Posted on May 17, 2010

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YouTube user Minnesotachris to be terminated! 23:38:17
Video: Rick Santelli - "There's Not Enough Physical Gold" 20:33:25
Rand Paul Victory Party & Open Thread! 19:54:36
David Hedrick Receives Key Liberty Endorsements 16:01:13
Karl Rove: Rand Paul can win the general election just like he can win the primary 14:06:06
Great news from Iowa C4L & the GOP! 13:55:30
Oath Keepers: Some Troops Refused To Confiscate Guns During Katrina 13:52:41
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The Southern Avenger: No Mercy for Incumbents 23:50:17
Shocking NPR Article from 2006: Grayson purges 8000 voters and calls it a simple mistake 23:10:56
Breaking: Trey Grayson preparing to discount Rand Paul voters tommorow as ineligible to vote?! 22:58:59
a clear explanation of why the fed cannot print its way out of the mess... 22:48:34
Ariz. immigration law divides police across US 22:00:45
RT- Israel being exposed and feels threatened 21:50:53
My prediction for KY US Senate Primary: Rand Paul 69% Trey Grayson 28% 21:17:57
Google's 'Smart TV' Platform Could Be Unveiled THIS WEEK 21:16:36
I called in to a Morgan Griffith Town Hall (VA-9th Distrct) 20:50:39
Nancy Pelosi says Quit your Job! 20:29:56 Rand Paul run for president in 2012? 20:09:24
Video: Judge Napolitano & Walter Williams: Should The States Get A Divorce? 20:03:46
All Latest Polls - Rand Paul Up By 25 Points 20:03:11
MoxNews- Bangkok Looks Like A Ghost Town! (On Fire!) 20:00:53
MoxNews NEEDS a MoneyBomb! or It will disapper :( 18:55:52
Rand Paul on MSNBC: We Pay The Taliban During The Daytime & At Night They Plant IEDs! 18:48:21
Incumbency loses its edge in three big primary battles 18:45:04
California Penal Code 834B 18:42:56
The purpose of the box you must now use for TV is mind control 18:08:03
A&E Reality TV Crew Directly Involved In Militarized Detriot Police Raid That Kills A Sleeping 7 Year Old Girl -AP 18:05:08
Miss Oklahoma must be a DP regular 17:59:16
Hydrogen Corvette 17:43:57
MoxNews- Oil Refinery Fire In Houston 17:42:11
"Frazzled" Trey Grayson whines about the Kentucky Race and Rand Paul 17:41:51
The McKinley Conspiracy 17:41:09
Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen responds to SB1070 17:24:24
Not your run of the mill alien story 17:24:20
A short clip of the Republican establishment laughing at Ron Paul in 08'... Who's laughing now! 17:22:39
Ron Paul: Those Who Voted Against Audit The Fed Will Pay The Price 17:12:35
First Bennett, now McCain? 16:55:25
Doomsday safe-haven offered under Mojave Desert 16:44:45
The Revenue Limits of Tax and Spend 16:29:23
Charity and the Real Root of Poverty 16:19:29
Forget Sarah Palin: It's Rand Paul's moment and Ron Paul's opportunity 16:06:04
Obama's aunt can stay in U.S., judge rules 16:00:06
Keynesian Gordon Brown To Head IMF 15:19:56
Sting operation - men arrested for taking trash 15:00:33
Darth Vader endorses Trey Greyson 14:42:29
What is Project ECHELON? 14:25:24
Is the Federal Reserve System part of the U.S. Government? 14:09:09
I have an ETF question about UGL 13:56:46
My Senator- What to do? 13:47:39
Trey Grayson: Rand Paul is winning because Fox News asks him 'softballs' 13:15:26
CFTC whistleblower believes crash was attempted murder 13:10:25
Kentucky Prediction 13:06:26
Rand Paul on Fox News - 5/17 13:02:24
View from Kentucky Democrats 12:43:15
Once again WHO fails to reach desired results 12:40:59
