Posted on May 22, 2010

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Kokesh for Congress TV Ad 18:27:45
Mark Levin defends Rand Paul for second day in a row. Challenges Meet the Press 03:39:09
Rand Paul at the GOP Unity Rally in Kentucky Saturday 11:52:58
Arrested Development: A Message to Liberals and NeoCons 13:11:51
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Video - (Confuse) Obama Supporters: Rand Paul Hates Government! Rand Paul Scares me! 23:30:13
Bet it all on GOLD?!?! 23:25:40
Mexican Legal Immigrant Gabriella Speaks At City Council Meeting In Tucson (must see) 22:59:17
Economic Collapse 3.0 video 22:48:14
Joe Hicks on immigration and ethnic studies in Arizona(touches on Mecha and Aztlan) 22:27:08
The Memory Hole AGAIN!? 22:24:00
I'm for Charlie!!! ........ Charlie for President 2012! 22:21:09
Rachel Maddow's Hypocrisy 22:08:05
MSNBC Runs a Hit Piece on the Patriot Movement 21:59:35
Creep, sneak, kill, run, lie – repeat 21:43:45
Kurt Liston needs your support (video message) 21:42:46
House arrest of activist...helps 21:42:37
C4L- The political establishment is nervous. 21:34:13
Grab your webcams and mics 4 the FREE MARC EMERY Roundtable discussion 10PM EST 21:18:55
ALEX JONES VIDEO: Paul Watson Talks with Jason Bermas About Cnn's "Racist Propaganda Attack" on Rand Paul 21:18:28
U.S. Budget Simulator 20:57:23
The Pitchfork Primaries: Will Washington Get the Message? 20:48:54
Awesome Opinion Piece Defending Rand's Stance on the Civil Right's Act of 1964 20:48:05
Media Caught Lying ***NEVER FORGET*** Their Strategy Has Been Modified For Rand Paul, But Their Intentions Are Still The Same 20:36:20
The Economic Collapse Part 1 (Video) 20:06:30
AP: "30" Protesters decry Paul's comments on civil rights. 20:04:30
Musings on History as it Is and as it Was 19:20:48
Milton Friedman - Socialism is Force 18:44:35
VIDEO: RedState's Erick Erickson Defends Rand Paul On CNN 18:44:17
This is rich! you're gonna love this one! 18:20:53
"A Nation Can Survive its Fools, and Even the Ambitious But it Cannot Survive..." 17:42:15
The implications of government intrusion into private property rights 17:37:19
Rand Paul Speaking at Unity Rally -- Video 17:35:57
Ron Paul's Official 'DailyPaul' Website Still Links to (Dead) Cop Killer Jerry R. Kane's Mortgage/Scam Site?? 17:04:56
Obama writes: They Backed down "special Wall Street interests" 16:48:13
NYT: "The Perils of Textbook Libertarianism"? 16:47:51
Neal Boortz: Rand Paul in hot water over freedom of speech 16:44:14
NYT: "Perils of textbook libertarianism"? 16:39:03
Would you all Please read the DP guidelines. 16:37:30
Rand Paul, Civil Rights, and More Liberal Hypocrisy on Race 16:36:50
Rand Paul Civil Rights and More Liberal Hypocrisy on Race 16:30:29
Rand cancels Meet the Press? 16:24:56
Rand Paul Destorys the Neo-Con Death Star [VIDEO] 16:24:16
Must Read: John Taylor of Caroline’s defense of liberty… and more. 16:07:10
Dennis Blair Resigns 15:43:51
LP keys to Electoral Success Thread 14:32:06
Should I Refuse To Help A Client If He/She Seeks 'City Program Money"? 14:17:28
About Jerry Kane. 14:16:36
Rand Paul Right on BP 14:10:09
17 more states planning Ariz. 'illegal' crackdown 14:06:50
A Federal Appeals Court Upheld an Arizona Law Friday 13:55:10
Not Just FED - Abolish ECB! 13:53:39
It JUST hit me..NO one is saying Ron Paul is wrong, anymore.. 13:50:21
Coast Guard Under 'BP's Rules' 13:44:49
Obama - "The international order we seek is one that can resolve the challenges of our times" 13:20:32
Rand Paul, Rachel Maddow and the issue of not being “mainstream” 13:20:01
Some DP Members Misunderstandings About Liberty 13:11:16
Tom Woods: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Which Only Wicked Oppressors Could Oppose, and For No Good Reason) 13:01:19
Seattle PD Investigating 'Suppression' Of Cops Stomping Man Video 12:51:18
Gerald Celente "On the Edge" with Max Keiser. 12:35:10
MSNBC Continues It's Assault on Rand Paul's Policies;Connects Civil War,Terrorism of the Klan 12:16:47
Homeland Security Calls on Max Keiser to Help 11:58:44
West Point: Obama Pledges "International Order" 11:50:05
Congratulations Dr. Rand Paul 11:46:31
A Note to Rand 11:18:25
Frame-up of the Patriot Movement? 10:34:50
Facebook, MySpace caught releasing user data 10:26:48
Rev. Manning and The Trial 10:11:57
Saudi's caught aiding terror in Iraq 09:53:46
UK Gov't Wants Troops Out Of Afghanistan ASAP 09:46:48
What Rand Paul Needs Right Now Is Another Money Bomb.......... 09:39:55
Schwarzenegger Blasts Obama on the Welfare State of CA. 09:32:30
Chinese Dumping Dollar and Euro for Gold 09:31:57
Congressman Tom McClintock Tells Mexico To Butt Out 09:16:41
Padded Pensions in NYC are out of control 09:02:17
I wonder how Rand is polling after last week's attack! 08:42:53
A Caller to Hannity Begins an Attack on Rand Paul 08:31:56
Video: "Ron Paul on Private Property and Racism" 06:15:34
Freedom Law School BEATS IRS 05:13:31
Don't Believe Everything That People on Television Tell You - NBC Public Service Announcement 04:46:58
Breaking: Conn. GOP endorses ex-wrestling exec. for Senator: Schiff not even close! 03:15:22
Giant hail storm! 02:49:28
We might make a difference by responding to this Washington Times article and poll. 02:46:25
Rep. McClintock gives lip service to sovereignty after endorsing open border globalists for years 02:13:50
Big Media Bias Thread 01:42:37
I have much respect for the Paul family 00:43:22
Keiser Report №44: Markets! Finance! Scandal! 00:41:40
Rand Paul Cancels On "Meet The Press," Only 3rd Guest to Do So in 62 Years 00:11:35
The Mysterious CAFR's ... How Stagnant Pools of Government Money Could Help Save The Economy 00:03:53