Posted on May 13, 2010

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Rand Paul Reports from the Ground - Update 5/16/10 23:08:31
Hay Was Used Successfully On The 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill 20:39:56
Jake Towne: America's Ridiculous Toy Money 19:33:16
Holy Crap! CFR "announces themselves" with PR campaign. We are winning! 15:21:05
Spoiler: How a Third Party Could Succeed 14:32:50
Trey Spends! Evidence Shows Grayson Misleading Voters on his Record 14:56:02
Ron Paul: Stop the Bailout of Foreign Banks! 06:56:43
Obama Drug Policy calls for drugged driving charges for UNIMPAIRED marijuana users 04:18:10
The Four Largest Banks Just Racked Up Perfect Quarters in Their Trading Businesses. 09:55:49
Kentucky US Senate Poll: Paul 49% Grayson 33% 10:16:41
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Is the Rand Paul Race for KY Senate OVER? 23:48:03
Cap n Trade is now called The American Power Act, can we all dig up info on this and spread the word? 23:41:03
Rand's World! (Attack Ad) 23:08:59
ATM machine that dispenses gold bars is unveiled 23:04:29
Early WEEKEND WATCHING post 22:34:04
Video: Rand Paul endorsed by Senator Jim Bunning 22:29:29
A Liberty Candidate Who Can Win: JUSTIN AMASH 22:04:10
A DVD Suggestion 21:51:12
Martial Law in Hawaii - 1941-1943? 21:44:35
New video attacks Trey Grayson on abortion 21:40:43
NPR - Gulf Oil Spill More Than 10X Greater Than Thought: Experts 21:21:31
The Total Cost of the Bailout - Over $23 Trillion! 20:52:51
NJ Governor calls out reporter: worth watching. 20:44:45
Mastercard Services - Just How Did They Know That Information On Me??? 20:33:38
Steve Forbes has prepared an urgent message for you 20:24:50
Some in the GOP are Listening to Ron Paul: House GOP introduces bill blocking EU bailouts 20:18:24
Obama asks Congress to provide aid for Israel rocket defense system 20:13:12
Maryland may regulate Campaign use of Social Media 20:08:37
Galbraith: The danger posed by the deficit ‘is zero’ 19:58:47
Tim Donaghy Speaks! 19:54:43
Oil spill in pics....lots of photos....what a mess 19:47:38
"Meltup" - New Video from National Inflation Association 19:47:12
Buffalo billboard petitions president for "a freakin' job" 19:44:35
Hey South Carolina, you got anything better than Lindsey Graham? 19:44:10
Investigators: Obama uses Connecticut Soc. Sec. Number 19:43:29
First under water video of oil is certainly gushing 19:31:57
GloBULL Warming: It's Still On The Front Burner 19:27:08
Max Keiser on Markets! Finance! Scandal! 18:56:27
N.J. Governor Sets Tone for US-Teachers Unions are Incensed 17:55:28
Urgent help - Nevada - Budget - Dept of Education issue 17:54:12
The Original Intent of the census is Gone... 17:52:36
Audit the Fed bill passes in Senate 96-0? 17:17:25
Woman raped by census worker 17:12:05
The Panic Is On!: interesting article about our current depression vs. the 1930s. 17:05:08
Jurisdiction, why none should be given. 16:54:32
Texas Militia Training Exercise May 22nd - Our Back Up Plan 16:52:32
NEW Survey USA POLL : Rand Paul 49% Grayson 33% : It's over folks! 15:54:56
Why everyone SHOULD fill out the census. 15:53:37
World's First Gold ATM Machine Installed, Turns Paper into Gold. 15:41:20
Census Worker showed up at my door... 15:28:28
Republic or Democracy? Time to Come to Grips with the Facts 15:10:11
Lets broadcast Ron Paul's Message onto the Largest Blackberry in the World! 14:53:11
Anybody familiar with Wolf Creek Dam near Nashville? 14:12:14
Our Modern World...Heading For Extinction? 13:46:47
Jupiter went behind sun for 3 months, emerged visibly altered 13:45:52
NEW Love Police videos! 13:30:51
GREAT site on Trey Greyson fraudulent claims 13:13:13
How Bin Laden Bankrupted America - The five ways 12:49:38
Senator Bernie "Benedict" Sanders - Traitor Extraordinaire 12:33:57
Offshore natural gas platform sinks off Venezuela 12:30:33
Independent Forum trend alert: April's federal budget deficit hits record high 12:15:25
New YouTube video: Ron Paul 2012: Holding out for a Hero 11:27:13
Independent site talks TARP, small business, Ron Paul, & corporatism 11:25:13
NY AG served subpoenas on four U.S. banks and four European lenders 11:05:23
How about we, here at the DailyPaul, organize...... 11:02:53
The Best Daily Paul Debates 11:01:28
MoxNews- Award For Soldiers Who DON'T Kill Civilians 10:54:32
Abu Dhabi hotel installs gold vending machine... 10:41:23
What happens if Rand Wins... 10:28:39
Where's your line in the sand? NEW video - Powerful Stuff! 10:28:05
Biological warfare in Afganistan? 10:15:36
Politicians: Far More Dangerous than Terrorists 09:51:57
Pre-Primary Money Bomb - Pat Henry Sellers For Congress 09:35:58
First Gold Now Europe Running Out Of Silver 09:31:45
ACTION ALERT; activist taken into custody 08:56:42
Judge Richard Posner v Academic Elena Kagan 08:44:07
Have you heard of "YouCut"? 08:43:33
Trial Begins for police officer accused of shooting unarmed cooperative victim 08:42:24
Waiting For Superman *U.S.A Education System* 07:44:29
Help put Ron Paul in top 25 of iTunes Store 07:39:14
Help us put Ron Paul in top 25 of iTunes Store 07:38:23
14-year-old Autistic Boy Charged with Making Terroristic Threats 07:12:10
Another Ron Paul iPhone App Update - Contact your Representatives 07:05:58
Credit History Use in Insurance, Employment Draws Congressional Scrutiny 07:03:22
An Updated List of Goldman Sachs Ties to the Obama Government Including Elena Kagan 06:49:33
German Dutsche Mark Re-Issue Rumors 06:40:35
Rand Paul v. Trey Greyson Debate Reveals The Choices The GOP Faces In The Future 06:04:34
Telecoms to TARGET "libertarians and gamers" 04:59:46
62 Obvious Traitors 04:56:09
Chase Funds Mountaintop Removal 04:53:42
Audit the Fed......You have to read this guys comment from Digg!! 03:01:14
You are being LIED TOO!! LIES LIES LIES the entire system!! Spread far and wide! 02:53:06
I Need Your Opinions DPrs. What Are The Most Sovereign States In America Today? 01:59:12
Schiff Needs Your Support At The Republican Convention! 00:53:14
This Is Scary! ! 00:42:17
Right to Work Protest at Dail Tuesday 11th May 2010 00:40:53
"Bill aims to stem global warming, create jobs", this is it the final nail in the coffin 00:20:30