Our Liberty Flag in Action 12:33:34
Independent Forum trend alert: China's stimulus bubble is bursting 12:16:34
DOW -160; Oil below $70; Gold holding $1,227 12:12:57
7-year-old girl killed in Detroit police raid 12:12:37
Is 'Robin Hood' a Tea Partier? 12:08:25
Ron Paul's Legacy Lives on in His Son's Kentucky Senate Campaign 12:04:14
Independent Forum trend alert: Venezuela on brink of hyperinflationary collapse 11:55:53
Detroit Police Kill 7-Year-Old in Home Search 11:33:08
Independent site writes "Ron Paul wages all-out war on the Federal Reserve" 11:21:06
Afghan prosecutor issues arrest warrant for US Army Officer 11:03:03
Jewish Rights Groups Say Arizona Law Not Nazi 11:02:21
New Educational Video "Melt Up" 10:52:24
Bank Of America Protest: Dozens Storm Bank Branch In DC 10:52:22
Detroit tearing down Mitt Romney's 'historic' boyhood home 10:50:40
WeAreChangeOklahoma - What did Sgt. Terrance Yeakey know? 10:33:03
Look how Governor Rick Perry is living.... 10:30:36
Is The Attack Ad Group 'Swift-Boating' Rand Paul Breaking Election Laws? 10:16:09
Rand envy, ha,ha! 10:14:13
North American Union? Just say NO! 10:12:32
AP - Gov. Perry's temporary digs costs Texas big bucks 10:11:06
Homeland Security threatens to seize farm 10:07:45
Democrats, Republicans Face Voter Backlash in Primaries 10:02:12
Republican Party Of Texas refuses Debra Medina a booth at upcoming convention 10:00:04
Kokesh Wins NMPolitics Poll 09:46:40
Rand Paul, please endorse Peter Schiff. 09:41:55
Norway: The Last of the Soviet dictature's republics? 09:25:12
Dislike the Federal Government? Local Money Is for You 09:05:26
Between the velvet lies, there's a truth that's hard as steel! 08:45:09
Tomorrow, A Major Political Event Is Coming, As The Rand Paul Era Begins 08:40:29
The most ghoulish financial advice article ever written: Die young. It is cost effective. 08:33:40
Look who the Neocons are throwing against Ron Paul in 2012. 07:56:43
"Tea Party" goes completely schizophrenic in Idaho 07:48:42
Rand Paul will be on Fox News at 9:45 Eastern Monday morning May 17 07:23:40
WHAS 11 News Video: "Are You Pondering A Run For President Next?", Rand Paul Envisions Himself As A National Leader 07:14:33
BREAKING: New Public Policy Poll Shows Rand Paul Leading Trey Grayson 54% to 32%, Up Another 6 Points 06:57:26
JP Morgan analyst hints at need for Unlimited Paper Gold 06:57:19
Jim DeMint leads rightward shift of GOP candidates nationwide 06:46:43
Kentucky leads national watch in Tuesday's vote 06:38:00
Houston police tried to secretly test unmanned drone for domestic use. 06:11:44
Kentucky primary reveals GOP rift on Afghan war 06:07:34
Letter: Tea Party loves liberty, doesn't hate president 05:59:06
Former Geico Voice Actor, Fires Back: Ron Paulers want their Tea Party back 05:39:23
Swedish Film: "Overdose - The comming financial crisis" Featuring Schiff, Celente et.c.... 04:38:15
Ground Zero mosque plan angers New Yorkers 03:17:16
Pageant Judge Tried to Pull a Perez Hilton on Miss OK USA and Instead He Was Taught a Lesson in the Meaning of "Blowback" 02:49:26
Did you hear Grayson say this today??? 02:39:24
OMG, it's mating season 02:01:52
On May 25th, 2010 Idaho will become the national BATTLEGROUND for States rights and for freedom. 02:01:43
Looks like a rocky week for US stocks? 01:46:53
CFTC Public Comments on Federal position limits in the precious metals markets 01:46:30
9/11 Prosecution Plan: Start with Rudy Giuliani 01:23:28
Paul still up big 00:19:41