Posted on May 19, 2010

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How the Financial Overhaul Vote Went Down 23:55:01
Salon - WikiLeaks Founder's Passport Confiscated 22:46:08
Bill O'Reilly Interviews Rand Paul 5-19-10 20:30:34
Rand Paul on CNN 2010-05-19 13:29:36
ACTION ALERT: Critical Vote on the Fed Possible Thursday May 20th UPDATED 12:21:40
Thank you Kentucky Patriots! 11:14:14
Huffington Post: Who's Afraid of Rand Paul? 10:12:08
Urgent Appeal To The Patriot Community 10:11:45
I just got elected Republican Committeeman in PA! 09:07:42
A Tribute to Ron Paul Supporters: The Origin of The Modern Day Tea Party 00:20:15
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Question on Schiff for Connecticut people 23:04:36
Why does Rand take the federal stance on abortion (from his O'Reilly interview today)? 23:01:05
The Fed Audit Goes the Way of the Tea Party 22:40:36
Jim Anderson- Understanding the Kansas 4th district congressional candidates 22:20:34
Rand Paul's performance on Rachel Maddow 21:30:07
Mike Pompeo- revealing the truth about the RNC's man in the Kansas 4th district 21:29:18
Tax Dollars Subsidize Foods that make us Fat and Unhealthy 21:26:38
Rand Paul is acting like a jerk 21:18:27
From Kentucky to Kansas-Jim Anderson says the time is now 21:17:37
Solution to Conways attack on Rands ADA comments 20:59:32
Peter Schiff - "Remember, I Supported Ron Paul" 20:57:53
Another NeoCon Senator Ready for the Teaparty Treatment! :) 20:55:39
Latest NASA oil pics - this is going to be a catastrophe of epic proportions. 20:25:26
White House Covers Up Menacing Oil "Blob" 20:07:16
GM Commercial. My favorite by far 20:01:27
Dr. Ron Paul & Chris Waltzek - May 18, 2010 19:59:19
Shelly Roche on Russia Today (Talkin' a little "Randslide") 19:53:09
Rand Paul Rising *Washington Times* 19:48:17
I just sent the Census door knocker packing.. Very POLITELY.. FMOL 19:42:58
Oil leak day 30. When will it be stopped? 19:26:25
Rand is going to get "Reason Magazined" 18:57:11
When Rand Paul received Sarah Palin's endorsement... 18:52:56
Rand Paul to Dems: 'Bring it on' 18:28:28
Lost in the news...Schiff wins endorsement.. 18:05:46
Is War coming home to us? 18:03:48
Lucky Kentucky! RT covers Rand Paul with video 17:51:09
BREAKING: Glenn Beck Says He Will Not Talk About Yesterday's Elections... must tune into Bret Baier and Shawn Hannity for that. 17:09:18
A populist moment? It only sounds that way 17:00:26
Hydrodynamic Time 16:34:05
new DSCC attack ad on Rand Paul. 16:31:30
Ride the Rand Paul WAVE; Michigan Incumbent CHALLENGER! 16:27:24
This may be a silly question, but . . . 16:21:18
Justin Amash Money bomb tomorrow (5/20) 16:20:10
How To Promote Liberty Like A Mormon Missionary 16:00:24
Conversations with Casey: Doug Casey on immigration 15:45:57
Is anarchism the real goal of the R3volution? Listen to RP and you decide. 15:45:55
Glenn Beck feuds with congressman over gold investigation 15:41:54
Use of tazer leads to "Assault with a deadly weapon" charge... How does that work? 15:27:26
Poll on Blumenthal -- You know what to do :-) 14:56:56
Commodities, Assets, and Hedge Funds Liquidated for Cash 14:38:05
Post All MSM Anti-Rand Paul Propaganda Here 13:55:11
