Posted on May 12, 2010

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Jim Rickards on King World News: IMF Emerging as Global Central Bank; Synthetic Global Currency (SDRS) Now in Sight 18:48:46
Forbes: Ron Paul Gets His Wish: The Fed Will Be Audited 14:51:03
Red State: Everything You Need to Know About Why Voting Rand Paul Makes Sense 12:42:23
Eric King Channels Larry Livingston on Gold: 'Sit Tight. It's a Bull Market!' 12:15:50
Banking Lobby Spends $1.4 Million Per DAY Buying Congress 00:21:50
I'm headed for the Iowa Regional Conference and guess what else... 11:43:08
Ron Paul on Senate's Failure to Pass Vitter Amendment: Congress Must Assume Its Responsibilty to Reign in the Fed 18:51:53
Help Rand Paul and Get Great Music 13:30:42
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Bought a dozen eggs and a gallon of milk today for a dime and a quarter. 23:53:09
FOOD INC 23:29:34
EU Imposes Big Brother Control Over Europe 23:04:14
MoxNews- We Supported The Taliban When Russia Invaded Afghanistan 22:52:11
Glenn Beck made a request today and the people listened. 22:38:59
Google hides Obama's Social Security Number story 21:47:00
Streaming Documentaries For You 24/7 21:29:14
Listen to Lou Dobbs on this bill in Congress, then go grab your noose & torch! 21:17:04
VIDEO: This Country began as a TAX Revolt! 21:08:20
Newsweek: McConnell WILL NOT be in KY for Tuesdays election! Mitch McConnell's handpicked candidate is in primary trouble! 21:05:29
Bill Clinton offers himself as lottery prize to pay off Hillary's debts 20:44:47
If Rand wins Tuesday should we get Erick Erickson a gift? 20:10:36
US Troops Executing Prisoners in Afghanistan Journalist Says 19:56:43
VIDEO: Trey Grayson Campaign Manager "Phanton Numbers" Hodson On Recent Polls In Kentucky 19:28:34
We need a Daily Paul Share Button! 19:12:12
Bankers Jailed, Sued in Iceland!! 19:10:51
Video: Ron Paul on Fox Business - "Stop the Bailout of Foreign Banks!" 19:02:04
Supreme Court Hears Monsanto vs. Geertson Arguments 18:43:39
Deficit Landmines Dead Ahead! 17:08:42
Number of NYPD's "Stop & Frisks" Has Quintupled - 575,000 last year 16:55:20
Republicans pick Tampa for 2012 convention 16:53:25
Investigators: Obama uses Connecticut Soc. Sec. # 16:25:00
New poll shows 31% of Americans want a 3rd party 16:20:29
Rand Paul and other political topics 16:19:23
Central Banks encourage debt? Records say yes. 16:18:34
Ahmadinejad advises US to leave region 16:17:33
Buy Gold Now or Wait? What Will Gold Do Next? 16:06:53
Obama Trial Starts Friday 15:46:56
John Dennis Endorses the Campaigns - A Few Angels Needed To Get Jim Babka to SF! 15:39:42
Sanders Pawns Ron Paul and Takes Credit for "Audit the Fed" idea on Rick Sanchez - Ron Paul NEVER mentioned... 15:28:59
US troops executing prisoners in Afghanistan, journalist says 15:27:37
Obama backing away from promise, not to raise taxes on middle class 15:10:25
Obama Trial 15:06:49
Independent Forum trend alert: Another downturn to hit U.S. housing market 14:56:17
Federal budget deficit hits April record 14:53:12
Obama: U.S. can start withdrawing troops from Afghanistan in July 2011 14:46:36
What Happened on the Deepwater Horizon 14:38:55
Despite hitting an all-time high, gold continues to underperform platinum and palladium 14:16:00
It's tea party vs. GOP establishment in Kentucky 14:10:05
New Film on Drone Attacks in Afghanistan, "Silent Screams" 14:03:57
