Posted on May 15, 2010

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Ron Paul Radio Interview in Iowa 14:52:54
Where’s Jimmy? Just Google His Bar Code 12:51:57
Dr. Ron Paul in Iowa: Freedom is the Answer! 23:19:48
Meltup! A new video from NIA. 07:28:34
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FoiA to confirm Manchurian Candidate Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura 23:36:13
NY village board votes to stop flouridating the water upon a request from water department employees -"safety and corrosiveness" 23:29:20
Help! I'm trapped in a GOP platform meeting!!!! 23:17:26
Would it be considered "assault" for a child to turn a needle back on a vaccinator? 23:01:30
Conservatives Blast McConnell For Voting 'No' On Audit The Fed Amendment 22:43:14
Buffalo Tea Party Activism Video 22:40:03
not 21:53:18
Lexington Attorney Andy Barr behind attacks on Rand Paul/Alex Jones 21:49:30
Kentucky WHAS11 newsblog turns into a Trey Grayson campaign blog? 21:33:25
NBC WAVE3: "He's always had a government job and I think he fears unemployment, so I think it's gotten really nasty." -Rand Paul 21:19:05
Remove Card and Take Bullion; Gold ATM debuts 21:04:09
Rand Paul Recorded STREAM from today with Trey Grayson for the last time before primary 20:42:09
HUGE Wall Street Settlement Could Be In The Works Over Mortgage Investigations 19:46:29
* Business * Financial crisis Euro crisis: only root-and-branch financial reform can tame the wolf pack 19:43:06
Ron Paul: The US has over xxx military bases around the world. 19:39:33
Thousands of nonprofits may lose tax-exempt status 19:03:00
Video: Ted Poe grills Eric Holder - SB 1070 18:31:02
Obama Trial day 1 18:22:35
Regional meeting for War of 1812 commemoration set 17:30:16
Ted Gunderson: Last Hope for America is Ron Paul Presidency 2012 17:25:04
'A Brief Dissection of the State' by J.L. Bryan 17:21:16
Meltup The new Documentary 17:19:18
Obama- more smoke and mirrors 16:49:43
I don't know how to delete this post but it is no longer active, no biggee. 16:45:12
RT- U.S. deep in debt, go to India if you have brains 16:33:25
Goldman Sachs connections to the Obama Administration 16:28:35
Primaries Have Consequences 16:07:53
Outside Groups Spending Big on Upcoming Primaries 15:57:43
Antiwar radio: Rep. Ron Paul discusses audit the Fed. May 13th 15:51:04
Alex Jones Show quotes "Daily Paul" article on sellout Sanders 15:47:42
President Flip Flopper 15:46:13
The biblical solution to imigration 15:41:41
Steele To Appear At Rally In Support Of Israeli Settlers 15:24:41
LRC podcast 150. Why Was JFK Murdered? 15:24:00
You Ever go back and look at your old posts?? 15:07:44
Senators Fall Into One Of Three Reelection Classes - Class I, Class II or Class III, Here is a List of Sens. in Each Class 15:02:23
Kentucky Senate race looks set to boost the 'tea party,' Rand Paul 15:00:02
I turned 2 this week.. 14:32:26
Beware the "Restore America Plan" 14:31:43
Our US Government continues to create terrorist 13:16:04
Is The Beast dead? 13:10:18
Greece: A Lesson For America 12:57:18
Arnold Schwarzenegger Compares California To Greece, Ireland, And Spain 12:47:15
JOHN DOE versus John Doe 12:45:24
A Robust Public Shellacking 12:30:36
NASA: Giant Hexagon Spinning Around Saturn's North Pole 12:12:53
Anarchists are #12, Which are you? 12:08:27
Rand Paul on Laura Ingraham Show 5/14/2010 11:50:24
A Message from Argentina: Our Sympathies to the People of Greece! 11:42:43
Senator Claire McCaskill (D) Discusses The Constitution Party 11:32:24
New poll flashes mixed signals: boot incumbents, keep Dems 10:40:31
Rand Paul being attacked hard today 10:34:53
Will Ireland finally awake from its fluoride induced sleep to become the next Greece? 10:05:54
Trilateral Commission Wants War With Iran 09:57:22
Why I No Longer Believe in The Constitution 09:05:54
President Eisenhower Solved Illegal Immigration Problem 08:47:19
Rand Paul Boosted By McConnell Vote For Fed 08:15:57
The Gold Frenzy: Why Investors Should Resist 06:29:27
Help Snitker with a public opinion poll. 06:06:22
Raw milk battle reveals FDA abandonment of basic human right to choose your food 05:34:05
Update On The Hutaree Hullabaloo (Remember The Hutaree Hullabaloo?) 04:34:29
My Video response to the CFR video 03:10:52
Strategic Mortgage Defaults the Next Debt Time Bomb To Explode 02:39:26
The Guardians of the Republic - The unanimous Declaration 02:21:22
Feds tell court they can decide what you eat 02:01:27
Today may be your last chance to live life to the fullest. Don't put it off! 01:02:52
THE SECRET OF OZ - The Latest From The Makers Of The Money Masters "A Must See" 00:59:49
Ron Paul (and others) From the Iowa CFL Event. - Friday 5-14-10 00:46:10
Are you all ready for the second debt storm? 00:39:09
Not Sure If This Was Posted - Interview with Ron Paul by Scott Horton May 13 00:29:59
Was cap and trade designed to soak up the dollars we printed? 00:18:44