Posted on May 14, 2010

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Diaspora: Building the new Anti-Facebook 15:37:26
Soldiers of Liberty Money Bomb May 20 11:30:21
Europe: Germany dropping the Euro for new Deutschmark? This week-end? 08:01:34
Hard Ball's Chris Mathews Video: Rand Paul Will Win This Election! 09:45:13
Weekend Watching: Patent Absurdity - How Software Patents Broke the System 10:40:22
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My argument for drug legalization in one page or less. 23:49:25
Robin Hood compared to "Tea Partier" 23:29:03
IMF Board of Governors .. Guess who our two reps are? 23:21:47
Video - The US Is a Corporation? - updated 23:16:38
New cap and trade bill being portrayed as a type of sanction on Iran!!!! 22:27:26
Boston Teat Party, with cow and raw milk advocates 21:17:10
Ron Paul : Environmental Protection or Destruction? 21:13:49
RAND TO BLOW PAST 3 MILLION TONIGHT NOW$$$$$$ 2,993,500.00 21:01:59
Professor Wereley Engineer Estimates Oil Spill At 70,000 Barrels A Day 20:54:29
Mitt Romney’s Boyhood Home Scheduled to be Demolished 20:01:04
MoxNews- Fear Of Civil War In Thailand 19:46:49
RT- Marrage proposal on RT news 19:42:32
Amnesty? $1 billion, 30-week processing program revealed... 19:33:54
Census Worker Just Left My House 19:23:29
10 Banks That Could Fail In 2010 19:20:47
The Reprehensible Nancy Pelosi 19:17:28
POLICE BRUTALITY - Legless Man In Wheelchair Tasered & Humiliated By Police Thugs 19:08:17
Anderson Cooper "interviews" Lt. Col with BC questions 19:03:32
More stimulus fraud, will the Gov't really do anything about it? Probably not. 18:57:55
Obama Seeks $205 Million to Fund Israeli Missile Defense 18:54:48
From Jobless and Homeless to CEO 18:50:40
Nanny Gov 18:31:31
Sy Hersh Breaks Story on Battlefield Executions 18:19:46
"Conservatives Blast McConnell For Voting 'No' On Audit The Fed Amendment" - Rand Boosted By McConnell Vote 17:50:23
Phone Bank for Left and Right Unite Against War: Dennis and Winograd 17:36:44
Euro Breakup Talk Increases as Germany Loses Proxy (UPDATE) 17:23:39
Abandon hope. Take action. 17:20:40
Pardon my Language, you Lying Sacks of Shit. 17:17:26
YouTube: Gold machine now in Germany, Austria and Switzerland... 16:52:03
5/14/10 Dow Close 10,620.16 -162.79 -1.51% 16:38:58
Pelosi getting worried? Pelosi cutting congressional travel expenses. 16:25:04
Comedy Central Classics 16:19:54
'Hispanic Achievers' license plate 16:18:14
I just took this video today of the huge halo around the sun and enormous chemtrail spraying taking place.. 16:00:50
Free Marc Emery - Local Group Protest At Member of Parliament Office - Imagine What Would Happen If This Was USA? 15:49:30
Facebook founder called trusting users dumb f*cks 15:02:25
Audit the Fed op ed 15:00:15
The Moon Nazis Are Coming – The First Iron Sky Footage is Out! 14:44:18
Landscaper with gas can causes bomb scare in Union square 13:53:38
Is anyone else kinda mad that the Rothschilds stole our family's gold? 13:43:26
Firebombs target 2 medical-marijuana businesses 13:30:12
Democrats like to grope staff too 13:15:06
Waddell the official scapegoat for 1000 point market crash UPDATED 13:05:34
classmate's cell phone video, teacher beats student 13:02:02
"We support defining manure as a natural fertilizer." 12:59:26
Free Staters' "Porcupine Fest" to rock NH this June 12:58:54