RT: Libyan crash survivor, aftermath footage 13:35:53
Free State Project Wyoming? We get the details from Boston T. Party 13:20:49
Arizona gov. signs bill targeting ethnic studies 13:15:38
DVD PROJECT 13:15:04
Holy Sheep, Batman! How will they keep the people sleeping now? UPDATE: TV watching kills family! 12:47:54
Do You Live In Northern Nevada? Tell Me Why I Should/Shouldn't Move There 12:37:12
Do you allow the Government to 'tread' on you? Check this out 12:14:22
Fed Wins Supervision of Small State Banks in Key Vote 12:08:48
Tennessee Debates Bill To Require Proof Of Citizenship To Vote 11:45:05
Paramilitary police raids abusing civil liberties as 40-year War on Drugs drags on 11:38:18
[First 1, Now] 4 Big Banks Score Perfect 61-Day Run 11:37:37
New Film ‘Machete’ evokes race war 11:17:52
Independent Forum trend alert: Summer of turmoil coming to Europe 11:16:47
Ron Paul will be on Fox Business' Nightly Scoreboard tonight 7 PM EST 11:11:09
SCOTUS Nominee, Kagan Says ‘Governmental Motive’ is Proper Focus in First Amendment/Free Speech Cases 11:03:06
Gold is a Currency again 11:01:52
The Making of a Warmonger 10:42:44
We Are Free - Russ Diamond Song 10:38:01
All Metals Continue Up: Gold $1,243.80, Silver $19.68,Plat. $1,736 Pall. $547 10:36:12
Servant of the people- With Honors! 10:27:31
MoxNews- No Reason To Be In Afghanistan! 10:15:55
Ron Paul mentions audit of gold reserves 10:11:12
Senate Republicans Payback Conservative Activists By Betraying Them 10:04:18
Did Ron Paul predict the market plunge last week? 09:42:25
Independent site covers record suicide rate in military, asks liberty movement & others for solutions 09:39:59
Bankers vs. Everyone By Robert P. Murphy 09:29:21
The Enemy In The Mirror 09:24:30
ATTN: Liberty_Baby 09:23:35
DeMint: Bunning asked me to endorse Rand Paul 09:18:13
Schiff at Rotary and Woodbridge RTC 08:54:04
FDA- You do NOT have right to what you put in your body! 08:39:05
Could a jury nullify the tax code? 08:32:45
Unbelievable Video of New Yorkers Saluting Hitler 07:30:31
Who is the true Lender? We the people vs. the Bankers , NOT FOR DUMMIES 07:29:36
Ron Paul Disappointed, But: “The Fed Is No Longer Untouchable!” 07:16:48
JPMorgan Chase Warns Investors About Underwater Homeowners Walking Away 06:46:29
Ron Paul Says America's Anger Toward Goldman Sachs Should be Directed At Federal Reserve Bank 06:30:48
Politico: What would a Rand Paul Victory Mean? 06:16:46
Obama Using Fake SS# 06:11:50
Understanding ourselves through oppostion's eyes. And hope and honour when you have none. 05:36:07
Gold: 1248.20US$... 05:22:36
Cops in Columbia, Missouri bust into peaceful family's home, shoot pet dog, and don't apologize. 03:41:46
Please don't "Go Back To Sleep" 03:24:22
Let's have a moneybomb for The Federal Reserve!!!!! 03:18:40
In Greek Crisis, Some See Parallels to U.S. Debt 03:01:12
Public schools are a problem, lets promote free market education 02:24:05
Austrian Money Supply Metrics 02:02:17
REALITY REPORT #44 - Economic Sanctions for the Federal Government? 01:46:18
Ron Paul's other son Dr. Robert Paul speech [the next US Senator from Texas] 01:24:14
Oldie But Goodie - Jim Rogers: Audit the Fed, Then Abolish It 01:22:32
Britain's David Cameron becomes PM; Brown out 01:02:31
Support Peter Schiff at the Republican Convention 00:39:21
Quotes to Remember... 00:35:07
Trey Grayson on Cavuto - May 11 00:25:52
Rand Paul vs. Gary Johnson? 00:23:29