC agitating for votes for so many why does MSM focus on RP and (sometimes) Romney 15:10:26
What's the latest on the CL4 Ron Paul comic book? 15:00:45
Report: US- Committed Atrocities in Afghanistan 14:49:59
For A Good Time :) .... 14:42:42
Sorry, Mr. Franklin, “We’re All Democrats Now” 14:41:26
Thoughts about Sarah Palin? 14:18:55
The Veils of Illusion~ Dracula's Army 14:12:02
Retiring justice an 'unexpected liberal,' negotiator 13:47:05
Ron Paul on Larry King Tonight 13:39:56
Is there some way to adopt news sources that actually research and try to be fair? 13:14:38
US-Russia Disarmament Treaty on Shaky Ground 13:13:56
Fed Prays For Inflation -- It's Our Only Hope 13:09:25
SILVER* Forcing the Issue 13:00:49
Accomodationists: Memo to Liberals on the White House Death Warrants 12:58:44
Report: Panicky Investors Pull Cash Out of Greek Banks 12:47:19
George W. Bush 'knew Guantánamo prisoners were innocent' 12:44:51
ABCT described by Tom Woods 12:40:46
BILDERBERG FOUND! by Jim Tucker 12:21:42
Does anyone know why they are trying to recall senator Menendez? 12:13:19
Why Does America Have an Army? 12:05:11
Joseph Farah says, "Don't Give to the RNC!" 11:55:25
MUST READ!! Your Land: Collateral for the National Debt (archive) 11:48:01
Earning His Nobel Prize 11:44:07
Gold hits $1164.15 12 week high. 11:40:46
A Withdrawal Plan for Afghanistan 11:38:26
The first size 16 in Miss England 11:35:03
Meet the man the U.K. calls "Dr. No." 11:29:06
"It's NOT my Debt" Submitted by knarfxii on Tue, 01/06/2009 11:23:46
The Neo-Con Running Against John Dennis Didn't Really Wan't To Hear From You! 10:59:01
Man running for Congress would follow orders FIRST, ask questions later! 10:56:25
Barton & Beck 10:48:20
Class Action Lawsuit by "Short" Sellers Defrauded by the Federal Reserve Bank 10:21:55
Another Democrat Representative NOT running for office 10:09:34
URGENT!!! Plug the SRLC on Mike Church's show! 10:07:36
Another one bites the dust: Stupak to "retire" 09:57:53
Censorship and Israel’s ‘Free Press’ 09:36:18
NPR called Obutma Kenyan Born! Look before it gets changed! THEY CHANGED IT! 09:32:57
Exposing the Federal Reserve G. Edward Griffin 09:24:32
The No Party 08:38:55
The Death of a Republic 08:13:47
Core personality traits of psychopaths (and ...) 08:00:07
census compliance rates 07:53:17
GWBush knew most Gitmo detainees were innocent - ARREST BUSH! 07:51:26
Hello fellow DPers! I have an idea which I would like to pose to all of you. 07:13:33
Kyrgyzstan's new government plans to evict terrorists 06:40:12
DON'T SIGN this petition! 05:52:09
Shocking FEMA Camp Video of Behavior Modification Techniques!! 02:34:40
Shine On You Crazy (Daily Paul) Diamond's 02:21:07
Where is the politically incorrect thread posted 4/2/10? 02:07:00
Judge Napolitano: "taxation is theft" 02:00:54
Teaparty Express will be in Berea, Ohio April 11th, 3:00 p.m. 01:00:08
Israeli intelligence seeks to recover top secret papers 00:37:32
Romaine Quinn, a 19 year old Ron Paul supporter, is the new mayor of Rice Lake, Wisconsin 00:36:39
Ronald Reagan Grandson Wanted on Pot Charge 00:12:09