Posted on May 21, 2010

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Ron Paul on Fox Business 22:28:18
Rep Alan Grayson Introduces the War Is Making You Poor Act 21:21:59
Wall Street Journal Defends Rand Paul! 12:05:30
The Southern Avenger- Rand Paul Revolution 11:38:15
John Dennis- Our Last Money Bomb Before the Primary 11:20:37
Ron Paul, 1 of 4 to vote against Israel's Missiles 14:39:28
My Favorite Liberty Song - What Is Yours? 10:24:19
Jack Conway Starts Campaign Of Fear With A Lie 20:41:50
Rand Paul on Good Morning America - 5/21 09:07:44
Ron Paul Interviewed by Alan Colmes 5-20 10:02:12
Soldiers of Liberty Money Bomb - Help Elect 4 Patriots To Congress! 09:02:16
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Conn. Republicans endorse McMahon for US Senate 23:49:25
"The Biggest Game InTown" about the Government CAFR wealth shell game 23:35:12
You crazy freaking people! 23:21:55
MSNBC crew laughs at McCain's ad 22:39:41
Bill Maher: Bork a racist, Rand Paul just like Bork 22:37:19
Peter Schiff Update!! 22:14:12
Reply from Senator McCaskill about FED Audit 22:13:51
We need to plan now to upend McCain 22:09:36
Schiff must petition to be in primary 22:07:15
Feds May Not Process Arizona Illegals 22:05:33
Mexican Pirates Terrorize Boaters on Border Lake 21:58:36
Ed Schultz poll: "Should GOP Dump Rand Paul?" 21:58:35
Have Gun, Will Travel - Into The Texas State Capital... 21:49:01
Why are some people here acting like clowns all of a sudden? 21:37:56
How Propertarianism hurt Rand Paul 21:26:10
Tim Leonard in Colorado 21:15:12
Singer Elvis Costello cancels concerts in Israel 21:11:27
Paul says Obama being too tough on BP 20:58:27
Texas: New Curriculum Places Greater Emphasis on Free Market Principles and Religious Ideology of Founding Fathers 20:51:59
Rand Paul Cancels NBC's Meet the Press Appearance After MSNBC Pushes Lies And Doctors Transcripts 20:49:43
McClintock (CA) Spanks Congress, Obama and Calderon after his speech 20:33:10
Something to ponder for the weekend 20:29:32
"We're a Constitutional Republic" to be taught in schools!! 20:18:34
Wow! What's Going on in The Mid East? 20:17:09
John Dennis - Defeat Pelosi - Money Bomb Today! 19:03:43
What Rand Should have Said 18:56:31
Michael Savage- Stupidest Caller Ever! 18:42:35
What About This? 18:34:05
RT- Mentally challenged Britain man hacks into US Pentagon 18:22:07
Mother calls police to arrest her 5 year old son for playing with matches. 18:02:35
Couldn't The Minimum Wage Be Considered Price Fixing? 17:41:11
Groundbreaking expose Too Funny;) 17:31:28
Feds May Not Process Illegals Referred From Arizona 17:06:30
Insight into the collapse of the Soviet Union 16:55:35
Rand Paul, Civil Rights, and More Liberal Hypocrisy on Race by Jacob Hornberger 16:50:55
RAND WINS MSNBC / POLITICO's Own Poll - 59% of 24,787 Votes Said That RAND PAUL SAID NOTHING WRONG Or That He Could Recover 15:31:03
Our Friends at the National Review discuss Rand Paul: Is he too honest? 15:27:26
Pentagon Plan to Beef Up Afghan Base 20 miles from Iran 15:13:40
Those ‘Meddling’ MEXICANS and Presidente Calderon. 15:09:40
Can't we have a pitch in to buy the adword search for Rand Paul which will bring us up first in the search 15:02:07
The Labor Theory of Value Rides Again! 15:00:56
New Poll out for Rand 14:57:01
Petition Jay Leno to have Rand on 14:55:36
Mark Levin on the Attack on Rand Paul 14:54:50
Beware an ‘American Style’ Federalized EU 14:50:51
Ron Paul: Treasury Bills Are The U.S. Governments Last Bastion 14:48:33
Huffington Post- Front Page, Main article: 'Rand Paul: the GOP's New Hope' 14:48:08
Hillary Clinton warns of 'consequences' for North Korea over sinking of ship 14:17:21
Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit against Federal Reserve to Obtain AIG and Lehman Brothers Bailout Documents 14:04:00
12 Ways to Fix Social Security 12:55:35
Response to Mexican President Calderon's speech from R - Ca. McClintock 12:55:34
Raw Story comments not loading? 12:53:24
Ron Paul to Appear in Film, Why Gold & Silver? 12:40:10
Oh geeze, there's just too many Kagan files to sort through 12:07:00
If Rand's a Racist, is the ACLU racist? 12:05:58
Ron Paul on Fox Business 5/21 12:00:52
Rachel Maddow Continues Attack On Rand Paul With Tunning Fork 11:55:53
The RON PAUL effect: Why Gold & Silver? (Awesome Video) 11:44:10
Ron Paul: Stop Bailing Out Foreign Governments! 11:27:04
Rand Paul: Obama's criticism of BP 'un-American' 11:22:57
Southern Avenger 11:22:07
POLITICO POLL: Rand Paul's Comments on the Civil Rights Act 11:11:53
SELL EVERYTHING! You Won't Recognize America By The End Of The Year !! 11:00:56
The ideological foundations of the GOP are changing... 11:00:26
I think Rand should send a "Thank You" note to Rachel 10:55:00
MSNBC....stay away 10:36:31
Ron Paul on Stuart Varney May 21 10:26:21
Rodent scurries by as Obama lauds Wall Street vote 10:26:15
Feds: States' Growing Gun-Rights Movement a Threat? 10:17:25
MO 4CD CP candidate agrees with AZ immigration law 10:14:04
Hillary Clinton supports the small arms treaty with the UN. 2nd Amend in Jeopardy 10:04:03
Anyone else see this: Farmers show how to clean up oil! 09:51:42
Why Obama is Killing Children In AfPak 09:49:18
Secret Banking Cartel Meeting In Sweden 09:45:36
DOW... down it goes.... 09:32:39
Guard being mobilized,,,, Plan to evacuate Tampa bay 09:14:05
Guilty verdict in Obama trial: more questions than answers 09:10:40
Dr. Rand Paul on ABC this morning 09:07:34
Jim Crow = Big Government 09:05:47
Friday on Freedom 09:03:01
ron paul says keep calling. we still have a long way to go. 09:00:25
Newt Gingrich on CSpan this morning 8:47 am est 08:50:48
An idea for the next Rand Paul moneybomb... 08:30:44
House votes to expand national DNA arrest database 08:24:49
A Progressive for Rand Paul 08:01:49
Ben Smith on Rand Paul 07:58:00
Psycho Talk! - John Stossel 07:56:38
Jim Bunning: Mitch McConnell should be more like Rand Paul 07:54:34
Rachel Maddow caught lying!!! 07:51:27
Front Page of Yahoo w/Pic: How Rand Paul's views Escaped media eye 07:28:47
can someone give me a hand at my wikipedia the daily paul 07:26:05
The White House Says Rand Paul's Comments on the CRA were Out of Line 06:59:43
Rand Paul In The Wolf's Den 06:16:17
How about a 1st of its kind political party debate, all included 05:53:48
Mark Levin gives outstanding explanation of the Civil Rights Act, and Leftist Smears 05:45:00
Rand Paul is NOT racist - just free market !!! 04:59:33
DHS Trying To Seize Vermont Man's Private Dairy Farm 04:38:21
What if Rand Paul's reply was a reaffirmation to US? 03:21:20
Where's the LA Times' Andrew Malcolm? 03:00:48
Asia/Pacific markets still tanking 02:31:37
Who are we getting into office next, the elites want to know. 02:19:44
There comes a time when you either stand with us or against us 01:58:17
MSNBC releases a FAKE transcription of Rand Paul's appearance with Maddow 01:58:05
Yeah for Rand Paul 01:35:21
►A Dose of NJ Governor Christie... lol 01:31:04
Artificial life has been created sparking debate about 'playing god' 00:29:28
Jan Helfeld Vs. Rep. Collins on Racial Discrimination 00:16:43
Jan Helfeld Should majority rule on everything? - Rep. Eliot Engel (D) NY 00:15:44
Congressman Grayson Calls To Stop Funding For Wars In Afghanistan & Iraq! 00:10:31
MSNBC Mr. ED Show: Rand Paul Is Saying Private Industry Should Be Allowed To Discriminate! Al Sharpton 00:00:31