As Rand Wins Kentucky, California State GOP Attempts Hijack of Los Angeles County GOP, Tea Party Fights Back With Lawsuit 13:47:39
UK GOV to Revoke Illegitimate Advances of the State 13:06:16
Barefoot Bandit 13:00:01
Land Of The Free? (Side Note) U.S. Catches 3 Terrorist Per Day At The Canadian Border? 12:53:15
Video: The Hero and the Godfather of the Tea Party 12:48:13
Say It Loud Say It Proud, "We're All Tea-Partiers Now!" 12:32:38
I'm Not Afraid(of Liberty) - Mason Moore and Eminem 12:24:53
Arizona to pull LA's plug? 12:24:50
Repubs Introduce bill to prevent Euro bailout~We need to get behind this!! 12:19:11
Comedy Central Article: "Behold the Coming of Rand Paul" 12:13:17
Rand Paul on CBS Morning -- Video 12:04:52
Gulf Oil "Spill" is really a GUSHER: Perhaps Aerohaz Product will help? 11:58:32
The Real Truth about Arizona Immigration! 11:36:20
Blumenthall leads Schiff by only 13% in Blue CT 11:31:35
Detroit Angered by Death of Aiyana Jones, 7, in Cop Raid 11:28:42
California Police Chief misunderstands Second Amendment rights 11:27:50
AP- Obama endorsements don't seem to help Democrats 11:25:25
Rand Paul to Dems: Please Bring Obama to Kentucky 10:49:11
Did our troubles begin not in 1913, but in 1789? 10:42:39
John Dennis- "Congratulations Rand Paul" 10:36:39
Peter Schiff discusses his campaign. Needs our support! 10:23:16
American Spectator (James Antle) Posts a Pro-Rand Piece 10:04:59
Jim Fedako on the trouble with representative government 10:03:40
Yahoo news- Throw the Bums Out! 10:01:44
Senate Repubs, DO YOU HEAR US NOW? 09:44:22
MELT The Switchboards of WDC - Stand alone vote - Audit the Fed S604 09:40:45
"Father and Son of Liberty"~ Awesome Photo of Ron Paul and Rand Paul 09:28:42
Been asked to run for New York Assembly by my town chairman 09:22:06
VIDEO: The Wounded Platoon- 09:17:01
RON PAUL "Republican Presidential Candidate With More Influence On The Republican Party In 2010 Than Any Other" -Chuck Todd 09:08:22
From Ron Pauls Facebook a few minutes ago 08:30:12
Thailand Protest and lots of Fire? 08:22:45
Not Afraid (of Liberty). Rap song on Rand Paul and the Liberty Movement 08:06:09
Rand Paul (Son of Ron) Could Just Save the Republican Party 08:00:17
A Rand Paul Victory in November Insures that the Ron Paul Revolution Will Continue 07:30:31
Barclays Wealth of London predicts $800.00 Gold by 2012 The French say 2010 07:14:00
Rand Paul's primary win in Kentucky leaves his father beaming 07:11:50
Resist The New World Order Facebook Page 03:34:42
CFR Meeting: Zbigniew Brzezinski Fears The Global Awakening! 03:23:06
RAnd Paul needs $7.5 Million for the General! 03:13:48
Oh Really? "RNC never had a problem with the Ron Paul people?" 03:09:04
Help me remember the first debate in 07 02:53:01
Schiff For Senate Update 02:37:31
Should we all, as good patriots, close our FR bank accounts? 02:23:59
Border Crisis ... Video Report 02:20:36
Peter Schiff Wins Grassroots Endorsements!!! 02:00:22
Thank-you Ron Paul! We'll Carry On 01:57:57
Say No to Dobbs 00:51:34
Rand Victory Party Music "Party!" 00:49:46
We are the internet generation. 00:24:29
Chris Matthews 5/19/10 midnight 00:18:29
Rand Paul DID NOT refuse grayson's phone call 00:11:58
Michael Nystrom/Daily Paul Money Bomb NOW!! 00:08:11