New target of rights erosions: U.S. citizens - Glenn Greenwald 12:56:14
Pelosi Launches Amnesty Campaign 12:54:17
Fighting For Our Freedom? 12:51:48
Forcing Primaries In Connecticut!!! 12:50:36
The Southern Avenger- Ike and Iron Man 12:39:43
One Final Push! - Rand Paul Needs $10,000 for Radio Ads! 12:38:59
Pelosi to Aspiring Musicians: Quit Your Job, Taxpayers Will Cover Your Health Care 12:31:18
Constitution Party Supports AZ Immigration Law 12:30:33
Fox BS / Propaganda: Backing Glenn Beck. Why The Left Is Now Backing Him. ACTUALLY THEY'RE NOT! Its a lie. 12:26:54
Hutaree Update by Chuck Baldwin 12:02:13
Read the Collectivism of Hitler, His 25 Point Party Programme 12:00:49
Ron Paul: If the Fed didn't exist there would be no deficits 11:59:32
more pollution 11:44:25
Moxnews- IS THE N.R.A. BULLET PROOF? 11:34:56
Listen to Dr. Paul speak about Net Neutrality 11:31:24
MoxNews- WH Asks Congress To Fund Israeli Rocket Defense System 11:26:57
More indications that we are winning 11:18:13
Tri Lateralists plan war on Iran, raise gas prices 11:17:50
How Net Neutrality Laws will save this Country 10:56:04
Video: Students clash over loyalties 10:35:51
Video: Police training in residential neighborhood? 10:27:30
Newsweek: ALL Americans should be required to carry a passport. Police state enabler article. 10:25:14
AP–US Drug War Has Met None Of Its Goals 10:21:45
Money Talks 10:17:40
Congressman Paul on WHO radio right now! 10:15:38
Does anyone have a list of Liberty-minded-people's Big Day in sequence....... 10:11:53
legalizeliberty - Soldiers of Liberty Money Bomb Message 09:46:11
Repeating History with Iran 09:41:34
Was 1207 The Wrong Strategy From the Start? 09:41:07
Spinning the economic news... "Inflation" now called "Consumer spending" 09:19:15
Iraq: The Endless Occupation Obama's broken promise 09:19:06
The Logic of Economics Taught by Villager to IMF Investment Banker 09:18:49
The best solution to the BP oil spill: privatize the oceans 09:11:01
US to fund installation of Israeli rocket defence system 09:04:48
New ad attacking Rand. Starring Alex Jones 09:00:26
SEC goes after Bob Chapman 08:49:30
How Rand Paul became the Tea Party's Obama (Excellent, Lengthy Article on 08:42:31
Republicans introduce bill to prevent Euro bailout 08:32:06
Why Net Neutraliy means government control over the internet. 07:28:39
Atty Gen Holder hasn't read Arizona law he criticized 07:20:49
Millions of angry Americans clamor for Ron Paulian transparency. 07:05:47
The Southern Avenger - Ike and Iron Man 07:05:12
Obama administration authorizes the CIA to kill a terrorism suspect, who is a US citizen, outside of the battlefield 06:52:45
What Might Be Hidden in the Fed’s Books? 06:45:29
‘Powers That Be’ Hate Opposition By Jim Traficant 06:35:19
How To Get Affordable Automobile Insurance In Louisiana 05:44:45
Greek Riots Paralyze Athens 05:36:55
Don't Forget What We Can Do! - Ron Paul Rising! 05:16:25
Tuesday may 11 2010 interview with Ron paul 05:06:00
Ratigan Rips US Bailout of Europe 04:55:05
The New World Order Currency Crisis 03:30:27
Ron Paul - Most Conservative Voting Record Since 1937 02:29:26
Eric Holder Admits He Didn't Read Arizona Law Before Criticizing It 02:15:44
Check out Drudge 01:59:42
Ky. Senate race grabs national attention with video!!! 01:34:32
Metal Buying Guide 00:36:57
Obama Threatens Veto of Obamacare - WTF? 00:20:34